Users Beware: Fake Poloniex Website = Poloniiex.us

Poloniex.com is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where users trade various coins and tokens…

…but Poloniiex.us is not.


When googling a popular catchphrase “cryptocurrency exchanges“, in the Google pay per click advertising area there is a website with the URL address of www.poloniiex.us and is 100% a fraudulent fake website trying to get users to login (steal information) and likely start using their account as if normal.

For sake of our own safety reasons we did not login to this phony Poloniex website to explore what happened but wanted to warn our valued visitors that you should always check to make sure every website you go to for trading and exchanging should have HTTPS in it and should always double check everything is spelled right (and bookmark your main ones vs doing google searches). We have also covered Poloniex apps being fake in the past – and also, just because, shoutout to BitMinutes for making the picture.

Please spread the word about Poloniiex.us website so that users' funds are not at risk or jeopardy to those with the ill-willed intention of getting users to sign into this website thinking it was the official Poloniex.com website.


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