More and more innovative ways of integrating cryptocurrencies in the real world are coming to form; one worth mentioning here is that of a candy dispenser created by David Knezic.

Knezic loaded a video of his “Bitcoin-enabled candy dispenser” via Twitter that successfully attracted over 173,000 views. The process of getting hold of the candy appears to be as simple as scanning the QR code, sending the amount of Bitcoin desired, and authorizing the transaction through Touch ID. Users then need to place their hand in the opening of the dispenser, and based on the amount paid, the appropriate amount of candy will come out.

This not only shows that the integration process is simple, but also one that is possible for real-life use. A problem that arises with the use of Bitcoins, is the scalability problem attached, as its transaction fees are ridiculously high, and speed is rather slow.

In response to the current issues associated with Bitcoin, creator Knezic stated that his next endeavour will be powered using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which works as a second layer onto the original bitcoin blockchain to help resolve the concerns in place.

Although the Lightning Network is still in its developing stages, it is believed to be far more effective and worthwhile for consumers. It currently allows transactions of up to $150,000. Will the candy dispenser be the stepping stone towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in today’s society?

If you would like to see how it was built, David did a follow up video showing how it works:

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