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No matter who you are, seeing the price of Bitcoin go from $997 on January 1, 2017 to hovering around $4,000 USD at the start of Q4 in September 2017, wanting to be part of the action is a natural affinity for most money savvy individuals… “you mean I could have invested $100 back in 2010 and it would be worth how many millions today…”

Anyway, back to reality (for most of us) in that USI Tech has become extremely popular since adding its BTC Package buying options on March 1, 2017 since opening in the United States.

These daily bitcoin multiplier investment packages have dramatically boosted the popularity of the United Software Intelligence trading community even though they are widely considered seasoned veterans in the world of forex (foreign exchange) and options trading.

As many of you already know, Bitcoin is the leading blockchain cryptocurrency application with over 47% market share and has increased more than 545.58% in value since last year. Today Bitcoin sets at an staggering $3,906 per coin as the writing of this post. The coin is projected to increase it’s value as high as 400% in the next 1-2 years – so naturally the question everyone is asking “how to get paid in bitcoin” and wants to know “best ways to earn bitcoin online”.

Well, while there are many experts and professionals pitching products and techniques, there are some affiliate referral programs like USI Tech that give you the option to do Forex along with Bitcoin trading.

Many factors have a direct impact in the price increase of Bitcoin, starting from the fact that most companies are now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment and more people are investing in buying cryptocurrencies.

It’s fair to say crypto coins have been a global phenomena for the past year. It seems accurate to say, cryptocurrencies will increase in value over time, since there is a fix amount of coins to be created – 21 million to be exact.

So the digital arms race becomes quite intense one when considers how much a single bitcoin might be worth in the next few years.

How Do USI Tech Bitcoin Packages Work?

If you are like most, by nature skepticism is lingering in the background about USI Tech being a ponzi scheme scamming people of money because of the “guaranteed returns” for 140 days on whatever initial investment (BTC Package) you buy. While this may be quite a bold statement, many of the top leaders of USI are claiming the math checks out based on the company's compensation plan and affiliate program.

For the past 8 years USI Tech has been known for their main trading software which has focused on giving automated expert advice in the Forex market for their homegrown trading community.

Now, USI has launched their BTC packages and has exploded the company's momentum and attractiveness since March 2017. To get started using USI-Tech cryptocurrency trading software, all one needs to do is begin by purchasing a bitcoin package after creating a free USI Tech account by signing up here.

The USI BTC package costs about 50 Euros (or $60 USD) and needs to be paid in bitcoin amount which essentially ensures 140% return on capital in roughly 140 days making a 1% daily payout/payback.

These packages essentially guarantee to earn approximately 1% return on any USI Tech bitcoin investment for 140 days that you buy – from now until who knows..which is the pickle of the equation no matter how it shakes out.

After the 140 days have passed the results will be a 140% return of investment of the original amount. How are these gains multiplied for anyone who gets started buying USI Tech BTC packages – according to website, the company invests in alternative coins, mining power, cloud pools and bitcoin arbitrage trading to generate revenues that then files back into members who have signed up with USI Tech and bought BTC packages.

While this component is hard to verify (unlike Bitclub where you can see their direct hash rate blockchain mining power) – we can not identify where USI Tech's mining power is coming from whether rented, leased or bought outright.

As most blockchain enthusiasts now by now, mining is one of the most lucrative activities when it comes to Bitcoin as new coins are issued every 10 minutes. Miners are responsible for providing the computer power to secure all bitcoin transactions and payments on the blockchain distributed ledger technology. Trading is also a very lucrative play since cryptocurrencies fluctuate up and down and experience extreme volatility compared to traditional markets.

We have discovered there is a daily limit withdrawal on all USI Tech Bitcoin earnings of 2.5 BTC per day. This seems to add some stability and glue so that long time traders or big time business builders are not crashing the entire bitcoin multiplying scheme USI Tech has setup that seems to be earning and winning in the eyes of those looking to earn bitcoin online.

Another way to generate a commission with United Software Intelligence is by referring people to buy Bitcoin Packages in which you will earn a certain percentage based on your level and software purchases. If you become a full time business builder buying USI BTC packs, as a result once you are qualify, you can earn 10% of new packages bought in your downline by all team members for life.

You can create a free account to get started. If the opportunity starts to reasonate and can see the potential of multiplying bitcoin by referring others and investing in expert trading software, to quality and earn in all 12 commission levels, you must purchase a $600 software trading license but is not required to earn commissions from USI Tech.

How To Buy USI Tech Bitcoin Packages?

USI Tech makes it very easy to get started by creating a free account. They require the KYC level of compliance in verifying your identity via license or government issued identity, but once fully authenticated they give allow anyone to purchase BTC packages to earn the 1% daily return on investment. They do require that you pay for the BTC packages in bitcoin, so you must already have a wallet setup with bitcoin available to send in order to fund your package.

For USI Tech sign up members there are secret ninja strategies that can help ensure your earnings are daily, residual and compounding. While there are USI Tech bitcoin package calculators to represent hypothetical profits, all of this of course depends on 2 key factors:

For example, one USI Tech team leader was referencing that:

  • 20 BTC Packages = weekly compounding
  • 100 BTC packages = daily compounding

This is based on the math of using the USI Tech earnings to buy more BTC packages with pure profits thus continual futuristic money flow assuming all goes well with the crypto market and USI trading platform.

What's To Lose, Is USI Tech A Scam?

If you are looking to join Usi-Tech, you can use this link to join a growing team connected to a group of over 7k active members in Facebook.

Having direct access to a growing cryptocurrency-centric community will be tremendously helpful if you are serious in building your virtual money portfolio. It is a great perk attached to a reasonably solid and stable bitcoin multiplier opportunity. Join a team who supports and stays active – stay in touch to learn the best strategies to earn and invest in Bitcoin.

To get access be sure to connect with us on Facebook, we will be happy to manually add you to the groups :)

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