USI Tech Coin initial coin offering

USI Tech has officially went all in on the cryptocurrency craze, creating a “TECH Coin ICO”.

The token generating event was launched at their recently held October 28, 2017 live conference in London, UK. Bundled with many updates and enhancements coming from the corporate team and owners including:

  • New website overhaul (with a tagline of “The Future of Cryptocurrency”)
  • brand new backoffice live on November 1
  • Global Bitcoin ATM project (more on this later)
  • $70,000,000 GPU mining server contracts for Ethereum and other alternative coins
  • $10,000,000 a month commitment for new mining equipment and upgrades
  • Forex trading software is no longer available for sale to members
  • compensation plan / rewards bonuses for Tech Coin referral
  • new customer service experience and responsive/helpful support

The power-packed spoon to mouth USI Tech event was exactly what all affiliates and business builders wanted to hear (see original USI Tech bitcoin offer overview here).

And now, out of all those details being discussed, the TECH Coin seems to be of the most interest and significance for the greatest ROI…while at the same token being biggest risk.

About Tech Coin ICO Package Options

usi tech ico

Essentially the company opened a new portal and broke into the opportunity of creating new funding by launching an Initial Coin Offering with 5 packages:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond

As you spend more, each package gives you a chance to get more tokens for less money. Here is a full breakdown:

tech coin ico token sale informationRight now the TechCoin ICO is new, so not much information is available other than potential possibilities as to how well this might perform later down the line should USI keep it together.

Here is a October 30th screenshot graph of the first 48 hours of USI Tech's TECH COIN ICO launch. As you can see the total supply of TECH will be 500,000,000 million tokens with a current number of 3,729 purchasers for 16,324,200 million coins sold. Which shows you they have already generated 1,613.8 BTC which is just shy of $10,000,000 raised (current bitcoin price on coinbase is $6,100).

Here are some cost and income projections when TECHCOIN hits exchanges:

Silver Price: ($58) or 0.009433 BTC

100 Tech Coin tokens (about $0.58 cents each)

Income potential when it hits the market:
$1 = $100
$10 = $1,000
$100 = $10,000

Gold Price: ($2,900) or 0.47165 BTC

techcoin initial coin offering5,000 Tokens and one bonus.
First bonus 10,000 Tokens

10,000 tokens ($0.29 cents each)

Income potential when it hits the market:
$1 = $10,000
$10 = $100,000
$100 = $1 Million

Ruby ($11,600) or 1.8866 BTC

20,000 Tokens and two bonuses.
First bonus 40,000 Tokens
Second bonus 80,000 Tokens

80,000 tokens ($0.14 cents each)
Income potential when it hits the market:

$1 = $80,000
$10 = $800,000
$100 = $8 Million

Emerald ($29,000) or 4.7165 BTC

400,000 tokens ($0.07 cents each)
Income potential when it hits the market:

$1 = $400,000
$10 = $4 Million
$100 = $40 Million

Diamond ($58,000) or 9.433 BTC

100,000 Tokens and four bonuses.
First bonus 200,000 Tokens
Second bonus 400,000 Token
Third bonus 800,000 Tokens
Fourth bonus 1,600,000 Tokens

1,600,000 tokens ($0.03 cents each)

Income potential when it hits the market:
$1 = $1.6 Million
$10 = $16 Million
$100 = $160 Million

Comp Plan = Same as BTC Package Uni-level, 10% front line.

With A BONUS: What ever package you purchase you earn 20% front line on people who buy that package or lower 10% on any package you don’t own.

Keep in mind that to buy any of these packages you need a BTC wallet, since USI Tech only accepts payments and pays commissions in bitcoin.

Here's some perspective on what's possible, For example if you bought the Ruby package for 80,000 tokens (14 cents each)at$11,600 or 1.8866 BTC:

  • If each coin went up to $1 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $80,000
  • If each coin went up to $10 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $800.000
  • If each coin went up to $100 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $8 Million

For affiliates inside USI-Tech this seems like a great investment opportunity, if the token sales go up as projected but much of that will rely on their ability to keep their heads above water with daily growth and daily payment withdrawals.

Now keep in mind USI-Tech is already a big organization from internal buys alone and is likely going to drive the price of Tech Coin up. This can make it a less risky initial coin offering launch. However, the flip side this could be a massive pump in dump style where the big leaders and heavy hitters who invest Emerald and Diamond want to recoup their initial investments and sell off immediately. This could have dire consequences and dramatically reduce the value of coins after spiking from all the buzz about its creation.

Should You Invest In USI Tech?

It’s a fact USI Tech has fulfilled its promises and its a popular investment vehicle for affiliate marketers and those wanting a legit bitcoin multiplier. Based on the real results and profits generated from investors, it’s safe to say a lot of people will be interested in buying the new Tech coins, which will drive the value up.

However it’s always wise to begin with investing only what you are willing to risk to try the opportunity for yourself and give it a fair chance.

The world on the virtual chipping block is that USI has access to or personally invited new technology that allows for more efficient cryptocurrency mining. They were at the event in London saying how they can take all the excess heat generated from mining coins and turn that into recycled electricity for better margins and efficiency. We will update this more as it becomes available in the near future. Read our complete USI Tech review and get a full spectrum breakdown of the company investing opportunity.

If you are ready to purchase a USI tech token package with a bitcoin wallet, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Login and select a token package

Choose a Package

Purchase the Package

Use the wallet code generated to pay for the package with your wallet.

USI Tech Coin Initial Coin Offering FAQ

Q) Is your Wallet ID still valid after closing web browser before sending payment?
A) Yes, wallet ID addresses are said to be permanently tied to your account indefinitely.
Q) Can you close the browser window tab before blockchain transaction confirmations?
A) Yes, the Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond packages will be marked paid.

Q) What if payment was sent after the 10 minute invoice window expired?
A) Order will not be marked paid and bitcoin will be sent back to the user within 24hrs.

Q) What if the wrong BTC amount is accidentally sent for the USI Tech Coin ICO package?
A) Order will not be marked paid and will need to bring the balance current to get credit.

Q) Where is the whitepaper for the USI Tech Coin ICO?
A) The official TECHCOIN initial coin offering whitepaper will be released as soon as the first 500,000,000 million coins are accounted for then they will release details regarding use cases and unique coin features. This is also when they will issue another 500M coins available for public sale and trading.

What's Next For USI Tech's TECH Coin ICO Details?

On November 11 in Dallas, Texas USI Tech's founders Horst Jicha and Mike Kiefer are hosting a recap event to go over all the details from the London launch.

What will be noteworthy upon seeing 2-3 even 6-12 months down the road from now, is whether or not USI Tech will make the right moves and avoid the wrongs of sustaining a volatile marketplace with a stable paying vehicle in which both user and supplier win.

[Note: cryptocoin investing is largely unregulated and highly speculative in nature. Anyone considering should be prepared to lose everything invested no matter entire amount.]

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  1. I attended the anniversary in London this past weekend and it was an unbelievable event. The information they covered pertaining to the AI technology that they’ve developed to reduce the mining energy cost is unreal. This could significantly reduce the OPEX cost, not to mention carbon footprint, not only for the majority of crypto miners that embrace this technology but also for any manufacturing plants and industrial facilities all over the world. This is basically the product behind TechCoin.

    • Rod glad to read your perspective after this review. while all of this is ideal and sounds great, therez still many questions bout mining contract(s) transparency and the premium in which they paid or are paying… which would effect their longevity and therefore everyon’es return on investment buying BTC packs or UTC tokens…

      • having just read more about it above, it seems at the event they announced a 70M GPU contract, which until bitcoin gold (late october BTG launched) could only do ethereum and other altcoins *but* had been operating for 6 months (being generous) trading/mining/earning bitcoin (asic) packs (deposits and profits paid in bitcoin through USI right?) from above says future 10M per-mo into buying btc mining equip/hashpower but as it stands everyting btc-related is built on ‘trading’ which the forex software all but evaporated when they launched ico for the techcoin tokens…let’s just hope there is ground to stand on 6-12 months from now. if we had the crystal crypto ball one would wonder if they started on a wimb, are they launching an ICO on a limb?

        • without a tree or roots, there will never be fruit here. its either going underground or prove the industry wrong and become one of the top 10 coins based on users, practical use cases and marketplace which 90%+ of the altcoins on are overkill or even junk in nature. good luck USI tech members, you might need it going ruby/emerald/diamond.

      • .. when will the wind come out of the sails? one of these is bound to be a blockchain bust. pull the rug and vanish, unfortunately wouldnt be the first or likely last to have its fate unfold in this fashion.

        • this is the balancing act we work towards spreading. many are eager to grow their cryptocurrency wallets and portfolio and join many multiplying mlm models that have all sprung up this year, but if it were this easy then everyone would still be in business. we are keen to follow the USI UTC ICO for techcoin and will be sure to update the post and comments section.

  2. here from HK, this will be funnn. itss the season of ico crowdfunding (venture capital 2.0) USI must find a way to shoestring puzzle piece it together before any legal ramifications. when they compare themselves to bitconnect and the model, i am not sure to take that real or act as if it will be the easiest flip ever in cryptoland

    • Yoshi ^ getting techcoins at $0.03 diamond – $0.58 silver and watching them go to $263 just like BCC in nov 2017 is the unthinkable dream scenario…still many logistical questions remain, either USI will be the greatest magician in crypto mlm ecosystem and pull the rug out from everyone who thought daily compounding or massive ICO token sales would stick, or bring it all full circle and allocate funs apropriately – alot will fall on token/comp plan numbers, owner managment and the future bitcoins market.

  3. I find this a bit odd….
    “Q) Where is the whitepaper for the USI Tech Coin ICO?
    A) The official TECHCOIN initial coin offering whitepaper will be released as soon as the first 500,000,000 million coins are accounted for then they will release details regarding use cases and unique coin features. This is also when they will issue another 500M coins available for public sale and trading.”

    So after they sell 500 million coins then they will release their whitepaper!!!
    I would have thought the whitepaper should be available right now so that we can all gain an insight into what they are going to do with all this money.

    • Thanks for the input Steve, we would have to agree. from what our sources gathered it had something to do with heating and cooling efficiency for cryptocurrency mining equipment and the ability to offset the costs (heat and electricity) required to ‘mint money’. we will inquire about this more in the near future and update as more news is released, but is 100% the elephant in the virtual ico room.

      • Now the USI tech Whitepaper for tech coin been released, Check out there website, and the have very good vision and road map is very clear for the future.
        lets wish luck for all.

  4. White Paper comes FIRST. Otherwise what has one in their palms to make a business or investment decision upon? Really? Get the whitepaper out to the public. Show us the coin code and get it into github so the developers can tear it apart so it can be improved upon. What is the use case? What do you plan to do with the money raised in the crowdsale/ICO? Where is your Roadmap? Today dumb money is being poured into ICOs who have their marketing crap together, their marketing hype white paper, and no product on the horizon. This ICO differs in that it has NO white paper, no product and no marketing. The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of distributors who are earning compound interest isn’t sufficient and definitely isn’t a testimony to the company’s ability to launch a REAL product or service. This isn’t a negative post by any means. It is just what EVERYONE should inquire when considering any ICO on the market. You want the money? Where is the meat?

    • one of the few intelligent responses, Faith! Yours is a really positive post about what is unarguably a scam, from whichever point you turn it! Yes, there are countless sheep that have the glint in the eye ….but they will hurtle down the ravine. Everyone makes their choices, and so do these sheep!

      Without a Whitepaper there is *no* business-case … nothing on Github … no use case underlying it … very vague and all unsubstantiated claims don’t cut the mustard … the only question is when will USI be shut down or the principals disappear in the mist … lol

    • The white paper is out. I think the strategy to delay the white paper release was brilliant. The USI-Tech members were able to get bits of information about what was going to be in the whitepaper for Techcoin and invest early. The plan is out and it is astounding. Today there are 32,000 Techcoin holders holding 260,000,000 tokens of the total of 500,000,000 to be issued. I think there will be a lot of interest in Techcoin when it begins trading on the exchanges.

      My best performing token to date still has no white paper. It was released by a company that like USI-Tech had been in business for years prior to going crypto. They are developing peer to peer transactions systems for trading stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. All without brokers, banks, and their exorbitant fees. I purchased VERI post ICO at $5.88 and the token now trades for $445.00. And it is not even on any of the major exchanges. So those pointing to the fact that Techcoin did not have a white paper may have been focusing on the wrong thing. I like companies that have been in business for years prior to starting up with crypto. A white paper is less important to me than a proven track record.

      Those claiming that USI-Tech is a scam have not provided any evidence of their claim. Some people still think the Bitcoin is a scam, in spite of the success. People don’t understand that the FRN is the biggest scam of all time. The dollars in your pocket are all debt. And the Federal Reserve can print all the notes it wants.

      So it pays to do some homework. The naysayers latch on to some nonsense and make claims they can’t support. Don’t fall for it. Do your own research. And in the case of cryptos, it pays to diversify into a number of quality coins and tokens. My portfolio is up 1,000 % since Halloween, 2017. This is not counting what I have invested in USI-Tech, which is yet to be determined.

      • Hello mr Kenneth My name is Micheal..I am interested in learning more from you,I am interested in Treading on Bitcoin..Help me to know more..Thanks

  5. with all these changes, it looks to be they removed the forex software all together? wonder if they plan to add it back in the future? kind of strange they’ve ditched a product they have been dveloping for 7+ years right?

    • They are not dumping the forex software. They just stopped selling it because they will offer it as one of the product in packages; i.e. 50 euros per package (minimum). Meaning, they will make this available to all members and will make the same returns as that of btc packs. When forex software are being sold, not everyone knows and understand it and they end up buying software and not maximize it’s potential. The company must have realized it and they want every members to have access to forex trading in addition to the bitcoin trading.

  6. There is no road-map, whitepaper etc. there is not even ICO closing date… they kept open and all fund will freeze there….not a good idea to hold for long time…and interesting thing is USI tech is not sending any news or update….not sure it will hit first bonus any time soon because of large number of coins.. I think they need to come up with clear information not just give some surprise… in business surprises/lack of transparency doesn’t work for long time.

  7. Frankly have you done any calculation? You are telling 1 token for USD 100 after it hits exchange for 500 milion tokens. So you think this company will heat 50 billion USD. Go and check current bitcoin valuation first and then whole crypto valuation. I dont understand why no-one is calling this out but blinding promoting this for referral.

  8. I love Usi-tech but they need to show us d white paper, road map AND WHEN IS D ICO CLOSING. ?
    Are they planing to use our money for free for a long time.
    We need information on these.

  9. No White Paper… no closing date… Proceed with caution (RED FLAG Waving)
    They could keep this open forever as the amount of coins up for sale is not attainable in the near future. A couple of years maybe… it’s wasted cash.

  10. I love USI… here’s some info on what the the white paper will entail. I have a lot faith in the company, the owners are visable, they have legitimate software and they’re doing everything by the book…

  11. Can usi tech reply to the whitepaper questions. I have a group of investors waiting for that information before they commit.

      • Don’t do it, because USI Tech is a ponzi scheme! They were recently shut down in the USA and Canada (just google it). It’s just a matter of time until the same happens in Europe and rest of the world. They can’t prove the money they pay the existing affiliates is not taken from new recruiters. This ICO is probably the last chance the leaders and top recruiters have to make some more money before disappearing…

        • Scam Buster, your statement doesn’t make sense.. the founders of USI-Tech are in the public eye, and if it’s discovered that this is in fact a ‘ponzi’ they will all be jailed.. I don’t buy it, Horst J himself is held in high regard, has made plenty of money in his successful career and at retirement age he’s not going to jeopardise that by pushing a ponzi.. doesn’t make sense..

        • Scam buster, that is complete nonsense! stop scaremongering! USI has now gone through a complete audit and have come out the other side unscathed.

          The US/Canada operation was put on temporary hold due to some members using unscrupulous sales techniques (promising returns on investments etc) even though gave very clear instructions on how to describe their services in the public forum which could have caused huge legal issues for USI

          • OMG lol, you do realize there is a Techcoin out there already. Sit down and rationally think about how they are able to pay out what they claim they can. Also giving people commissions for affiliates! Slippage people, slippage! you cannot trade that volume across trading platforms in the crypto market, it’s too volatile and btc moves too slow. You will lose tons of money/usd just moving it around. It’s clearly visable on the ETH blockchain that they did mine (or the account associated with their name mined) but only for a little while. How much they were mining plus how many active customers they had and daily payouts, plus commissions it obvious that they are taking some of your money to pay the other guy. If you know how to run a business you realize real quick that you cannot pay this out and still be profitable.

  12. TECHCOIN came out in 2014. They haven’t even bothered to do any research, and people throw money at them?????

  13. Ponzi Ponzi Ponzi
    Please do your home work and research USI Tech they have been banned in the USA and Canada for illegal Activity. Do not lose your money they stole pics of other tech teams to make. They have been on 60 mins as scammers do not invest

    • No they haven’t, they closed down on advice of lawyers due to some affiliates promoting the product illegally. USI Tech closed themselves. They have now reopened in the USA and Canada, albeit with a restricted service. The fact is that they are open in USA and Canada, and the rest of the world.

      60 minutes is a sensationalist programme. They based their report on opinion, not fact. if you are going to give an opinion on something do your own research and don’t rely on the word of others. Especially TV and internet “reports”!

  14. I know allot of people making money from USI Tech packages and coins… Here’s the question though, should i invest? Yes its a risk but what isn’t these days?

  15. Please do your due diligence and research this company. Usi tech has now had several cease and desist orders. Their team leaders like Frank Calabro Jnr have had their homes raided. Usi tech is now not paying most of its members and the ones it is. Is only paying them cents. The development team has now changed 3 times after the actual people in the pictures they promoted as their tech team made statements that they are not involved with techcoin and had in fact had their pictures stolen. Techcoin owners have not addressed the members publicly to say what’s going on in months. And also they have no proof of an audit and also claimed to have had over $100million stolen from their accounts, know who stole it yet say they’re not involving any law enforcement agencies. And allowing the members who stole it to get away with it and keep it. Now top leaders like James Lockett and Mike fuaste have publicly announced they are distancing themselves from USI Tech stating that usi tech was not what they deemed it to be and the communication between owners and team leaders have broken down.
    Please feel free to research this.

  16. I will no longer use USI, they upagraded and I instantly lost all my rebuys thus ending my return before reaching 100%. When I log a ticket I get rubbish stick responses and now the coin I collated have not been given. A total sham of a company with terrible performance and customer services. I will not spend a $1 with them again, and I know lots that have lost a whole lot more than I.


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