USI Tech

March 2018 Update: USI Tech was the fastest growing automated bitcoin multiplier investing opportunity in 2017. Then abruptly proceeded to crash just a few days into the 2018 new year as the entire cryptomarket was cut in half and struggling at times to stay afloat those levels. In retrospect, USI ‘quit' when the bitcoin/crypto market ‘tanked' from $800B market cap to $300-400B in Q1. The rest of this post will be modified and added to with new cases and developments as this company was holding over 12,000 BTC in their ‘TechCoin ICO' on top of the original review below:

In a nutshell, the ‘essence' of everything United Software Intelligence offers as a bitcoin building business is encapsulated in a boldly declared and candidly promised summary:

“…for 140 working days there is a guaranteed 1% average profit per day return on investment from trading software & cryptocurrency mining pool contracts…send BTC here”

Take a second to read it twice because it sounds too nice not to roll the virtual dice right? At, we rely on having an open door, air-it-all-out review policy to help anyone decipher and decode the USI Tech H.Y.I.P hype to see which is fact from fiction.

What we are finding is well worth the read. After discovering eye opening facts and figures about the company's growing community and notoriety, we were surprised to see statements of them allegedly enjoying 7 years of successful Forex trading for VIP clients (this turned out to never be fully verifiable*).

However, on March 1, 2017 everything changed for USI by introducing BTC Packages as a hands-free way to grow your cryptocurrency wallet and earn bitcoin passively. Fast forward eight months later (word traveling fast) and the buying of USI bitcoin packages has taken a once seemingly obscure, private and maybe even high-end specialized Forex software company at best – and transformed them into a high-tech trading and mining powerhouse for producing profits by affiliate referrals and daily bitcoin compounding.

As a visual of their meteoric rise, here is the google trends search volume for USI Tech:

Once the internet could no longer hide the aged company's remarkable expansion, studying the inner workings of U.S.I. hit the top of our priority list. Moving on now that we know how to properly identify the spark behind their sensational surge (suspect or respect leave us your comments), we decided to focus primarily on USI Tech's bitcoin affiliation.

In a crowded cryptocurrency company rat race of promising perpetual profits, it is a buyer beware word of caution for the flood of these financially fictional fallacies to hit the market (and likely many more to come). However, there are a few existing opportunities that have been running for many months (most are newer) but can pave the way to start fine tuning the dial on the debate of doubling down your dollars for producing bitcoin via HYIPs.

These programs are a dime a dozen and any bitcoin-related high yield investment plan needs to be thoroughly examined for risk and reward. As we dive into the nitty gritty of the shiny new BTC multiplier packages that have exploded USI Tech's popularity, there were a few devils in the details to be addressed in which we discuss in greater care below.

In the newly forming (and yet to be regulated) virtual currency industry, everything deserves a quick peak at the perks and pitfalls to see if it carries legit merit towards what they claim to be able to do. No matter what, anyone glorifying a guarantee of evergreen earnings will have a strong scam smelled attached to it from the start (“if it was this easy everyone would be doing it”).

For the sake of keeping this review within the scope of USI Tech specifically, we will leave it at knowing it's easy to understand the best innovation within blockchain's DLT ecosystem has just begun and will continue to populate the landscape with more valued companies, opportunities and projects – but is USI and their bitcoin MLM affiliate model one of them (the obvious answer was always no, as the company yanked the ‘withdrawal' payment chain in the first week of January 2018 and nothing but bad news and hard breaks continue to come.)

Let’s get started by taking a hard look under the hood in attempt to expose weaknesses and fundamental flaws but at the same time highlight and showcase everything that did make USI Tech’s explosive growth possible and how you can avoid falling into future too-good-to-be money-making models.

What Is USI Tech?

According to the official United Software Intelligence website, the international company has been known for more than eight years in the trading industry and has a successful track record with multiple six figure clients reported from around the globe. Of course as we alluded to above, this all changed once the BTC investment multiplier packages were part of the equation. So before combing through the virtual weeds of United Software Intelligence's bitcoin packages and affiliate referral program, it is important to note the research and review below were assembled for optimal understanding to make informed decisions and should you join there is associated risk.

what is usi tech bitcoin reviewAccording to the member website, USI-TECH is a high-tech trading company that specializes in the development of automated Forex software with a focus on customer relation and unique digital asset investment strategies. The United Software Intelligence tech company has two primary founders in Jao Severino (Joao Filipe Fernandes Severino) and Ralf Gold as well as two other primary partners in COO Horst Jicha and VP Marketing Mike Kiefer.

They are not a startup or revenue sharing company. On the website they say have been known for generating hefty daily revenue from their proprietary trading software for years (cough cough). The company has listed its headquarters in Dubai (registration number ICC20160282) although we read reports on having difficulty in verifying this location and address.

What the claim to fame seems to be is an enhanced internal proprietary trading software supplemented with a third-party trade signaling algorithm of sorts with rapidly revolving and updating technology to create profits from the fluctuations and volatile bitcoin market. By now, anyone who has been around bitcoin knows a few dips and swings of hundreds of dollars is not abnormal in the slightest. What we do know is in these constantly moving meters within the cryptocoin market, there are a great deal of micromanaging going on by traders, investors and miners from all over the world.

Initially, the company’s platform offered forex trading for those who wanted to earn a passive income without years of trading knowledge and experience. Since March 2017, USI Tech has made huge headlines throughout the bitcoin community for its low-level entry point in investing bitcoin into USI’s bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency mining connections.

USI Tech is far from your ordinary automatic currency trading platform, as it combines automated trading with an MLM matrix. USI-Tech operates as a multilevel network marketing company and thus why it draws all of the associations with being a pyramid scheme right out of the gate. As we mentioned in the USI introduction, users are essentially guaranteed to earn bitcoin on their investments and can be rewarded with bonuses up to 12 levels deep for recruiting new customers who also want to join and invest to earn more bitcoin.

This process, combined with the “guaranteed” returns, has led many people to call USI Tech a Ponzi scheme, however to date (October 2017) the company has shown a consistent and steady record for paying commissions on time every single day for what it is worth.

You can take a look at the USI Tech presentation and join for free:

How Does USI-Tech BTC Trading & Mining Work?

are buying USI tech BTC packages worth itThere must be hundreds if not thousands of similarly structured bitcoin business companies and opportunity models to choose from so what makes USI any better or different? This is the million dollar question that everyone in the room should be asking.

Let’s breakdown the two main components on how USI works in case anyone is willing to roll the virtual dice and partake in the growing BTC MLM opportunity.

  • Each BTC Package costs around $50 Euros (~$60 US Dollars)
    (which requires being paid in BTC to a specific wallet address once signed up inside)
  • Each 140-Day BTC Package is estimated to pay an average of 1% ROI per day
    (the payouts will combine the original capital with profits generated as you can withdrawal daily (2.5 BTC per day limit) or re-invest profits back for more packages (which is the loop all affiliates and partners recommend as it will earn faster and receive more after each contract expires).
  • Lifetime Forex trading software membership for 12 month agency license
    (this automatic MT4 trading platform is used with brokers Pure Market & ArgusFX)

After 140 working days (monday-friday only) have passed, you will have made 140% return on the original bitcoin amount invested. These are staggering returns based on the fact that you have to do nothing other than invest. No one is required to tell or sell anyone in order to earn at the end of this 140-day timeframe. Of course this is also assuming United Software Intelligence doesn't get shut down by big brother or randomly disappear due to mismanagement or likely sheer greed. Many skeptics and doubters weigh in and wonder how long they will stick around?

The ever-important proof of mining contracts and all mighty trading profits need some form of validation and authentication. Common fact knows the bitcoin blockchain application is a shared distributed ledger where everything can be traced and tracked publicly. With a certain level of anonymity involved, it should still be easy to spot and provide proof of these cryptocurrency trades as well as owning significant peta-hash rate computational power with BTC blockchain (more on this to come as developing stories are leaking).

However, while USI Tech seems to be one of the front runners in the bitcoin multiplier investment space, a lot can change fast. The age old adage of “don't risk more than you are willing to lose” would apply to anyone considering signing up for USI Tech and buying bitcoin packages (and ethereum). Let's try to understand the USI compensation plan math.

Practical Use Case For Earning Daily BTC With USI Tech

usi tech paying or scam trading business

Let’s play a hypothetical game of buying USI BTC packages to better understand this popular daily multiplying scheme. For round numbers and reasonable scale effect, let’s assume the initial investment into owning USI bitcoin packages is $5,000 USD. Relatively speaking, this is some skin in the game, especially given the ponzi-pyramid-styled opportunity that USI operates in.

If Bitcoin is priced at $5700, you would have .8777 BTC in packages today. This translates to earning 0.008776 per day (1%) for 140 working days (mon-fri).

After the mining/trading contract expires (~ how the company says they manage these daily gains), the end results will = 1.22864 BTC when the package is done and expired.

Not bad for doing anything on your end right?

To make it even faster, this is where the USI MLM business sales force (affiliates and independent representatives) come with the compounding effects by recruiting and prospecting others who want to grow their bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet.

That is the compensation plan in which we will cover below. but that is the math in which anyone (non-affiliate or network marketing user) could earn bitcoin from their current bitcoin stash by doing nothing else but investing into the USI Tech program.

But the big, pink elephant in the room is where is the trading history and where are the cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts at that showcase their peta-hash rate power [here]?

USI Tech Features

What we found to date is their main focus and source of profits as a company comes from mining alternative coins and repetitive arbitrage trading on a variety of exchanges which profits tiny margins on low risk trades all day everyday. In the world of crypto, a 9-5 schedule means nothing. But anyone who has been around the cryptocurrency and network marketing industry for a few years will know the primary drive behind their growth is done via affiliate marketing asking people to join in on the fun to earning low-risk BTC rewards.

For those who are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies and how it works, this can be a bit confusing but thankfully easy to understand once shown.

bitcoin mining blockchain transactionsMining is the process that secures the blockchain network and allows transactions in the distributed public ledger to take place without errors or trusted third parties/intermediates (aka Banks, Gov, Merchants etc).

Miners are responsible for providing the computer hash rate power for bitcoins transactions to happen and in exchange every ten minutes miners are rewarded with newly issued/minted bitcoins (or alternative coins with GPU). This gives incentive for securing the network and keeping track of the global ledger where all transactions take place so everyone can see and verify without permission.

If you are planning to invest, what you should know is that mining cryptocurrencies is currently a very profitable activity and industry to be involved with. Every time a miner successfully solves a block, they are rewarded with new cryptocurrency coins which can then be sold into the market and exchanged for real-world value (whether fiat or crypto).

As of now, from the sounds of it Usi-Tech focuses on mining selective alternative coins (seeking more information here*), as they have found it to be the optimal option to be stay profitable since today there are more than 700 alt coins. After profits are generated we assume they convert altcoins to Bitcoins to pay investors and members their daily returns.

USI Tech advertises all of the following features:

Bitcoin Investment Software:

USI Tech have developed a software for over 8 years and made over 100 different software updates. According to their official site, The software is a fully-automated program that makes intelligent investment decisions and costs $600 (one time) to buy and use for your own trading experience.

From our understanding, every time you use this software, you must pay a brokerage fee. 100% of that brokerage fee is sent to the USI Tech network above you.

20 Years of Experience:

“Our top-class development team has created software systems for reputable investors worldwide”. As you may expect the company doesn’t go in depth about their investors or development team.

How To Research Daily Bitcoin Investment Programs:

This would be a good time to go over what other HYIP-styled programs promise and where your next point of research and emphasis might come from if considering signing up with USI.

  • little to no risk high investment returns
  • extremely consistent returns without real work involved
  • unregistered or untraceable company information
  • unlicensed or poorly documented sellers/traders
  • complex strategies disguised as secrets
  • lack of paperwork and internal transparency
  • payment delays, slow interrupted withdrawals

These are all great questions to seek answers for if considering joining a bitcoin multiplier.

How To Make Money With USI Tech?

usi tech bitcoin mlm sign up affiliateThe USI Tech compensation rewards plan is not too difficult to understand once grasping all the available options to choose from.

USI Tech doesn’t appear to offer any other products outside of their Forex trading software and BTC packages. However, new rumors are cultivating about them expanding on a cryptocurrency platform (details to be released at the next event). Make no mistake about it, their main service is the automated trading software. Another primary way in which users make money is through the commission structure, which allows to make money by recruiting new members which gives them the dreaded MLM stereotype.

USI Tech spreads a 35% commission across 12 levels. Under the compensation plan, the more people you recruit beneath you, the more money you make.

The other way in which you make money with USI Tech is by encouraging people below you to make trades through the USI Tech software. USI Tech will charge a brokerage fee. A part of that brokerage fee is sent to you, and the remaining percentage is spread throughout the network.

USI TECH's Trading Bot Claims

Make no secret about it, USI Tech did become one of the biggest bitcoin multiplier investment plan programs of 2017…but there was and is a catch – the is of course is now being closed out of the USA/Canada and the was as mentioned all over is they never had trading transparency at any point in time during their run up. Their trading software started out at as “Forex” trading, but they offer BTC Packages for people to buy in and profit from their expert bitcoin trading bot and cryptocurrency mining connections whenever becoming popular. Now they are under water in bitcoin reserves as well as legal waters about being a security (that seems to be unregistered) and will likely be more to come about that in the future.

Their claims of “well, its automated, guaranteed* and hands off bitcoin generator was indeed a classic top heavy bogus pyramid where all the coin rolls up to the next in the upline while never once showing the least bit of run of the mill cryptocurrency trading robot or bitcoin software that currently flood the marketplace (even highlighted above) ~ but again was no surprise when the music stopped and markets slashed in half – they never once has showed verifiable trading and only one month before shutting down did they show some ETH/GPU mining vs no BTC/asic to ever speak of for such growth.

How is it different than 95%+ of the options and offers out there? We left this here because it shows you not everything meets the eye in the newly forming crypto space. Knowing how to look out for the next sideways-lookingtrading bot/mining pool offers might be of benefit to some of you new and searching around.

How To Join United Software Intelligence?

USI Tech’s advertises its membership as a “business opportunity”. Like most network marketing companies, you need to pay a fee to join. That fee is listed as a “software license” and is priced at €600. To receive commission from all 12 referral levels, you must pay the official €600 fee to join.

After joining USI Tech, you’ll be able to earn commissions of €120 per affiliate. The company offers a 3 x 12 matrix compensation plan structure with a total of 797,160 positions overall. Positions in that matrix can be filled directly or indirectly. The picture below will show the commissions pay out for each level.

If you use the USI Tech software, you’ll be charged a brokerage fee.

.25% of the brokerage fee is paid to the recruiting affiliate. The remaining 75% of the fee is split into 12 payments and spread throughout the 3×12 matrix.

Usi-tech’s compensation matrix resembles a binary MLM structure but instead of 2 legs is compose of 3 active legs. Another great characteristic of Usi-Tech is that it pays commissions on all referral activities to members.

The matrix structure is also known for creating spillover referrals, which are referrals recruited by your upline but placed under you, that can generate an extra spillover commission. There are no reoccurring fees to maintain the opportunity active to our knowledge and is all but shut down and not paying aka running for the hills.

About USI Tech

There’s limited information about the developers of USI-Tech online, or how they’re qualified to provide any type of investment advice. We do know the company’s address & phone number are from Dubai.

The address can be found here:
Al Mamzar Tower 2, 805
Al Mamzar Beach Road
PO Box 122036 Dubai UAE

Contact the company by phone at +971 50 75 95 046.

Despite the Dubai headquarters, USI Tech appears to have connected to Portugal. The domain was registered on June 23, 2016 to a man named J Severino. The original registration listed address is in Portugal.

How To Collect Generated Commissions From Usi-Tech?

The best way to perform deposits and withdraws from Usi-Tech is by creating a bitcoin wallet. You will have access to see and withdraw daily payout inside the Usi-tech back office (which as of January 2018 are no longer paying USA, Canada or International members).

Conclusion On Signing Up With USI Tech (Smart Or Scam)?

If you are searching for opportunities and companies to earn Bitcoins and begin understanding the potential in the cryptocurrency industry, USI – Tech is one of the last programs you would want to join based on the lack transparency and ultimately trust.

Its undeniable there is a lot of potential to capitalize in cryptocurrencies and altcoin trading, as well as mining – but sending your funds to a 3rd party program like USI adds a completely different level of complexity to the formula and will always matter as the industry adapts.

2018 USI Tech Updates:

There have been many USI newsworthy articles and headlines since the 2018 calendar year flip and it all started with ‘legal' and ‘payment' issues.

  • October 2017: USI Tech opens Tech Coin ICO and gets members to hand back over 11,500 BTC from the same payments they were receiving from multiplier packages and member purchases
  • December 2017: Alleged Ethereum mining pools finally show up on a blockchain explorer after over 8 months and counting but ends up fading fast and being a debacle
  • January 8th, 2018: USA & Canada members stop receiving bitcoin payouts
  • March 2018: USI Tech BTC Packages no longer able for purchase or rewards
  • March 2018: SEC requesting documents from members

Stay tuned as we will update more as we find out all of the developing stories surrounding USI Tech and its inevitable unraveling as a bitcoin ponzi scheme and one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams in the ‘affiliate/network marketing' industry.

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  1. The Bitcoin side is making 1% per day… The forex side has made about 3-4.5% per Month. the 4 owners are out in public constantly… now anyway…

  2. I’ve seen first hand real money that can be made with this company. The marketing/commission is just another way you can profit from this company. There tons of money to be made with just your investment.

    • Thats BS if I ever heard it- The nonsense this company has put its investors through should have them in prison. Its easy to get caught in the hype, I decided to put a small stake in usi after watching youtube videos of american investors about the btc packages, sounded pretty good back in november of 2017. placed my order for 2 btc minimum packages and it was never filled, finally at the end of Dec i started contacting the company, ticket after ticket, and would receive bot e mails in reply followed by other e mails telling me how to withdraw. I did as told and knew we were moving slow as the BTC bottleneck was in full swing end of dec 2018, but nothing ever came. then on jan 1st i received a letter that americans and canadians had abused the system and were eliminated (serious red flags) you dont punish entire nations for the actions of a few. They froze my btc and would not and have not freed it up. However now they are doing btc packages 2,0 and slowly repaying btc package 1.0 holders. Not true. Our money in usi shows in our dashboard but try to withdraw and your account shows as 0 on the withdraw page. and I have screenshots to back my claim all day everyday. i have lost money as they have held my money because had they returned it properly i would have gotten back nearly what i started with minus fees for the chain. Now my money is down to $110 and they still can’t send it- how pathetic is that? top it all off they are still scamming new investors into their btc 2.0 packages – plus checked today and a new splash page is up as they are barely paying out and using the excuse of the market correction. This is why gov. intervention begins inall spaces because of companies ripping good people of their money. I am willing to post any screen shots of myaccount please ask. Can anyone tell me who I can get to help pressure this company? thank you Virgil

      • ps : If anything they are catering to big investors and paying those returns while taking and making excuses to those of us with investments under $500 dollars.

  3. I’m currently withdrawing $1000 AUD a week with no recruiting.
    Been a member since April.
    Apart from growing pains with servers, USI-Tech has fulfilled every promise.

  4. great products and incredible potential with the power of compounding interest… ” daily passive bitcoin earnings at its finest…” if they keep up with the massive momentum they could easily reach a billion dollar company in next 12-24 months fo sure… we shall see… as long as it keeps paying smoothly, no worries mate ;P

  5. What worries me is the lack of audited statements to show that returns are not being paid for by new members payments. 35% commissions off the top and then 1% daily returns. Never been done in the history of financial investments.

    • Exactly…if this is all real (mining and extreme profitable trading) why not show some numbers. No need to disclose any trade secrets regarding trading. Greed and Hope are tempting me.

      • Boomstown, as of Nov 1st, USI-Tech has made major changes. It is now a Unilevel compensation plan, the BTC packs and now new product Tech coin packages both follow same simple plan. Signing up is free and you don’t have to buy to earn on ALL 12 levels. Even the Forex plan has changed and will be rolled out later. I personally bought 6 packages and because of direct referral commissions and return on my investment have been able to add 8 packages I did not have to purchase and this is growing daily. I even help my direct referrals set up their own platform to promote. More good things are being rolled out and all I can say is that I am impressed.

        • Haha… it’s now called a uni( meaning one) level company but it has 12 levels… on the level much… you will all loose your money if you don’t pull out at the right time

    • Agreed. I’ll be glad to hear that they use bots to trade, and make 100% per day off of my BTC Package. But any claim of transparency I hold suspect. They are not active in direct communication, ZERO tweets, and only infomercials on Facebook. Their las FB post is about verifying an account. Read the comments from all those frustrated with the process. Its sad.

    • thank you for that informed statement- what i see is USI people on here acting like they are normal individuals. they are shady as hell. I am sorry but having to go through this for such a small amount of money tells me they cannot do anything legit. Tons of promises and fake reports – paying off youtubers and promoters only. They have made an incredible amount of money but somehow do not get in any trouble as they do not fulfill their promises.

  6. They pass regulations set out by the state of New York to operate there. USI is hosting a huge event in London. I’ve been doing this for about 45 days and it’s working as stated. I bought some Bitcoin packages first. Just one. Got comfortable with it, then bought more. 33 in total. 15 rebuys from passive interest. I just keep re-buying it. That’s 50 euros each x 15 from interest. My bitcoin will double, and triple + as I continue. The value of bitcoin has also gone up since I started and the interested is compounded at the daily value. Crazy but this is really happening!

  7. I am currently at 102 packages myself. I earn the potential to buy a package daily now. I plan on making a 200 package purchase in the next two weeks and doing weekly draws as 1/3 back out as profit. If you want to keep up on how things go, Ill be posting more about how things progress.

  8. A great company to participate. Has been paying consistently and currently I am having a total of 540 packages. There are several strategies that you can adopt ie. just do your withdrawals 5 days per week depending on no. of packages, receiving passive income or doing networking. Currently I’m just investing and with a small group of 15 people. Importantly they are very transparent and legit. A good company to look into for monthly passive income.

  9. 3% “Mining Fee” for each purchase (including rebuys with their interest earned BTC), and then 2% to make withdrawals. 40% ROI in 28 weeks isn’t bad, but they’re not upfront about the cost to get in or out. Thanks for pointing out the withdraw fee. It’s excessive since BTC fees are basis points, but its another way USI makes their money I guess.

  10. News from London:
    Distributing 3mil Bitcoin ATM’s around the world
    New ICO – TechCoin
    New website and marketing
    I’ve tripled my money in 3 months. If you don’t take a chance, you never will.

      • Oh… look a ray of hope… in a blind alley… I think I can see… something…
        Something… that looks… almost like… no, it couldn’t be… YES, it’s Common Sense!!!
        Yeah, Common Sense is alive!!! Yeah!!!

  11. Great company, my packages have been goin for 44 days and I’ve made about 2500$. My team has the woman who brought the company to Australia, great team with lots of wealthy people now. My mate is making about 600$ a day and just retired.

    Bitcoin is a digital currency that is becoming very popular due to having no transaction fees and not controlled by the banks. But its the investment opportunity with USI Tech that is exciting. Buying bitcoin and waiting for its value to increase is a worthwhile investment but whats really good is the investment of your bitcoins with USI Tech where you can get 500% return on your capital/coins.

    • Risk!
      I feel the need to explain that USI Tech could cease to exist tomorrow. All your bitcoin would be gone with it.
      Keep more Bitcoin somewhere else… and count your blessings with every payout… because it will end suddenly with a thud.

      • So what! Nothing last forever. Shut up and enjoy the ride. Seems you are only here to ridicule. This company are changing peoples lives forever. You fail to neglect that this company has over 600,000 members and growing. Move on and work your own business if you have one. If you don’t, then your wanna be Sherlock Holmes investigative theories should kept locked in your mind to enjoy your jerking off with a hand of no proof.

        • this company is a piece of shit dude- I know been in it since nov 2017- they are about to do the same thing they did all over again as btc corrects. they just keep repolishing the same old shit attracting new people. If anyone is getting paid its bigger investors who they feel are priority. But every investment they accept is a priority and I don’t give a *uck how small it is.

  12. We do see a good accumulation of money to be made, yes as with any market is on the rise, can be done but I speculate what would happen in a consistent down market over 12 to 18 months? Is there money to be made with UTI in that case scenario? I E-mailed with several questions to the company but got no response.

  13. The answer to Mikkens question above is yes. They escrow a portion for this. I have been with them for just 1 month so far and the earnings are fantastic compared to most investments out there. This is mostly due to cryptos continued growth in the market place. In 2009 it was something like the Internet was when it was first introduced. Or remember the AOL cds that were mailed for free to everyone to get on the internet? It is something like that at this point in time and we all know where that went for we are here today writing and reading this..

    I bought 3 BTC pks at USI when I started on 9-29-2017. I paid $180 and after 27 trading days, they are now worth $315.70. This does not count the 1% daily compound interest paid out each day. After I saw the interest after just 5 days running, I invested more $2,100 and after just 27 days I am able to rebuy a pak a day to earn even faster.

    I love the new web site they put up this past weekend due to the increased in new members coming in for free. The sales plan has been changed and there is no cost to join. Other than a few friends I told about what I am doing, I have just begun to market this last week and found many who are interested in learning about it. One person started just a week ago and can’t believe how fast her earnings are growing. This is a great company and worth checking out.

    • There was never a cost to join- DO NOT FALL FOR THESE LIES PEOPLE. it is easy to see what is happening here- not one person mentioned the splash page pop up on all of our dashboards at USI because they are LYING TO YOU. Unbelievable.

  14. I have appreciated all the info here. NICE. Thanks. I have an up line but find he is very busy for any questions or support. I know it is a lot to expect from some one here…. who won’t make any cash IF I were to promote. I don’t have an MLM group/following, but if/when this happens for me, I need a back up to help with the questions, Mind you I joined with a small account ($180. or so) with out much help, and the site is easier now. the 140 days are not up for max. payout, but my account is close to $450/ by Christmas it will be greater & helpful.! Setting the REBUY is important. … I would have to say even tho I don’t understand it all, I have reached out to my up line only once. He is very stern. I chose to go to USI support, even tho they are slow…. but they have been busy. A face book group is another option . Cheers


    1. Over 300,000 members and increasing by 5000 a day! – The fastest growth of any network marketing company EVER!
    2. Created over 18 millionaires in the past year!
    3. Total transparency – you can see trades, hash rates and results! (By end of December )
    4. Totally automatic system – All the work is done for you! You just decide to either keep or spend the profits!
    5. Huge, I said, HUGE payouts! – Profits of 40%!
    6. Compound your cash! – Keep your money in the account and watch it grow!!
    7. Simple -You don’t need to know about Bitcoin, just open an account
    8. USI is responsible for 1% of all the Bitcoin mined in the world!!
    9. USI just launched its own coin called The Techcoin….and it’s selling fast!
    10. By 1st November , USI will have its own exchange, so you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card direct from the site!
    11. USI ATM machines will be available next year and are already in production! – Buy, sell and exchange from your USI account at an ATM machine, up to a $5000 withdraw!
    12. Creating ‘Next Generation’ Mining – by the end of the year USI will be launching a new magnetic motor using renewable energy, which the the heat from mining and recyles it into energy. Result? Cost of power = $0, Higher Hash Rate = estimated $200,000 a year! Ground breaking unbelieveable technology.
    13. 24/7/365 support on all issues.
    14. No selling and no recruitment. …unless you want to – You can just can easily sit on the beach or spend time with the family while your money grows!
    15. Total Freedom!- Add and withdraw money as you wish, without obligation.

    • Sorry as I realize all these comments are from 2017- all btc package 1.0 holders are still waiting to be repaid as we were hit with this nonsense and are still waiting to this day for simple paybacks of our money that is now worth less and declines as they hold it and refuse to allow withdraws. Damn I hope someone else is going through what I am with USI tech so people can honestly see what this company is about- when BTC is bullish everything is alright soon as it corrected they are calling it detrimental to their payout structure. let me post some of the nonsense we have received direct from my usi dashboard…..


      Explanation of Repayment for BTC Pack 1.0
      Explanation of the Repayment Plan for BTC Pack 1.0, Commissions and Available Balances
      In the interest of transparency and understanding, we provide the following information and request your support so we can ensure no one suffers a loss from their involvement in USI-TECH. We understand this process will take some time to return everyone BTC however this is the only path forward possible to ensure everyone comes out positively.

      The income from the direct sale of a BTC 2.0 Package sales is split as follows:
      35% to commissions for the referring upline
      15% for company expenses
      50% for repayment of: (obligations at 24th Feb, 2018)
      Remaining 1.0 packages
      Outstanding commissions
      Prior wallet balances
      The mining income from the USI-TECH controlled mining is split into 5,200 packages per Petahash. Currently USI-TECH has 110 Petahash allowing 572,000 packages to be sold.

      The daily income less electricity costs for the mining is divided evenly between the packages.

      The mining income for any unsold packages is allocated to the repayment of the obligations above. In other words, if 30,000 packages are sold, the remaining 542,000 packages that are unsold will have their allocation of mining revenue that day allocated to paying the obligations.

      USI-TECH has also invested previously in Ethereum mining which will also be used to fund the repayment of the obligations on a regular basis after expenses. Eth will be exchanged for BTC in appropriate market conditions and then distributed to the obligation pool.

      An additional 550 Petahash of mining will be brought on line over the next few months that will further increase USI-TECH capacity to increase the payment volume towards the obligations.

      All the funds available daily for the repayment of obligations as of the 24th of February are divided and paid proportionally on a “shares” basis using the allocation set aside for repayment based on the following formula:

      The “shares” repayment works as follows:
      For each 0.001 BTC at that time the member receives one share of the split.
      If there is a fraction, then the share count rounds up.
      Those owed less than 0.001 BTC are rounded up to one share.
      All commission balances, all wallet balances, all remaining pack balances to 100% regardless of how they were paid for, will be paid for fully over time using this formula. USI-TECH retains the right to amend the formula should such be necessary for the sustainability of the business and the greater good of the majority of members.

      Further Explanation of 1.0 Package Rebuy Purchases:
      All packages purchased will be repaid up to 100% of original purchase price, regardless of the method paid for the package, including rebuys and partner rebuys, external payment. Rebuys made for partners will be repaid to the partner that received the packages.

      All BTC 1.0 Packs that have received 100% or more of their initial BTC value are expired and are NOT considered for repayment.

      You purchased 1 BTC of BTC 1.0 Packs
      To date you have received 0.7 BTC in returns (0.3 BTC left to be paid to meet 100%)
      You used the 0.7 to rebuy more BTC 1.0 Packs
      You will receive 100% of the BTC value paid for the 0.7 BTC paid for the rebuys
      The net value you will receive is 1.0 BTC less any previous withdrawals
      Example 2:
      You purchased 1 BTC of BTC 1.0 Packs that returned 1.4 BTC
      You did rebuys to the value of 1.4 BTC
      The rebuys have been paid 0.8 in returns to date
      0.6 BTC is left to be paid to meet 100% on the rebuy packs
      You will receive 100% of the BTC value paid for the 1.4 BTC rebuys less any previous withdrawals
      We have stated our intention repeatedly that we will, and have made the hard decisions to ensure that everyone involved in USI-TECH does not suffer a loss of BTC. The above plan was the only option given the losses we faced to enable the business to move forward, and for us to be able to achieve the intention of 100% BTC repayment. We understand this may not be the outcome some were expecting, however the return of your BTC is our priority. Lessons have been learned, additional systems and checks have been put in place.

      We have redesigned our BTC Pack 2.0 product so it is fully transparent and sustainable ensuring the USI-TECH family can move forward with total confidence. Our success was only possible due to your belief in us and we thank you for that. We ask you not to judge us by the mistakes made, but instead by how we have worked to resolve the challenges that confronted the company. Our mission is and has been to protect your interests, and the ability of the business to move forward and prosper.

      So many lives have been positively affected by USI-TECH. We thank you for your part in that process and ask your patience and positive participation as we move forward to returning everyone’s BTC.



  16. Ive been with USI for about 8 weeks and was introduced by a friend who has purchased almost $100’000 AUD. The above review has pointed out some intetsting holes that everyone is not addressing, because USI is feeding us profits we all turn a blind eye. USI unconfirmed address in Dubai? Website link started in Portugal? 1% returns? Secret Algorithms ? If we all get stung it will be our own fault.

  17. Question:
    I am planing to invest 1 BTC for 140 working days and will terminate my contract. And I want to learn what the total amount of BTC I will make at the end including princopal; compound intrrest and after 4% fee? Based on my calculation it turns out 2.344 BTC. Is that right?

  18. I have one question please, the 600 euro license fee mentioned here is different from investment or principal amount we spent on buying BTC? I am planning to join USI-Tech as well.
    Many thanks

    • Tash, they no longer have the 600 euro license which was for Forex trading. They are coming out with a small package that should be out the first of the year or end of this year. No more licensing fees/packages for Forex which is different from BTC’s. Hope this clarifies this for you.

  19. Waldo if that is how you feel based on your beliefs stated above, then this is not for you.

    My upline just pulled out over $35,000 last week in USI profits to add to his own money to buy the top token package USI is offering at a discount to members only at this point. When these tokens become Techcoins and goes public, these will go up in price for sure based on what they are launching in the very near future. USI is also giving 1 free token with every BTC pk. purchased since Nov 1.

    We support our downlines on how to do everything in USI with videos. Last night our upline did a new video on how to do withdrawals from USI earnings which he has done before but wanted to show how it is done in a video. He showed how in a day and a half he earned a few more Bitcoins and withdrew them in the video, around $14,700 in USD. He is working at building his account to be pulling out 1 million per month and is now earning around 1 Bitcoin per day at this time.

    Mat, you are not figuring this right. You will not get compound interest that way unless you re-invest your daily earnings back in each time you earn enough to buy another pk. I BTC pk will earn you back your investment plus $40% in around 140 weekdays. It’s like getting about 80% per year on your investment if you do it again for another 140 days when the first 140 day closes.

    Tash, the 600 euro license fee is no longer required in the new plan that launched on Nov 1, 2017. In fact, it is free to join and there is no requirement to invest, build a business, or both with them. I have only been a member for one month with USI and I am earning about $1,000 per month now by reinvesting in another BTU pk. every day or ever other day. I also have a few downlines now who are doing the same as I am doing by following our step-step video process. We also have a VIP group on FaceBook with over 100 people all supporting each other. You are welcome to join us

  20. I am an individual who is still ‘watching’. Could you provide an update on USI now that they have had the London meeting, have US counsel, released new products, changed the comp plan to uni-level, no more trading software required, etc. Would be greatly appreciated! Teresa

    • Serious upgrade to USI Tech!

      There is Support now, and getting better!
      Website very nice looking… Now works well too.
      Can withdraw (after 24 hrs). Can Rebuy immediately.
      Can see relevant, current, detailed reports of BTC Package progress.
      New Promotion Funnel is very good (Interactive).
      Yet, with apparent lies popping up (Like the mining company and now how much spent on mining), I keep hearing Bernies voice…”You’re getting paid aren’t you?!”

  21. I was sitting on the fence for awhile with USI-TECH but joined in October and even though their was many claiming it was a Scam, Ponzi scheme and other fairly brain dead blogging promoting their own scammy opportunities there was one thing that stood out for me and I will highlight this “ YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUILD A BUSINESS “ and you can still make a nice profit like what I’m doing right now. I thank USI for this opportunity and I am reading everyday how it is changing peoples lives. If you are sitting on the fence get off it and jump in because you will regret it 😀

  22. It would appear that there is a considerable amount of hype over the comments without any evidence. End of the day your money gets locked away for a period of time with no guaranteed return, as they don’t allow you to see how they’re actually getting their returns.

    Too much $$$$$ hype.
    No evidence.

    Only their software displaying numbers.
    Look at their IPO TechCoin ….the more you buy, the more “bonus” coins you get. That to me says scam in itself.

    • I need to sing a song: “Only invest what you can afford to lose… Only invest what you can live without…” It goes on.
      I decided yesterday after 3 months of 100% Rebuys, to take out at least what I put in, so I’m playing with house money from then on.
      Lucky for me, that my Bitcoin has gone up from $3700 to $19,000!
      I “Invested” ’bout $400 of bitcoin and can (will) now take out about $35 of bitcoin a workday.
      Merry Christmas Y’all! (and Happy Hanukkah)

    • Stay with the bank that uses your money (if you have) to profit themselves…and then wait until another economic collapse happen and what will happen with you money again? Bye..bye..and their CEO’s are still living wonderfully anyway. As far as your trusted banks and investment companies are concerned, they have proven track records of loses and collapse (remember 2008?)…and yet you still trust them…USITECH has created 18 millionaires in less than a year….it’s proven. You don”t know this because you refuse to know it. So, stay away from usitech and stay with your trusted banks. Afterall, we usitech believers are enjoying life, making money while we sleep. Good luck with yours!

  23. As long as they are unable to show audited financial statement as to how they are paying out such levels of returns, I would strongly suspect they are using new users funds to pay the returns to old users.

    Everyone saying: “but I have made money, look at my account”, it is very easy for them to show numbers on a screen to users.

    How are they making money in the background. As we are all essentially investors, we should be shown some numbers on that. How much of their income is from mining, how much from currency trading?

  24. Just came across this – nice to see a well written, pretty detailed and not biased article on it actually.

    I jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon a few weeks ago. I’m just a truck driver in the UK, working monday-friday. Regular guy with a regular job. I threw £100 quid at it as a, lets see what happens thing. Slowly watched my returns building and then took a gamble and threw 2500 more at it.

    I am now earning back £25 a day for doing absoloutly nothing and it will just keep building on its own.

    I’ve done as much research as I can into USI. When/if you sign up with a mentor, like John who recruited me, you get shown into various facebook groups that are full of 100’s of people just like you, new and old, wanting to make money. You can only watch so many facebook videos and read so many comments about people that are actually succeeding before you start believing it yourself.

    USI are making some changes so that in the middle of december, you will be able to see them trading and I think that will convince a lot more people to take a chance.

    At the end of the day you could throw £50 at this (I do that down the pub on a saturday night), and then leave it for 5 years without doing a thing. If all goes well, you’d have over 20 grand in the bank. If not? Well you’ve lost £50….shame.

    How are they making money? You get your 1% monday-friday. They keep the weekends profits. Besides i’m not under any illusions here, they are making a LOT more off of me by using my capital to trade with. Same as any bank in the UK – the only difference here is USI are actually giving me something tangible for it.

    USI are currently responsible for 1% of total bitcoin mining. (doesn’t sound a lot but believe me, it actually is) – they are also throwing fortunes at a new mining facility in iceland, with state of the art hardware (we’ve had a video tour already) to improve just how much they can mine.

    Meh could it all go wrong? Course it could. Like any stock market trading. Hell I could walk out of my house tomorrow and get run over by a car. I was too afraid to take a risk on bitcoin back when it was like 100 for a pound or something rediculous. If I had taken a gamble back then, i’d be super rich now.

    My advice to anyone? Honestly? Find a sponsor that is willing to talk to you about it and be frank/open/honest.

    Sign up with that sponsor, again this doesn’t cost a thing, it just shows the sponsor that your willing to listen/learn/research.

    Spend as much time as you want reading/watching/listening to all the guides/information/testimonials that are then made available to you.

    Make a decision. If you feel confident enough, don’t go all out, just throw £50 at it. Then sit back and see what happens. In 140 days you will get back around £74. Cash it out if you like and walk away, or leave it in there and let it build. Go at your own pace. I don’t have a team of my own. I’ve got 1 mate that jumped on after I told him what I was doing. I get a little comission from him but then I’m on the phone to him about 5 hours a day so I think I deserve more really! :0)

  25. Hi
    I just joined USI one week ago after witnessing my wife’s success, she joined with £250 then she added another £750 after attending the London event, she has rode the soaring Bitcoin pricewave and almost doubled her money already after 7 weeks. All she has done is rebuy the BTC packs and both my son and myself joined and purchased 20 packs each which helped her a little.
    A high yield investment will always be risky but in my opinion USI wouldn’t have invested over $100 million in mining and a lot in software to let this company go bankrupt, the USI owners told attendees of the London meeting that reinvestment would continue for the next 8 years….My wife attended the meeting but I wasn’t interested then as I thought it was a MLM scam… My advice would be to invest and take your “seed” money back out after 140 days then it’s a win-win investment.

  26. Attempting to find United Software Intelligence website which I cannot seem to locate. What am I missing? Someone please point me to the United Software Intelligence website. Thank you!

  27. I have been with USI for almost 2 months and have been happy with the results so far. I am just sharing the info and signing people up and the commissions come. i have been getting around 1% M-F but the 140 days is a guideline, the contract runs out when you hit 140%, it may be 139 days or 143 days. So far they’ve done what they say they will do!

  28. I just joined 3 weeks ago and have already purchased 7 packages. 3 of the 7 were re-buys from USI. I have 5 affiliates and two have already started investing in bitcoin. My commissions were on my dash board after their packages were approved. I love the re-buy option because it is instant and you do not have to transfer from a bitcoin wallet. I am very happy with the way things are going so far. From everything I have seen, this company is a legitimate business.

  29. Pls I need a sponsor to enable me register. And how do I deposit the 50eur or 60uds to the platform?

    Pls let someone give me a referral link

    • I’ve done a lot of research on USI, just about ready to join. I guess I’ll get a referral link, know a bit more about the process!

    • Hi Jocelyn,
      I have a link below to my affiliate website. You can email me directly and I will make sure you get in ok. I have been with them since April 2017, and so far, they are doing what they say. I agree with the other sentiments expressed here:
      1) Only put in what you can afford to lose
      2) Decide at what point you will start to withdraw your funds
      3) Enjoy the ride and continue to learn all you can

  30. “don’t risk more than you are willing to lose”, that’s my model and advice as well.
    I’ve invested 5 packages from USI Tech and I’ve generated 8% return on investments in 6 working days. Not bad for an investment.
    No investment in the Capital Market can earn you that kind of return in a short period of time.
    It is true that this opportunity could go both ways, but instead of waiting in the sidelines to see if this is a scam, I’ve decided to take a plunge to see if this really works.
    It is working currently, and I’m constantly keeping taps on this and updating the progress on my site.
    Don’t invest any more than you could, that’s the best advice.

  31. Well I’m on the fence now but I think, after reading these comments, I’m going to join USI and buy a package, what can I lose but the price of the BTC package. I have a mentor who told me about USI and he will get the commissions and hopefully maybe I can recruit some more people and I can then get commission but I’m not too good of a salesperson! Thanks all for the comments I have read as well as the article. It helped me take the plunge!!

    • I’m about to try it! maybe I should make a video of myself and explain as I go? I know there’s A lot of people doing tutorial videos but they seem like sales pitches, yea? I’ve never done a YT video or anything, I’m no salesman or Investment Advisor but I’ll help y’uins out if I can though!

    • You have to set-up your wallet, connect it to your debit card, then purchase BTC from your wallet’s marketplace. Use BTC that you’ve acquired to purchase packages.

  32. I have been with them for about 5 weeks and already seen fantastic growth on my investment.

    There are thousands of people in various Facebook communities that are constantly doing their own checks and balances on this product.

    There has been a legal review and it is all legit. You can see on evidence of USI -tech trading.

    If anyone chants to sign up visit my website and sign up under the video.

    Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

  33. Been with USI 2 months started with 12 packs, commissions and daily ROC (NOTE: it is return on capital not investment) paid everyday, already doubled initial invest and withdrawn some BTC to my Exodus wallet, all good so far, have 8 directs all getting payouts on time every day and they also have the same with their directs, all good so far, dont miss out on this one.

  34. hey I say do it and yes it is an investment ,but look I don’t really know alot about all of this and that tech stuff all I know is That I Invested 1 month ago and doubled my investment . if i did have more to put on it I will and would. I have Never Seen anything like this . I even got a bit Pay Card Cause I wanted to make sure that I could get to my old fashion Cash money and Yes USI-Tech Is Where IT IS . Tell . Everybody that you know.

  35. I have been in Usi-Tech since August and I have 8 times my money almost now.

    My upline has made a useful webpage for everyone that wants to join and also after you join emails with help will be sent out.
    many have asked how to transfer and buy packages so that’s why the page was made

    We will also teach all about what secure ways to save in wallets and preferred exchanges to use so no one gets hacked and loses their money.

    Hope you all find the info usefull

  36. USI-Tech is transparent, CEO answers question on youtube, they’ve been around and have a solid foundation as a company, they payout better than any other automated trading platform and is free to join and begin making money. Also benefit in the increase of bitcoin

  37. In Canada the British Columbia Securities Commission has officially added USI-Tech to its investment caution list. Check their website.

    • Pat, USI-tech is a Ponzi scheme and won’t be around much longer

      Cease and Desist order from the Texas State Securities Board today, but don’t take my word for it, have a read yourself:

  38. First of all thanks for a great non-biased article! I’m thinking of joining USI Tech but I still have a few questions:
    1. If the bitcoin goes down how will they still be able to guarantee a 1%ROI?
    2. If we get a 1% ROI then where does the other 99% go?
    3. Do we have to leave the money/packages purchased untouched for 140 days before allowed to make a withdrawal? Or can I purchase Bitcoin packages and decide to make a withdrawal on day 1 if I choose to?
    4. Is the withdrawal fee of 2% on the bitcoin or the country currency that you decide to withdraw in?
    5. How do I withdraw? I understand step 1 is to sell and then it will go to my bitwallet but from there how do I get it in physical cash to use in actual stores?
    6. Does anyone know about bitpay amd where it’s accepted and how it works?

    • Helen,

      Great questions. Let me see if I can answer a couple of them for you.

      1 – They say that they will keep paying out daily till you hit a ROC of 140% – That’s Return On Capital. Daily they pay out somewhere between 70% and 110% I’ve seen people show. It will keep running till it hits. If it was 100% daily, it would be around 140 working days. But since not every day will be 100% it may take longer.

      2 – The other 99% I’m sure is split between mining fees, corporate, upline payments, etc. Because they are mining and you can’t guarantee exactly how much you will mine each day they will vary.

      3 – You will get a daily Return on each package. You can withdrawal that daily amount at any point. But you cannot pull out the remainder of the package. And remember that is 140 working days (Mon-Fri). The more packages you own, the higher your daily return.

      4 – The 2% withdrawal fee is in Bitcoin since that is the only currency they deal with.

      5 – You will withdrawal whatever amount you have in your account and send it to some sort of wallet ie: Trezor, KeepKey, Ledger Wallet or use an online wallet like BitPay or If you want to turn it into Cash, you will need to an exchange that deals with your currency.

      6 – You can check out our review of BitPay

    • I joined and I invested £50 and made £450 my first week. I am making daily interest that drops into my digital wallet. Be interesting to see USI’s response to that blog from Texas.
      I will be watching this space!

  39. USI-Tech securities fraud emergency cease and desist issued in Texas.

    Following an internal investigation into USI-Tech and two US promoters, the board presented gathered evidence of securities fraud to the Securities Commissioner.

    In an attempt to stop promotion of the USI-Tech Ponzi scheme throughout Texas, the Securities Commissioner issued an emergency cease and desist on December 20th.

    Do not invest in this company it looks like they will be closed down by the authorities very soon.

  40. I am an affiliated “sales partner” on USI and I have paid £150 for locked down btc packs in the past -3 or 4 weeks and have been paid Comms of £784 in BTC because some of my family bought some BTC packs out of curiosity. I was paid my Comms but I didn’t pay £600 to join… not sure where that info came from? Do not buy what you cannot afford. I am using disposable income. Maybe it will go tits up but it seems unlikely to me.

  41. Lol Machbu – classic scare tactics there. I’m actually surprised you didn’t put a link at the bottom of your comment for some other “genuine” investment opportunity.

    Nowhere in the article or evidence have they identified Usi-Tech as a Ponzi scheme.

    Also, the cease and desist was taken out against TWO individuals, that were falsely advertising USI-Tech as an investment opportunity and were not following the strict advertisement guidelines that ALL Usi-Tech affiliates are held accountable to.

    Many accounts have been frozen for this exact same behavious, unfortunately these 2 individuals slipped through the net.

    But obviously, all Ponzi schemes do that right? lol

  42. I bought LOT of packages at USI TECH more than a month ago.

    The money was transferred to the company but the packages doesn’t appear at my account and the money doesn’t appear at my Account Balance.

    I submitted many tickets asking them to resolve the problem they promised me many times to fix it within 72 hours but they never do, sometimes they don’t even answer my tickets.

    My Partner ID at the company is 5982907

    If your money is important to you think twice before you invest at this company, my bitcoins are lost and it seems as they intentionally stole it because I invested lot of money!

  43. Given the recent developments I would say, which ponzi pays out his victims?

    Besides that, the accusations you make are without any proof. Did you work within the company, to make these claims? Or do you have contact with somebody who knows from within USI TECH? No, I thought so.
    So there is no other value about your long story, other then to use people’s fears and to lure them in your undoubtly legit and perfect ways of making money.

    Shame on you. NOBODY lost money so far and even in the US and Canada everybody who bought packages, will get his money over the next months back + 40%!

  44. I’m sorry guys and girls but the 1% is not sustainable. The average at the moment is around 0.82% and they won’t reach 1% a day over 140 days.

    They promise an interest between 1.25% and 0.75% on a daily basis but it hardly ever come over 1%. This means that you will at least need 165 days (which is working days) to achieve this result, if ever, because they forced a shut down in USA and Canada, what indefinitely means that the majority of clients are gone!!!

    It would surprise me if this company will still exist mid 2018. So if you have invested money here, get it out asap and invest it somewhere else. Also when you invest here, your investment will be locked in for more than 140 days, so be aware of that

  45. I have been a member since Nov 2016. I can vouch that I am and have been receiving on average 1% (Tue-Sat). I have not found any other opportunity that can offer 140% in approx 140 days. I have personally met Ralf Gold & Mike Kiefer as this Company prides themselves on transparency. I am grateful to be a part of this Company and plan to build this to the moon! #watchmeorjoinme #bitcoingoals

  46. This article is great – but now very out of date therefore misleading.
    PLEASE PLEASE make an update attached to the article to amend the 600 licence fee as this is no longer the case. It is FREE to join USI Tech

  47. This article is good, i benefited from USI tech, but i was always skeptical about them, so I am glad i diversified and went into bitcoin mining rather than trading, where i am in control of my fate, rather than leaving my fate in the hands of destiny.

  48. Tax is up to you remember bitcoin is almost anonymous
    I have started with USI and will be tipping as much money into them as I can for the next 6 Months. Then Ill be very very comfortable after this. Anyone has read this thread and wants to join with a mentor to help them along the way?
    I will give you all the support, advice and help that you need.

  49. I checked into my account yesterday and found that my account has been wiped out of all my BTC packages!!!
    I.e. my account and all of the history of earnings have been erased.

    I have written in to their Help desk and hope it is some glitch that is rectified soon! If it is some glitch that they rectify, I will come back here to post that too!

    • No, it’s not a glitch sadly…. it happened to me as well but don’t worry there are other ways to make money in the crypto space that are safe and done right.

  50. Exactly im in tears, the account was initially wiped.But they later converted all my BTC packages and my huge earnings in an irrelevant new amt of BTC, they daily pay is worth cents now.
    I believed they used people’s money to launch their Techcoin which is fraudulent. I have conditioned my mind that I have lost my money, and I was doing rebuys all the while without withdrawal.
    Its so painful, I thought the company got some integrity.

  51. been about two months since my BTC disappeared on there. first the BTC went but still showed a history of it being there and had the free tokens, then those were both eventually wiped out, showing no transaction history or any info except my name.
    the facebook team page has also been shut down. straight up scam

  52. Any new updates? ……

    We came in as founders, still have a page that works showing that we are still holding 31,000 TechCoins, but we can’t withdraw the funds at all, or trade it for Btc, or do anything! Just wondering if any updates…thanks and God bless to all..☺


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