USI Tech

USI Tech is an automated trading software developer that promises returns of 1% per day on average, when trading forex and bitcoin. Here’s our review.

What Is USI Tech?

USI Tech is an automated trading platform that offers forex and bitcoin trading. Using USI Tech’s proprietary software, you can grow your income and take advantage of the world of bitcoin. USI Tech specifically promises that users can grow their bitcoins by 1% a day on average.

Today, USI Tech is making headlines throughout the bitcoin community for its new bitcoin trading platform. The company first launched in October 2016.

Initially, the company’s platform offered forex trading for those who wanted to earn a passive income. Since March, however, the company has advertised itself to those interested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

But USI Tech is far from your ordinary automatic currency trading platform. The company also operates as a multilevel marketing company. Users can be rewarded with bonuses up to 12 levels for recruiting new customers.

This process, combined with the “guaranteed” returns, has led many people to call USI Tech a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, or a scam.

Is USI Tech A Scam?

There’s a good rule to follow in the world of investing: if a company promises to give you a specific, guaranteed return on your investment, then it’s probably a scam, a pyramid scheme, or a Ponzi scheme.

Soon after USI Tech launched in October 2016, many users across the internet were calling it a scam. After all, very few investments guarantee a return of 1% per day on average (over 365% a year).

Typically, investment opportunities don’t make specific promises about their returns. In fact, it’s illegal to mislead investors. So is USI Tech really a scam – or is this a legitimate investment opportunity?

What we know about USI Tech is that the company has used some very shady marketing approaches in the past. An initial Facebook advertising campaign for the company, for example, asked people what they would do if they made $5,000 per day with a $600 one-time investment.

There’s also the problem that USI Tech is promoted by the usual MLM characters online – many of whom go on forums to insist that the service is not a scam and then claim that people make over $100,000 using the platform. Meanwhile, they promote affiliate links because they make money through new recruits.

Ultimately, USI Tech appears to be similar to most other shady currency investment platforms we’ve seen in recent months: these companies promise to make users guaranteed returns through bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Then, once you actually pay to join the network (which is always an outrageously high fee), you find out that the only way to really earn money is by recruiting people below you. This is how pyramid schemes operate.

USI Tech Features

USI Tech advertises all of the following features:

Bitcoin Investment Software:

USI Tech claims they developed their software over 8 years and 100 different software updates. The software is a fully-automated program that makes intelligent investment decisions. USI Tech gives us virtually no information about the software upfront.

Instead, the company focuses on how much money you can make by referring other people into the organization. For example, they toss around words like “fully automated” and “intelligent” but provide few details about how the software works, what signals it monitors, or who developed it.

Every time you use this software, you must pay a hefty brokerage fee. 100% of that brokerage fee is sent to the USI Tech network above you.

20 Years of Experience:

“Our top-class development team has created software systems for reputable investors worldwide”. Which investors are these? Who is part of the development team? What are the names of these developers? What is their specific experience or background?

We can’t answer these questions because USI Tech never tells us. All we really know is that the company is based in Dubai but appears to have Portuguese connections.

How Do You Make Money With USI Tech?

USI Tech doesn’t appear to offer any genuine products or services. The company makes vague mentions about its automated trading software. However, the primary way in which users make money is through the commission structure, which lets you make money by recruiting new members.

USI Tech spreads a 35% commission across 12 levels. Like most pyramid schemes, USI Tech funnels new membership fees to the top. The more people you recruit beneath you, the more money you make. The scheme continues until there are no more people to recruit, at which point it collapses.

The other way in which you make money with USI Tech is by encouraging people below you to make trades through the USI Tech software. Despite the fact that the software is automated, USI Tech will charge a brokerage fee. A chunk of that brokerage fee is sent to you, and the remaining percentage is spread throughout the network.

How To Join USI Tech

USI Tech’s advertises its membership as a “business opportunity”. Like most network marketing companies, you need to pay a hefty fee to join the company. That hefty fee is listed as a “software license” and is priced at €600.

After joining USI Tech, you’ll be able to earn commissions of €120 per affiliate. The company offers a 3 x 12 matric compensation plan structure with a total of 797,160 positions overall. Positions in that matrix can be filled directly or indirectly.

If you use the USI Tech software, you’ll be charged a brokerage fee. 25% of the brokerage fee is paid to the recruiting affiliate. The remaining 75% of the fee is split into 12 payments and spread throughout the 3×12 matrix.

About USI Tech

Who’s behind USI Tech? There’s limited information about the developers online, or how they’re qualified to provide any type of investment advice. All we really know about the company is its address in Dubai and its phone number. The address can be found here:

Al Mamzar Tower 2, 805
Al Mamzar Beach Road
PO Box 122036
Dubai UAE

You can contact the company by phone at +971 50 75 95 046. One recent article on pyramid schemes in Dubai described how “scams have been widespread for years in Dubai”.

We have no information about the leadership of the company, its team of developers, or the people responsible for bringing USI Tech’s technology to market. All of these are huge red flags.

Despite the Dubai headquarters, USI Tech appears to have connected to Portugal. The domain was registered on June 23, 2016 to a man named Joao Severino. The original registration listed an address in Portugal.

Should You Sign Up For USI Tech?

USI Tech is a network marketing company that appears to be trying to take advantage of the flurry of bitcoin activity in recent months. USI Tech knows there are a lot of newbies interested in the world of bitcoin, but they have little understanding of how to participate.

USI Tech lures these people in with promises of a guaranteed 1% a day investment opportunity. The company claims to have developed a secret software program that can grow bitcoins by 1% a day on average.

However, the Dubai-based company never provides any proof behind its numbers, nor does it explain any details about how the software works or which signals it monitors.

Instead, USI Tech – and its numerous affiliates – just emphasize how much money you can make with the software, and how you can earn over $100,000 by recruiting people. They claim this automated software program makes intelligent trades that consistently generate returns of 1% a day (over 365% per year).

Based on the lack of transparency, the lack of honest earnings information, and the lack of information about the proprietary software, USI Tech appears to be a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme backed mostly by new memberships instead of by selling a legitimate product or service.

It’s hard to recommend USI Tech as a legitimate investment opportunity based on the information given online.