UTile Network

Utile.Network is a platform that collects, presents and avails information added by participants in the blockchain industry.

UTile Network Motivation

Since last year, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have increased in popularity by a significant margin. However, this sector is characterized by enormous risks, primarily due to the volatility of digital assets. Also, hackers often find ways to steal cryptos, despite the notion that digital wallets are impenetrable.

Besides riskiness, the cryptocurrency sector is also demanding. Investors must have knowledge of the metrics concerning digital currencies and have the ability to interpret performance charts. As a result, many individuals often abstain from dealing in such assets due to lack of proficiency in the matter.

Utile.Network aims to address the issues mentioned above by aggregating relevant information and making it accessible to all parties. Consequently, investors will make sound investment decisions and get higher profits as a result.

How UTile Network Crypto Asset Investment Management Works

The Utile.Network platform facilitates the crowdsourcing of data concerning blockchain technology in a secure and transparent environment. Fundamentally, it rewards users for creating, publishing, monitoring and identifying valuable information. The main objective of this service is to promote the sharing of useful info among community members for the sustainability of the system.

Members of this platform have access to a vast collection of instruments for expertise and trade. This enables them to capitalize on opportunities in the digital asset trading sector. Surprisingly, Utile.Network avails all of the information free of charge. Upon registration, users can share signals, validated info and their opinion on the developments in the crypto sector. Furthermore, every member can establish a private collection of publications through they can earn by charging subscription fees.

The UTL token is the native cryptocurrency of the Utile.Network. Therefore, it will be used to settle all charges incurred on the platform. Users can earn UTL tokens by sharing their proprietary content or by voting for the content posted by other members. The collected tokens can be deposited to the network’s accounts- however, most of them will be reinvested into the ecosystem to preserve the liquidity of the token.

UTile Network Attributes


The blockchain will keep an unalterable record of content created by publishers, as well as their profitability performance. Using this data, users will ascertain the value of information being sold by the publishers.


Every member of the platform can access information on digital assets, including analytical data, articles, guides and signals.

Managing Communities

Investors can join private creator groups which usually set the prerequisites for becoming a member.

Reward System

Users who publish useful information or assess and rate the content published by others will get rewards in UTL tokens.


Creators will receive marketing tools for the advertisement of their work. By doing this, they will increase their profits significantly while sharing their knowledge to a much larger audience.

Finished Product

The Utile.Network is raring to go.

Founder System

The platform will be under the constant evaluation by a team of professionals known as the Founder System. These are trusted individuals who have a passion for the project.


This is designated for users who have any query regarding Utile.Network and its products and services.

UTile Network Platform Function

The functions of the Utile.Network platform include:

  • Determination of quality – through voting, users will establish the usefulness and relevance of info posted on the network.
  • Educating investors – the platform has numerous advisers who are ready to share their knowledge with traders.
  • Promotional tool – content creators can market their resources on this platform.

UTL Token Function

The functions of the UTL Token are:

  • Reward for contribution to the platform – publishers and voters will get rewards in UTL token.
  • Reward for Founders
  • Means of payment – UTL token is the principal medium of payment on Utile.Network

UTile Network UTL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Total supply: 200,000,000 UTL
  • ICO supply – 70,000,000 UTL
  • Presale supply – 30,000,000 UTL
  • ICO price: $0.12
  • Presale price: $0.08
  • Soft cap: $2,000
  • Hard cap: $10,800

Distribution Of Funds

  • 30% – project development
  • 30% – maintenance
  • 15% – marketing
  • 15%- team
  • 5%- legal
  • 5% – security

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