As cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is booming, which means that companies have to be constantly innovating to stay ahead of the game. As new blockchain technologies are being developed, it is increasingly difficult for investors to intelligently and informatively find the best cryptocurrency investments in the industry.

Ultrum comes in here to uncomplicate this massive amount of newly created information.

What Is Utrum?

Ultrum is a decentralized reward platform that provides crypto stakeholders an ecosystem where they can share information in earnest. Ultrum provides an ecosystem that solves the problems by connecting experienced analysts and developers with investors and newcomers. Contributors are rewarded for their content while investors are able to access reviews, ratings, market predictions and in-depth analysis of assets on trustworthiness.

Members Of Utrum

  • Crypto Developers: Within Utrum, developers can create business pages for open assessment of the trustworthiness of assets being introduced by analysts and members.
  • Analysts: Threat analysts will perform background checks, crypto analysts will perform in-depth technical analysis and market analysts will focus on trading and chart predictions.
  • Members: Amateurs to cryptocurrency and investors seeking curated insight into blockchain projects, ICOs and other cryptocurrencies are the primary members group on the platform.
  • Trustees: Even though Ultrum is a community driven decentralized platform, they will have moderators called Trustees who will have a general oversight of the community.

Utrum Cryptocurrency Investing Community Key Features

  • Comprehensive database of cryptocurrencies and assets: The platform will have a list of digital assets in the crypto industry. This information is the building block of investment fundamentals.
  • Rating System: Ratings will help users analyse the trustworthiness of digital assets.
  • Background information: They will provide background information on the teams behind the leading ICOs, cryptocurrencies and assets to help investors mitigate the risk of fraud.
  • Machine learning algorithm: The integrated machine learning algorithm learns from the rating patterns of members to detect fraudulent patterns.
  • Built-in Reward System: Utrum uses an integrated reward system to incentivize contributors in providing accurate and useful information.

Utrum OOT Token ICO Details

Utrum token, denoted by OOT, are the utility tokens for the platform. They are used by investors and other members to access in-depth technical analysis and market predictions.

OOT has a total supply of 216 Million tokens. 50% of the tokens will be reserved for platform contributors, 15% goes to the development team, Day to day operations will use 10% of the tokens, 2% is for the bounty and referral program while the other 23% will be used in the token sale. It has a coin type of Komodo Asset Chain. Hard cap is set to$5 million USD while the soft cap is $1 million USD.

The pre ICO, which will be held from 24 April – 10 May 2018 will have a Komodo bonus of 30% and the main ICO which will start its sale on 20 may will have no bonuses. The exchange rate for token sale of 1 OOT is $0.12 USD. They are accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Komodo, Z-Cash, Dash and Litecoin as a payment method. A referral bonus of 5% is given in the form of OOT token during the period of token sale.

Funds raised in the ICO will be utilized as follows:

  • 50% for the research and development of the platform.
  • 30% for marketing and promotional activities.
  • 15% for day to day operations and infrastructure.

5 % for building the legal framework and accounting systems.

Utrum Conclusion

Utrum is built on the philosophy of leveraging crowd wisdom while subjecting collected information to a “trial by jury.” It is scientifically proven that collective opinions are more accurate when it does not define the question.

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowdsale on their website

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