There are a lot of new cryptocurrency and blockchain financial platforms appearing every day on the market, so we review them to show the best of them to you. Today our subject is Uulala.

What Is Uulala?

Uulala is a mobile financial platform that you can use to control your digital money. With the help of this platform, you will be able to send and receive money from any place in the whole world without having to be slightly worried about being accepted by a bank.

This company knows that credit in banks is something that many people around the world do not have, so it has created a financial platform that can easily be used for the inclusion of the unbanked people in the market. With the help of the mobile app developed by Uulala, you will be able to make many financial transactions that you could only do before if you had a bank account.

You will be able to have access to your money 24/7 via the app, have credit (just like you would with an international credit card from Visa or MasterCard) and micro credit offers offered by local stores to help build their profiles.

How Uulala Latino Mobile Financial Inclusion Tools Works

While banks use a very decentralized and controlled system, in which they have all the control over the user, Uulala’s plan is to develop a decentralized environment in which the users can have freedom by using a P2P banking system.

The system will take less time, have fewer fees, costs and will benefit the customer, not the company. Uulala was created to enable its clients to have access to a world that they could not before. The company does not charge you money to store your cryptocurrency (and even fiat currency, which you can also use).

The service will charge no more than $2 USD to send money to other people, a lot less than services like banks or even digital ones like PayPal.

You will also be able to receive bonuses if you use certain companies and to create your own credit network while you use the app.

How To Invest In Uulala UULA ICO?

If you are interested in investing in this company, you should buy its tokens. Unfortunately, the company only says that the private sale token event is coming soon, so we do not have much information about it. We are still lacking information about dates, prices and rules of the sale, but we will update you if we find out any interesting information about this company.

In case you have any doubts, you can contact Uulala on this page.

The Uulala Verdict

Is Uulala a good app for you? Yes, it can surely be a great app for you if you are a new cryptocurrency user. It can offer most of what banks offer and access to cryptocurrencies, so Uulala can certainly be a good choice. Mind, though, that there are also many other excellent choices, some of them considerably better than this one, so you have to research well before you decide.

As an investment, we still lack much information to actually say if investing in Uulala is a great choice or not. The company does not have almost any information about its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), so you will have to inform yourself better before you can really be sure if Uulala could be a great investment for you or if you should invest in another company.

In any case, try to follow the updates about Uulala if you are really interested in using or investing in this company in the near future and remember that you can always use our blog as a guide to finding new and exciting new investments.

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  1. Great Article thanks for reviewing our ICO. I noticed that you said there was a lack of information and wanted to address this – we do have a token sale site that has all the information tokensale.uulala.io it is different to our App site which is geared towards future users which may have been what you found. Hope this helps.

  2. Scam. Oscar Garcia (ex-VP Lucrazon Global) was sued previously for scamming people out of there hard earned money with Multi Layer Marketing. Google his name and lawsuit. He used to run a tiny office operation for credit card processing in Santa Ana (Failed). Look at his linked in profile and call the previous businesses he owned if you want to verify.

    His team is very weak, it consist of a guy in upland with a real estate license, look up his name on Yelp (Damiano Raigoza). The programmer on his whitepaper doesn’t even have a linked in profile to show his past programming experience. They have no blockchain developer, UX interface programmer, blockchain scalability dev, many important aspects of software team are completely missing. On there phone conference calls, they push for commission based sales strategy. They pay you if other people invest in this ponzi scheme. It is also an ICO because it offers you ZERO protection if Oscar Garcia just takes the money and leave. You have ZERO protection. They have no working software. Just an photo shopped image of a beta software. Scam 100%.

    When you invest in anything, you look at the TEAM. Not there goals or ideas. A weak team will never deliver anything that will be able to scale to there lofty goals. Look up each individual on linked in profile. Look at there past experience and google them to verify, make phone calls to see if it is real. Most ICOs like UUlala are throwing ideas and using the word Blockchain as if it is revolutionary. They are just scamming you.

    Just because you use an OPEN Source software like blockchain (they claim to patent it in there whitepapers) into a company with an idea that sound great, doesn’t mean it is a real product. Invest in a company with a strong team of PROGRAMMERS. You are essentially buying a software product attached to a loose ended idea. The software needs to be very stable and strong or else the idea is moot to begin with. Oscar Garcia (was sued before for fraud, has a failed tiny credit card processing business), Damiano Riagoz a real estate agent (Check his yelp review, Zero reviews). These are the people that are suppose to bring a revolutionary software powered by blockchain to help hispanics? Help the unbanked? With what? Beta software that is not even released?

    On Oscar linked in profile he was Founder of Batched, inc. https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov use the gov website and look up the address. google the company name Batched, inc. Address: 603 Park Center Dr #101, Santa Ana, CA 92705

    Very small 500sq feet office. Failed. He is suppose to bring us revolutionary block? More like a scam.


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