Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube and several other social media platforms generate revenue directly and indirectly off the activities of its users, every subscription, post, like, share and other user-based activities is a stream of income for these platforms.

In 2016, Facebook alone amassed an annual revenue of $31.8 trillion, of which approximately 98% was generated from targeted marketing. Essentially, time spent on the platform by a user is directly proportional to the revenue generated from such a user. Remarkably, a lot of users go unrewarded for all their contributions to these platforms, this is what UUNIO was created to change.

What Is UUNIO?

UUNIO is a blockchain powered user-oriented social network service. UUNIO provides a platform where users will be rewarded for every contribution they make to the platform, from content creation to communication within users to upvotes and shares. UUNIO doesn't reward with a commission system nor charge commission to a user's generated income.

Here, revenue generated by a user’s content is returned back to the user. UUNIO aims to create a user-friendly community for content creators to produce high-quality contents and interact with other users while getting paid for their services and contributions. The social network platform is based in Hong Kong, China and is administrated by a team of specialist in business development and Information Technology (IT) services.

UUNIO Cryptocurrency Reward-Driven Social Media Platform

The UUNIO platform houses two cryptocurrencies- UUNIO coin and UNIF coin. UUNIO coin is what will be offered in token sales to investors, advertisers, and content consumers. The UNIF coin is the native utility token coin of the UUNIO ecosystem for rewarding users. UNIF coin will be utilized in all transactions (trading and sponsorship) conducted within the UUNIO platform. Both coins are exchangeable at a constant rate with their respective cash value. They can be redeemed in fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies and users who do not wish to spend it can also store it in their cryptocurrency wallet.

UUNIO Coin ICO Details

A total token supply of 900 million UUNIO coins was issued by the UUNIO team in preparation for the crowdsourcing fundraising tool – the Initial Coin Offering, ICO. The hard cap for the ICO is fixed at $20,000 with a token price of $0.08. Ethereum (ETH) and Quantum (QUANTUM) are the only accepted crypto coins in the token sale. The distribution pattern for the coins is shown below;

  • Advisers & Partners Acquisition (10%) – 90,000,000
  • Token Sale (34.86%) – 313,750,000
  • Ecosystem Activation (15.14%) – 136,250,000
  • Reserve (30%) – 270,000,000
  • Team (10%) – 90,000,000

A private sale was held from the 30th of January, 2018 till the end of February 2018. The details of the private sale were not published and interested investors were required to contact the UUNIO team directly for participation details. The ICO open to the general public is divided into two stages; the presale and the crowdsale.

The pre-sale ICO of UUNIO coin is live, it is set to run all through March 2018 from the 1st till the 31st day of the month. 105 million UUNIO coins are available for sale in this round with a target amount of $7 million. The main crowdsale will begin immediately after the end of the pre-sale and like the pre-sale, the crowdsale will run for a full month, from April 1st to April 30th, 2018. 137.5 million UUNIO coins will be up for sale in this round with a target amount of $17 million.

Funds realized from the ICO will be allocated in the following pattern;

  • Development – 30%
  • Content provider acquisition – 20%
  • Marketing and promotion – 20%
  • Operations – 20%
  • Legal expenses – 10%

However, if at the end of the ICO the target amount is not met, UUNIO coins will be issued to the investors for the amount contributed, figures may vary depending on the result. Otherwise, there is no refund policy for the fundraising. It is not published how much has been realized from the token sale so far.

UUNIO Conclusion

UUNIO is the first blockchain powered reward drive system. Users will be compensated for all sort of contents, whether text-based posts, videos or pictures, any form of creating content that generates income is viable. Currently, UUNIO is in partnership with Robin8 and the Ink Labs Foundation. There are plans in motion to partner with several companies for technological diversification in the near future. For more information on their ICO, tokens, partnerships, and whitepaper (available in English, Korean and Chinese), please visit their website here.

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