The rise of the various social media platforms has led to the increase in demand for quality content creation. And with the competitive edge that comes with it, organizations set high standards for content creators. While this is supposed to be good news, it's the delay on the disbarment of payments that are causing a worrying trend.

In fact, most content creators don't get proper compensation for their work thanks to conventional blockchain compensation drove social media platforms.  UUNIO comes as a solution to such problems. The online platform releases compensation to your creative efforts without delay. Users get paid for posting. Liking, commenting and sharing on the platform.

How Does UUNIO Function?

UUNIO seeks to distinguish its operations by compensating its users for all their various activities within the platform, using the UNIFUL Coins. Additionally, the platform sets out to come up with a Creator-centric ecosystem whereby content creator get to benefit more from their content. According to the information on the whitepaper, UUNIO will distribute 62.5 % of the total profits of specific activities to their creators. The remaining 22.5 % will go to the content curators and likers.

Additionally, the developers have plans in place to come up with better content development schemes and creator drafts for the selection of UCC stars. Also, the site will double up as a news release source with the UUNIREVIEW and UUNIPRESS features. The UUNIREVIEW is a DApp that will provide reviews on everything to the users with unique reward incentives in place and workable assessment policy. On the other hand, the UUNIPRESS comes as a platform for freelance journalists that has no room for adverts.

Users on the ecosystem will make use of the UUNIO tokens and UNIFUL coins as the primary currencies of exchange. The tokens will be available to interested parties in the private sale, pre-sale and crowd-sale options. There is an estimate of having a 900 million supply of UUNIO tokens to raise at least $20 million.  The tokens will then go for $0.08 per token during the token sale period. On the other hand, the UUNIO coin is the official currency in the UUNIO platform.

Why Should I Invest?

From the information on the white paper, the platform is beneficial to content creators as you get to receive valuable remuneration for your precious creation. Also, the platform recognizes everything you come up with, be it tangible or not as of value, thus compensation. Users on the platform get to indulge in the exchange of goods and services with intermediaries. Additionally, you receive the right to control manage yourself. Status quo doesn't matter here. Therefore, you have the opportunity to build yourself into what you want the world to see and recognize.

Nevertheless, all these advantages come with their share of risks. With everyone being free to produce what they want, the market risks flooding with similar ideas that could inhibit the users' growth. Also, people are already used to the current way of doing things that might be difficult to change. Either way, we find the project applicable or the site seems well planned with adequate information for everyone, thus worth a try.

UNNIO Conclusion

The UUNIO platform comes to offer solutions to the dragging social media platform compensation issues. Through blockchain, the site seeks to recognize every effort of the content creators while giving then complete control of their creativity.

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