What Is Vacuum Foundation?

This is a platform being developed that has the purpose to create an extraction of clean energy. They claim they have basically sourced an unlimited supply of energy that can help the world with the current problems related to energy.

How Does Vacuum Clean Energy Blockchain Foundation Work?

There is almost nothing on the website, so this review will be relatively short. The VF (Vacuum Foundation) is promising to make big changes. But they don’t really explain how or when they will make this happen. They are said to be committed to advancing research that is oriented around vacuum.

Who Is Behind Vacuum Foundation?

There’s no telling who is behind the platform. They state that they are collaborating with major researchers, inventors and others who will ensure that findings relevant to their platform are discovered in the fastest time frame possible. Not only that, but the findings they make are going to be available for public access to help people stay up to date with the platform.

They have a main goal of helping to raise funds for the development of scientific projects as well as to provide grants for people who are deserving of the applications. Anyone who is staking tokens or investing with the company will have first hand access to the breakthrough technology that can give you the power to leverage innovation in the best way possible.

There is a vision that is to help the human race evolve in to a new type of civilization that will be able to control the gravitational field that is surrounding the earth. While at the same time, harvesting energy out of the vacuum of space. There are also said to be massive benefits that anyone on the network can tap into and that will help the structure of space as well as create new breakthroughs in the field of space exploration. This is promised to be a major quantum leap in the evolution of mankind and Vacuum Foundation is said to be a part of it.

There is no indication of why all this will be possible. The website contains no information on how or what they are doing to make this happen. If it’s simply to raise funds, then that’s the point they made – but you would think they would give more information on who is behind the company as well and not just a blank website.

Without any information besides what is on the company website, Vacuum Space doesn’t even seam real. There are a lot of random ICOs on the market and it’s dangerous to invest into a company like this.

Vacuum Foundation Space Energy VfSE ICO Details

The Vacuum Foundation is launching their initial coin offering for their VfSE tokens on March 13th. You can purchase the VfSE tokens using Ethereum

Vacuum Foundation Conclusion

After looking over the website, I would recommend that you hold of on investing with the Vacuum Foundation. There isn’t a lot going on, the ICO is said to start on March 13th, 2018, but I would hold off until they disclose who is behind the project. There is no proof that they are even a real company.

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