Valena-Sv is a big Russian company that manufactures high-end lubricants. The company dates back to the early 90s when Dmitri Gakrunov and Valentina Babel first experimented with oil additives, thereby creating a protective and efficient lubricant for heavy machinery. Their experiments were such a success that they now have clientele globally. Some of their notable clients are RZD, the Russian railway, and Boeing.

Unlike most other company, Valena-SV does not intend to allow their company to crumble to the dustbins of history. They want to utilize the blockchain to grow the brand even more. By 2022, they hope that they will own 10% of the global Batch Additives sector. The first goal they have is how to utilize the blockchain in decentralizing the data network and creating a platform that allows products to be bought with SVCoin.

All transactions will be guaranteed with smart contracts. By utilizing the SVCoin on SVChain, this will help to cut down transaction cost between the company, customers, and distributors.

About Valena

One of the main aspects of this project is high tech lubricants. These are some of the highest rated lubricants globally. When Boeing first started utilizing Valena lubricants, they saw their wear go down by about 10 times. Besides that, the Valena-SV products produce about 3 percent less CO2 emissions and up to 6 times fewer sulfur emissions. The other aspect is pre-existing partners.

The company already has partners that it has been working with such as RZD and Boeing. Thus they have no need to engage in a lot of PR for people to accept their products. This is because the lubricants already have a positive reputation that speaks for itself. The third aspect of this project will be the SVChain. It will be a platform, which allows the company to interact with customers and distributors fast.

valena homepage

This will make it possible to ship products globally. All the payments are going to be made using the SVCoin. They will be verified using smart contracts, which will ensure all parties get their dues. A major problem that huge industrial companies face is how to scale their businesses. The oil and lubricants sector is quite competitive.

In most cases, companies that have easy means of payment and distribution usually get the best contracts. However, Valena-SV already has a huge line up of clients. They just want to be able to grow their operations globally. To do this, they have seen it fit to apply the blockchain to an industrial market. Because of that, they hope to move their company to a new level.

Why Use the SVCoin

The SVCoin will come with significant discounts for those that utilize it. Because they will have eliminated the transaction cost charged by the financial system. This will mean lower prices for them. Developers of this project have a lot of hope in this project developing.

Token Sale Details

  • Token name: SVCoin
  • Token Sale: June 15, 2018 – July 15, 2018
  • Accepted payment: ETH, BTC
  • Price: 1 SVC = $2.50 USD
  • Hardcap: 50,000,000 SVC
  • Softcap: 1,500,000 SVC

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