Valerian Universe

With the adoption and popularity of digital currencies globally, a lot of companies have tried to figure out innovative ways to use these currencies and to integrate them into their own products. With Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe, there is a coming together of the worlds of MMORPG gaming and digital currencies.

This MMORPG is unique and interesting due to the fact that it allows players to earn digital currency while they are playing the game.

The game and the model follows the same path was successfully followed by its predecessor, the popular Dragon Knights of Valeria 2, and aims to provide users with an immersive gameplay experience, coupled with the lucrative prospect of being rewarded in popular digital currencies.

Using a built-in currency of its own to provide rewards, this MMORPG allows people many different ways to use the digital currency that they win during the course of gameplay, including the options of using the currency to purchase in-game elements, exchange between players, deposit and also withdrawal.

Valerian Universe Unique Features

Integrating digital currency rewards into an MMORPG can definitely be a challenge, and Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe solves this problem through the use of Anti-Matter or AntiM – an in-game currency that function the same way as many popular digital currencies.

Players generate AntiM during gameplay, and this currency can be used to purchase game items, exchanged with fellow players, and traded in-game where users can choose to trade between multiple digital currencies, and even withdraw their winning with a nominal processing fee.

Valerian Universe Immersive Gaming Experience

Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe contains a large universe populated by galaxies and space ports for that perfect space exploration experience, which can provide players with immersive and memorable gameplay moments. Players can also create one new planet in each galaxy they explore, adding to the strategy aspect of the game.

Planets and ships can also be upgraded by using the in-game currency, giving rise to multiple exciting gameplay scenarios. Seeds that can be used to create planets can also be purchased from the space ports within the game, as well as from other players, creating an in-game universe that can generate and maintain interest.

Valerian Universe In-Game Currency

AntiM, the unique in-game currency that is a part of this MMORPG, is without question the USP of this game.

Transactions are verified by players and new blocks are created seamlessly, and players also have the option of creating and sharing their unique, personalized AntiM addresses, which can be used to receive the in-game currency from other players.

There is also a full-featured currency exchange system built into the game, where players have the option to trade with other players, purchase important gameplay upgrades and cash out. The withdrawal fees are reasonable, and the platform has support for a number of popular digital currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Valerian Universe Future Plans And Getting Started

The realm of Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe is all set to expand in the near future, with a number of nifty expansion plans in place that are currently in development.

A new planetary battle system that uses artificial intelligence is likely to add to the gameplay experience in the near future, and the inclusion of new drone ships and a daily mission system are also on the horizon.

The most exciting plan, however, is the prospect of an AntiM API being developed, which would allow transactions of this in-game currency outside of the game environment, and open up the world of AntiM to developers.

The simple, minimalistic website has a designated area where users looking to start with this MMORPG can register themselves by filling in a few important details. There is also an integrated user forum which is active and helpful.

This mélange of MMORPG gameplay and digital currency rewards and exchange can certainly be a winning concept, and with the future plans that the development team has in place, things certainly seem to be headed that way. With a large group of dedicated followers keeping things lively, there is much to expect from this game in the future.

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