What Is ValPromise?

ValPromise is a new blockchain company that has created a distributed value promise protocol to be used online. This company is fully committed to the idea of building a decentralized and blockchain-based platform that can be used in the financial market to solve a vast range of issues.

How ValPromise Blockchain Value Promise Deal Protocol Works

Basically, ValPromise will be a blockchain platform in which you will be able to create decentralized apps by using the tools that will be available for you. The company has an open API that you can use to create your own programs and you can also create templates, transactions, smart contracts and oracles.

ValPromise will be compatible with mobile platforms and work with a layered design. The platform will use distributed smart contracts that can be created by the own users and act as a unified trading medium for assets.

Data will be stored on the blockchain that will help in the transactions that are going to be made on the platform. As this data is written forever, it can be a great resource if you are looking to research a certain market.

By being fully decentralized and automating systems that necessarily require trust, this platform intends to become one of the top players of the market and carve its market in the financial market by having quality and using innovation as a way to create value.

ValPromise Weather Index Insurance App

The Weather Index Insurance will be the first app to be developed on this platform. The app was created to solve issues in weather risk management by using the blockchain technology to optimize the process.

How can this new app help? First, by fixing the problem of high maintenance costs that plagues this industry and by terminating the lack of liquidity in OTC derivatives and transaction risks.

With time, the company believes that the app will be used to fix the inefficacy of insurance product designs and help this market to become more sustainable and profitable.

ValPromise VPP Token ICO Details

ValPromise is currently during its whitelisting for its VPP token sale. The VPP tokens are ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens and have a supply of 5 billion units.

At the moment, there is not a lot of information about the upcoming sale, so we cannot state its date or the value of the tokens, only say that you will have to pass a Know Your Customer procedure to participate in the sale. Follow our blog for updates.

ValPromise Team And Investors

The main team of ValPromise is made of Xiang Tao, Zhen Jiao, Wang Hui and “Eddie”. These four are the most important personnel of the company and they are masters of engineering and computer science, being the ones who built the bulk of the platform. The background of the team includes Microsoft, Alibaba, 360.CN, UPMC, Tilburg University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

ValPromise’s main advisors are Wang Lijie, Wang Gang, Melody He, Raymong Yang, Wu Xiaoguang, Lao WeiXin and Ivan Zhang, while the company is helped by the Future Cap investment agency.

The strategic partners of the company are Coincode, Crypto Venture, Qunar, OFO, Pingan, Sunshine Insurance Group,,, Tujia, Jutubao, and Bluegogo.

ValPromise Verdict

As the sale of this company’s tokens is still far from happening, we are unable to give you many insights on whether it could be a good idea to buy the tokens that ValPromise will sell or not. The company definitely has some potential but without details, you should wait and see if the conditions for buying VPP tokens are good.

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