ValueCash XVL ICO

Valuecash XVL is a decentralized e-commerce and investment ecosystem built on the Valuecash blockchain. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Valuecash XVL?

Valuecash aims to reform the world of e-commerce with a digital token and blockchain. The company described its Valuecash token (XVL) as “an enhanced cryptocurrency for store of value.” The goal of the currency is to allow everyone easy access to e-commerce, investment, lending, and minting.

The ICO for XVL tokens began on January 8, 2018 after a pre-ICO took place in December 2017.

Let’s take a closer look at how Valuecash works – and how it plans to disrupt ecommerce.

How Does Valuecash Work?

Valuecash’s blockchain purportedly works on something called “Proof of Trade” protocol, or PoT.

PoT, according to an early press release from the team, “validates buyers and merchants to create new Valuecash Coin after there is successful transaction between the 2 parties when Valuecash is used.”

That’s an awkward way to explain the core feature of Valuecash: the value of the network increases every time a transaction is performed. Whenever a Valuecash transaction is performed on the network, new Valuecash Coins will be created.

In addition to the unique “PoT” system, Valuecash has a proof of stake system. Users can stake their coins to contribute to consensus, then earn a reward for their contribution.

Overall, the Valuecash system isn’t explained very well on the official website or in the whitepaper. The English wording is barely legible, and there are serious communication issues with the platform.

As you continue reading more about Valuecash, you’ll realize why the project sounds so unusual: it’s because it appears to be more of a weird investment scheme than a legitimate e-commerce currency. The company advertises a lending system that pays you fixed returns of 1.30% per day. The company also talks about things like its “Mechanized Intelligent Crypto Manager” or MICM software that can “identify opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and profit from it.”

Typically, when someone talks about high ROI lending programs and automated trading software, it’s a sign you’re being scammed.

Valuecash Investment Packages

Valuecash advertises all of the following investment opportunities as part of its “lending portfolio”:

  • Basic Portfolio ($50 to $100): 1.20% ROI per day, money locked for 195 days
  • Lite Portfolio ($510 to $5,000): 1.22% ROI per day, money locked for 180 days
  • Intermediate Portfolio ($5010 to $25,000): 1.24% ROI per day, money locked for 165 days
  • Pro Portfolio ($25,010 to $50,000): 1.26% ROI per day, money locked for 150 days
  • Exclusive Portfolio ($50,010 to $250,000): 1.28% ROI per day, money locked for 135 days
  • Special Portfolio ($250,010 to $500,000): 1.30% ROI per day, money locked for 120 days

Typically, when someone promises to pay you returns of 1% per day or higher from an investment opportunity, it’s a sign you’re participating in an illegal investment scam – like a Ponzi scheme.

The ValueCash XVL ICO

The pre-ICO for Valuecash took place from December 20 to December 24, 2017. The tokens were sold at a price of $1.50 each.

The general ICO took place from January 8 to January 17, 2018, with tokens priced at $2.50 to $3.40 during the ICO. A maximum of 100,000 tokens were sold each day. The second phase of the ICO is taking place from January 22 to January 31, with tokens rising to $5 each by the end.

Typically, legitimate companies don’t triple the price of their token throughout the sale. Selling tokens at a price of $1.50 at the beginning of the sale, rising to $5 by the end of the sale, is very unusual.

Who’s Behind ValueCash XVL?

If you’re ever unsure whether or not you’re dealing with a cryptocurrency scam, then look for the team information section. The vast majority of scams have no “Team” section of the whitepaper or website.

Such is the case with Valuecash, which is a huge red flag. Why would you invest your money in a company when nobody wants to be publicly associated with that company?

ValueCash XVL ICO Conclusion

It’s never a good idea to invest in a company that has no products or services currently in place. such is the case with Valuecash. The “Roadmap” in Valuecash’s whitepaper starts with the pre-ICO in December 2017. The investment platform, internal exchange, blockchain, and even basic features like the wallet aren’t scheduled to be released until mid-2018.

Based on the unusual information posted on the official website and other sources online, we’re led to assume that Valuecash is some type of lending scheme. The company doesn’t seem to offer any concrete products or services – yet will pay customers returns of 1% and higher per day just for locking their money with the platform. That sounds more like a Ponzi scheme than a legitimate investment.

To decide for yourself if Valuecash is worth an investment, visit online today at

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