Over the course of the last week there was major coverage throughout the media covering gaming leader Valve’s upcoming blockchain platform launch.

From what it sounds like, Valve is working with a base of Steam market applications to help it run smoothly, plus to help the corporation track new achievements of each player and their stats. Mostly this includes titles, ranks, discounts for other apps and more. The players are encouraged by the corporation themselves. Now the company is going to bring up eSports participants to chose from the games that are the best and guarantee the fullest life of the player.

The question is can the information be trusted? And what does the new info mean for the game industries future? And what exactly is the corporation doing to complete the project? You can see the results in the research.

The screenshot of vacancy for Blockchain Business Development Manager for the company website who supports the statements of Valve’s employees. And at the same, during the writing of this article, the space from the company’s real-life website became obsolete and vanished. But, Google still managed to index it.

The news that was released is long standing reports on the corporation: Valve also mentioned their status of statements that were made to release a blockchain for 2015, then ban them from taking Bitcoin on Steam in 2017 will tell the intention to release the cryptocurrency.

Why Does Valve Need Such a Platform?

The worldwide eSports market is growing at an extremely rapid rate: If you ask the people at the Global Sports Market Report, the number of metrics running through the market is said to reach nearly $100 million by 2018. This is said to be 38% more than in 2017. Over 77% of this amount which is about $694 million is said to come from brand specific items.

When taking a look at the blockchain market. If you look at the Grand View Research, there is a global market of cryptocurrencies that could reach an amount of nearly $8 billion by 2024. The mass acceptation of cryptocurrencies for June is nearly $300 billion.

The industry has already made predictions and movements on the intro of blockchain into the mainframe. There now is a blockchain complete with projects eSports players, like Asura play. We can now make the conclusion that the platform and blockchain has created unique opportunities for those in the eSports industry. He company will therefore make a massive profit.

Some of the screenshots for the future of Valve’s platform is a popular forum. The articles written are about the future platform has also disappeared on some different platforms. They made the implications that the team will be known as Steam Stars. There are several different people on the team and the company is growing, as of now it’s about 400 people.

It looks like the market has already been looking to make improvements on the solutions to help many of the ideas come to life. Follow us to keep up on the story and see how things unfold.

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