Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula is considered the most influential novel of modern culture. In it, Abraham Van Helsing sets out to rid the world of vampires that threaten humanity. It has been influential in many aspects, and it is now the inspiration behind VANHEALTHING.

What Is VanHealthing?

Just like Abraham Van Helsing, VANHEALTHING is on a mission to rid the world of all sorts of diseases plaguing the people. It intends to do this by utilizing biotechnology – the goal is to make biotechnology easily and widely accessible to anyone who may need it for better health and long life. To do this, it will leverage the crowdfunding conveniences made possible by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

VANHEALTHING combines cutting-edge biotechnology with effective financial management and social responsibility. It is banking on the cryptocurrency market to attract investors who will buy its tokens and, in doing so, raise funds for the advancement of potentially life-changing bio-tech projects.

VANHEALTHING already has over 20 promising biotechnology projects and companies in its portfolio. They include PurrPure, Sence-Band, and Planexta. These companies and projects are currently operating in a wide range of fields including diagnostics, biodata tracking, biotech wearable technology, bio-data tracking, and analytical patient-care engines, among others. All of these companies and projects are already self-sufficient – some are even achieving some of their goals – but they could still do with some financial help.

VanHealthing Stoker & Health Token Is Launching A Three-Stage ITO

One of the core pillars of VANHEALTHING is effective financial management. It hopes to minimize creditors’ and token-holders’ risks by launching its ITO in three stages:

Stage 1: Attraction Of Cryptocurrency As A Private Loan

VANHEALTHING will begin with borrowing a $5 million private loan. This loan will not only be used to prepare for the ITO but will also increase the value of its projects. Once the loan goes through, VANHEALTHING will be incorporated, allowing it to not only be the viable entity to receive the loan, but also the best candidate to receive the best biotech projects.

Stage 2: The Stoker Tokens

Once the loan has been received, VANHEATHING will proceed to issue Stoker tokens to its creditors. These tokens will be issued as a gift and bonus, and their value will be equivalent to the $5 million loan. The Stoker tokens can then be exchanged for HEALTH tokens when the ITO finally takes place.

Stage 3: Initial Token Offering

The ITO will be held once VANHEALTHING completes all the necessary regulations needed to launch the HEALTH tokens. It plans to issue up to 300,000 tokens to the public, and the tokens will be worth about $100 million. Holders of the Stoker tokens will then be able to exchange them for HEALTH tokens.

HEALTH tokens will be used to access VANHEALTHING’s biotech services, and will hopefully be adopted by the wider health technology. They will also appreciate in value, giving investors a chance to profit.

VanHealthing Biotech Cryptofund Conclusion

Biotech is expected to push the limits of medicine and eliminate most of the diseases and health complications in the world today. In fact, it has already opened new horizons in healthcare, some of which may sound unbelievable at first.

The biotech industry is also huge as it is expected to reach a value of over $700 billion by 2025. As such, investing in VANHEALTHING will not only help further biotech projects but also give you a chance to cash in on a fast-growing and lucrative industry.

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