A growing number of individuals and companies are looking for ways to explore blockchain to reward interactions and support our advertising ecosystem. The encrypted transaction ledger powering cryptos such as Bitcoin could finally empower our digital advertising.

One such proponent of this concept is the Varanida platform. Under their blockchain innovation, the venture seeks to bring the disparate voices in advertising into one voice under decentralized blockchain. Here's Varanida case.


Varanida's mission is to unravel an intrusive and next-generation designed advertising platform where users will be introduced to a decentralized, and transparent ad network. The Varanida ecosystem is designed to allow the advertising industry stakeholders to benefit within the marketplace. These parties will include the advertisers, publishers and content consumers on the internet. Overall, the Varanida Ad Network is a neutral enabler within the advertising marketplace by using the power of blockchain.

VARANIDA Blockchain Verified Advertising Protocol Features

The Varanida protocol provides the verified ad mechanism that supports the overall digital ad ecosystem. The protocol features include:

Consensus For Verified Ads

Users get control to vote on proposals levied by advertising publishers and get token rewards in return

VARANIDA Masternodes

The decentralized mechanism forms a real-time bidding process for the implementation of the masternode system to handle operations.

VARANIDA Blockchain

The Varanida blockchain is the means by which parties get to build their advertising applications and engage audiences on the internet

Varanida indicates a dual cryptocurrency system where they will have the option of using two tokens with different purposes. They are

  • VADm Master Token- used to reward the ICO participants and will have a fixed supply.
  • VADu Stable Utility Token- the utility token works to stabilize the ecosystem and operates as a medium of exchange for transactions on the Varanida Network.


Varanida looks to build on the advertising shortcomings, and this could present the following benefits:

  • Quality Ads with the Varanida Network undertaking user validation for better quality and experience.
  • Rewards to users who consume the ad content
  • The better user engagement which benefits advertisers with better results
  • Reduced ad fraud detection thanks to the anti-fraud system operating on the blockchain.

VARANIDA Potential Use Cases


  • Get compensation for viewing ads
  • Control over internet usage data
  • Rewards for contribution to the network
  • Invest in tokens with a real utility


  • Fair compensation for the content formation
  • Better quality ads
  • Improve user interaction through rewards.


  • Better advertising budgeting
  • Use of incentives to increase engagement
  • Offer promotions and discounts


Public Pre-Sale

  • Starts August 15th, 2018
  • Discount: 10%
  • Max Per Person: 20 BTC
  • Quantity on sale: 201M VAD
  • Price: TBA

Public Sale

  • Starts September 15th, 2018
  • Discount: 0%
  • Max Per Person: 10 BTC
  • Quantity on sale: 152.50M VAD
  • Price: TBA

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- VAD
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC-20
  • Token supply- 1,000,000,000
  • Price- €0.072
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH
  • Hard cap- €39.70
  • Soft cap- €8 M
  • Restrictions- USA, China, New Zealand, North Korea

Token Allocation

  • Token sale- 67%
  • Team- 15%
  • Company reserve- 12%
  • Advisors- 3%
  • Community- 3%

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