VARcrypt VAR ICO Review

VARcrypt is the first blockchain based hardware platform that has been specifically designed for VR, AR, and legacy content such as film, music, print, video games, and software applications. This new platform derives its name from VR and AR, thus VAR. The platform will integrate the blockchain technology with content distribution and a payment processing protocol.

Besides VR and AR, the platform will provide artists and content creators with a place where they can display their content while it remains protected. That way, they are able to retain a majority of the profits generated by their efforts.

The VARcrypt VAR Token

The VARcrypt platform will be powered by its own token called VARcoin (VAR). It will enable users of the site to publish and view content on the platform. The developers of the project believe that the future of the internet is in the experiential. Immersive experiences bring people closer together and inspire them to think in new and interesting ways.

With the help of the VARcrypt platform, users will be able to create content that can reach a global audience. Meanwhile, they will be able to retain profits from their efforts in a fair way.

What The Situation Is Like Today

Each new media format that has emerged over the years has moved us forward in an immersive experience. From things such as mixed reality to immersive video, there is a need to protect this content. The current methods of protecting content mainly rely on creating laws that have to be enforced by the government. However, that can be hard to achieve. No government or company on earth has the capacity to monitor all content and keep it safe from misuse.

Another issue that faces the sector of content creation is that content producers have to sell their content to big Hollywood Companies. However, with the help of the blockchain, this will no longer be necessary. Owners will now be able to encrypt their content using the immutable blockchain to protect their rights.

They will no longer have to sell rights to their content in different territories. Instead, they can go global immediately to publish the content. All of this is made possible by the VARcrypt blockchain-powered platform.

A Bit Of History

In 1974, the TCP/IP internet protocol was designated as the means by which computers would communicate and connect with others globally. With the blockchain, this is happening all over again but in a more powerful manner. While the TCP/IP is a communication protocol, the blockchain is a value exchange, encryption, monetization, and distribution protocol.

The developers of this project are only interested in creating an ecosystem unlike any other that has existed before. Content creators will be offered a place where they can display their content without fear of piracy while consumers will be able to access content from any part of the globe. The platform itself will be designed to be user-friendly. The payment method will be instant and transparent.

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