vault one

Vault One is a tool that is used to protect passwords from getting into the hands of the unauthorized personnel, keeping the passwords safe and ensuring that the operations of a company are not disrupted. In the modern world where the internet and computers take center stage in people’s lives or affect all spheres of their lives, there is great need to ensure that they secure their digital content.

Cybercrime has become rampant nowadays rendering the traditional ways of protecting personal information online such as passwords useless. This is where Vault One comes in handy. This new technology seeks to improve online security and help users save money and their dignity in the process.

Special Features

Vault One has many amazing features that make it better than regular methods of securing the net. The first one and most remarkable is the fact that it allows users to connect their staff to their infrastructure without sharing administrative passwords with them. It also provides hardware protection whereby it provisions, configures, patches, and maintains complex security infrastructure for users.

The hardware is known as the Hardware Security Module or HSM. It also enables users to avoid about 80% security breaches since they have control over confidential credentials. By so doing, Vault One solves a problem that involves Privileged Account Management or PAM. Security Vault which is one of its products makes use of Ethereum blockchain to offer maximum protections of user’s keys and passwords.

Vault One enables users to have identity control thereby controlling the persons who have access to specific information at specific times. It also allows users to have remote access to any machine that can support VNC, RDP, Telnet, and SSH.

Background And Founder

Vault One is the brainchild of Leonardo Cooper who discovered that the Ethereum blockchain has the ability to enhance password security. He honed his skills while working at government justice agencies and was also a developer of encrypted communications solutions. He says that he chose Ethereum blockchain because it allows him to develop his business rules and it’s an excellent open-source project.

This is the very technology behind cryptocurrency whose popularity is slowly gaining traction among populations in the world. He also explains that Vault One combines blockchain with old security measures to keep passwords safe. He set out to get rid of data breaches that came about due to inadequate management of PCM credentials, promote security as well as maintain accessibility.

Vault One Conclusion

Essentially, Vault One is like a digital safe for data. Its security vault works by dividing each customer’s data into separate containers while each company is given its data storage segment. The role of Ethereum blockchain is not to perform authentication, rather it is to help establish that the instant a person retrieves a password from the vault, tracking of the process transaction takes place.

Every data stored in a vault is assigned a unique token which is the one that is used to verify that the transaction is genuine. Therefore, it is right to say that the blockchain provides a history of everyone who accessed the server and the nature of the information they retrieved.

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