What Is Vaynix?

The coin is a cryptocurrency and associated wallet that holds numerous benefits to using it. It can also be stored in other wallets as well like MetaMask. The coin is still extremely new, but the team behind the token has a desire to see Vaynix trusted and used all over the world.

How Does Vaynix Cryptocurrency & Wallet Work?

Anyone who is using the token will be able to exchange it, send it, receive it, or withdraw it anytime of day or night. The coin is apparently accepted by most vendors and stores, with the benefit of being a completely anonymous coin for the purpose of tracking transactions.

Everyone knows that the true power, value and sustainability of a token rests with the community it’s involved in. With a larger number of users, or with a larger number of transactions, it’s important to have support at all times. And Vaynix promises, they will always do their best to ensure you have the right support when you need it. They do this by staying up to date with the most recent pieces of information related to the company and industry.

There is an entire marketplace for the VAYNIX Token, where thousands of vendors all over the globe. And the tokens are great because they give access to vendors, products and services that would otherwise be unavailable to many people in their current location. Many people around the world are broke or in rural areas, but with VAYNIX, that aspect of many people’s lives become a thing of the past.

The company is also giving access to early adopters and others who appreciate the technology. There are going to be millions of customers who will get a unique product, considered one of a kind, for free. And this is just a way that Vaynix is going to say thank you to the people who have supported them.

The future vision of the company is to reach the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world with the Vaynix (VNX) Token. It’s now being accepted by some of the industries most respected exchanges. These exchanges include: Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, and many others. Vaynix is also looking to be accepted as an exchange token for Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens. And they are setting this up to happen instantly by support of their company wallet. And anyone who is using the platform will also be able to withdraw Vaynix in FIAT, using the companies ATMs that are placed all over the globe.

Vaynix VNX Token ICO Details

Right now, Vaynix is in its countdown until its ICO. There are currently 60 days let on the countdown. And you can buy Vaynix through the use of a compatible wallet, which are: Vaynix Wallet, MyEtherWallet, and the MetaMask Wallets. There is Gas limit for the platform of 210,000. You can go to the company website and input an ETH amount to get the tokens sent to the wallet that you choose.

It’s important you pay attention to make sure you sent Ether from a wallet type that supports the ERC20 tokens. Another option is you send it from an address that you control the private key to. If that’s not the case, you won’t be able to interact with the VNX tokens once you receive them. Also, don’t sent ETH to the ICO address straight from an exchange, there is a good possibility you’ll the transfer won’t complete, and you’ll lose the tokens.

As for the distribution of Vaynix, 80% of the tokens go the investors. Another 15% go to the team, 3% to the bounty and 2% to the airdrop.

The contact address for the contract can be found on the company website, with a total supply of 10,000,000,000 VNX Tokens. The token symbol is VNX and there are 18 token decimals. The company website also has an Etherscan Link as well to make everything more convenient.

There is a simple and straight forward company roadmap on the website too. It is essentially for the next six months of 2018, starting with April. By October they plan on having the IOS Wallet released. And there is also a Vaynix ATM card that can be requested by users as well. The ATM card will be Accepted on CoinGecko, Cryptorated, Foundico, Coin Delite, ICOSLOT, The Tokener,, and ICOBAY.

Who Is Behind Vaynix?

There’s a small bit of information on the team behind Vaynix, but there are no links to any social media sites or even real pictures. Hopefully they will update it, so the identities of the team can be verified. Otherwise, the team still will be considered partially hidden, and that is a red flag by industry standards.

Regardless, the CEO is Dexter Collier, he is said to be the heart and soul of the platform and resides in the country of Norway. Lucas Nilsen is the Project Manage, and also from the country of Norway. And Mira Ivarsson is the SEO and Community Manager, Bounty Manager and hails from Switzerland. The last team member is Martin Wilhelmsen, who is the Software Engineer and from Norway.

The only social media account the company has a link to as of now is Twitter. And it can be located at the bottom of the company website on the right-hand side of the page.

Vaynix Conclusion

The website has a decent amount of information and is easy to navigate. The company has pretty standard goals, but if they actually have ATMs all over the world already – then they are a step ahead of a majority of cryptocurrencies. As for the validity of all statements and claims made on the website, I haven’t taken the time to do so. My largest concern is the lack of information regarding the team as well as there being no information on the location of the company headquarters. Until that information is given, Vaynix is a bit of a high-risk investment in my opinion. There is something fishy about using the cheaply drawn and located cartoon images in place of actual pictures for the team.

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