VeChainThor Mobile Wallet v1.1.0 Releases Featuring Security and VTHO Rewards Updates

VeChainThor Includes Top-notch Security Features in Latest Mobile Wallet Update

The VeChain Foundation recently announced that an upgraded version of the VeChainThor mobile wallet will be available for download as from August 3, 2018. The wallet, which was launched on 1st July, aims to increase the accessibility to the VeChain blockchain network. Essentially, it acts as a portable gateway to the VeChain network and its decentralized apps. The wallet is available for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

As per VeChain, the update (v1.1.0) takes into account the input of the wallet’s users. The previous version of the VeChainThor wallet had bugs, an issue addressed in the recent release. Furthermore, the upgraded version also has an improved user interface, as well as a new feature called the enhanced observe wallet function.

As expected, the newest iteration of the VeChainThor wallet has impressive security features. In this regard, the enhanced functionality allows users to create and store their wallet address and private keys off-chain. Using this feature, a user can access their account balance, node status and VTHO rewards through the mobile application. Additionally, this function enables users to store the private keys in a cold wallet (a hardware device that operates offline and is compatible with the mobile wallet) for security purposes.

Besides, the observe function features a straightforward authentication procedure that ascertains the ownership of the requested wallet address. The process requires the user to connect a hot wallet (a hardware wallet connected to the internet), after which they will be prompted to provide the wallet’s authorized signature accompanied by a unique 6-digit code. The authorized signature is created using the user’s private keys, making it impossible for a third-party to access. Once this is done, the user can view the requested info by scanning the authorized signature using the hot wallet.

The news, announced on the official VeChain Twitter account, generated lots of excitement among crypto enthusiasts.

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