The cryptocurrency market continues to struggle to find its bearings. In the vastly under regulated IPO market, stability and market constancy are severely lacking. Leading speculators continue to express their trepidation towards the market, most arguing that several innovations need to be put into place to ensure both stability and safety in a naturally unstable medium of trade.

One large factor in the lack of consistency in the crypto market comes from the lack of incentives for savvy investors to put together ‘baskets,’ the cryptocurrency equivalent of a bundle of stocks in the regular currency’s stock market. Baskets include different tokens, and can be tailored to different kinds of user-based needs. The generation of these baskets is both time-consuming on the research-end for the user, and typically not a significant source of profit for entrepreneurs.

The lack of incentive to come forward with trendy bundles of crypto token investments has consistently meant that the crypto investment market suffers from a lack of what is a significant source of stability, participation, and accessibility in the regular stock trading game.

The Problem VectorSpace Seeks To Solve

Vectorspace seeks to redress this issue by addressing the problem at its root—they seek to incentivize and automate the generation of baskets of cryptocurrencies.

How VectorSpace Smart Crypto Basket Trading Works

There are two main components of the inner workings of Vectorspace that potential investors in the IPO should be aware of.

First, potential investors should understand that this business does not seek to generate the baskets of cryptocurrencies by an entirely automated process. Instead, the process is intelligent in the sense that, once a user has generated a bundle of connected tokens, the technologies backing Vectorspace search things like social media trends and market predictions to “decide for themselves” additional tokens to add to the basket. This is, in effect, the generation of self-sustaining groups of ‘stocks’ that grow based off of the potential interests of its creators and investors.

Second, the company seeks to add to the market of crypto-ICO exchange an important incentive for the creation of sustainable and popular baskets. Their site elaborates that there exist “incentives” for “relevancy” on the blockchain. The short version of a long and complicated explanation is that Vectorspace offers effective researchers and entrepreneurs an opportunity to profit from the creation of effective and popular combinations of stocks.

Vectorspace does this through a “best token basket” awards with significant prizes for winning baskets, as well as prizes for second and third place.

VectorSpace VEC Token ICO Details

As always, this up-and-coming cryptocurrency company offers participation in their business model through an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering. Their crowdfunding process includes 75% of the 50 million VEC Tokens offered to the public, with the unused tokens being burned and the 25% remainder kept for intrinsic operations.

Prices are initially set at one ETH per 7,500 VEC Tokens, and periodic bonuses are available, based on the amount of time that the currency has been released for.

VectorSpace Conclusion

Vectorspace seeks to provide a much-needed service to the cryptocurrency ICO market. By providing incentives to successful bundles, the budding business looks to encourage researchers and investors alike to generate baskets of tokens that both perform well and meet the needs of investors and consumers.

Their ICO offers a unique opportunity for interested investors to get in early on what could very well be the beginnings of a new and prosperous crypto technology.

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