VectorZilla VZT ICO Review

What Is VectorZilla?

VectorZilla VZT is a software, product and service development company. It is a graphics, plugins and apps market place driven by Artificial Intelligence system and based on the Blockchain technology. It is the first of its kind in the world.

This platform or system is set to launch its operations in the 4th quarter of 2018. It offers a transparent marketplace where individuals as well as organizations will buy graphics and apps at affordable prices.

Features of VectorZilla

The platform has very attractive features in addition to the services and products it is geared to provide. Let’s look at them in details.

Content Library

The platform plans to launch with about one million self-owned stock graphic files. These files will be valued approximately $25 million. The tokens held by subscribers and contributors will increase in value during the ICO.

API for Partners

Partners and users will have the opportunity of using VectorZilla’s APA to offer services on their platforms. They also aim at providing REST and GraphQL API for all other features including searching, previewing, downloading, publishing and others.

Deep Learning AI

The platform will use AI to service most of the areas in the system. For instance, the AI will be used for getting highly relevant search results which will improve user efficiency leading to more sales.

White Label Solutions

They will provide highly usable and sophisticated API solutions to selected partners. With such software, they will be able to search, preview, edit, save and publish stuff among other functions.

Apps & Plugins

The platform will have popular apps, plugins and extensions such as Sketch, WordPress and Adobe Illustrator among others to give users an easy time when using the VZ content.

Graphics Editing Suite

Users will be able to edit and publish their graphics and other products to a variety of targets. The platform aims to offer more than just desktop publishing tools.

Blockchain Technology

VZ is based on the ERC 20 token standard. All critical data will be stored on this platform. The decentralized ledger ensures security, transparency and openness at all levels. This will allow every user to get their fair share, make transactions easier and enable instant payment.

Market Place

VZ offers a good market place for contributors and users to sell their graphics at the best rate. It also promises the highest-level of transparency.

Now that we know a little about VZ, let’s see how to invest in their token sale. VZ is aiming at raising funds through sale of tokens called VZT.

VZ is accepting the main cryptocurrencies such BTC, Ether and LTC among others. Soon, they will also be taking fiat currency. The tokens are selling at 1 Ether for 1000 VZT. As of the moment the token sale is divided into two parts, the pre-sale and the ICO main sale.

The pre-sale has two tiers. In the first tier, you get a 25% discount after purchasing 1000VZT. So, you get a total of 1250VZT. In the second tier, you get 15% for the same amount. The minimum amount you can use 0.10 ETH. Pre-sale is between January 15th and Feb 5th 2018.

In the VectorZilla VZT ICO main sale, there are three tiers. In the first tier you get a 10% bonus for 1000VZT, 6% and 3% in the second and third tiers respectively. ICO dates are yet to be announced.

VZ aims at issuing 100 million VZT of which 75 million will be available for sale, two million will cover the token-sale cost and the remaining 23 million will be distributed among advisors, contributors and founders.

Apart from the products to be offered in this platform and the market place their aim to create, VZ has not given details how investors will earn from the tokens. If you’re going to purchase the tokens, make sure you get to know the compensation plan or how you will earn from your investment. Take caution, though since it’s a new ICO.

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