Vega AI

Machines are faster than men. Whether it is processing information or executing split-second decisions, we can program AI to do in an instant what takes us minutes, if not hours. Machine learning applications have both pros and cons, but when it comes to computing and data analytics, it can enable us to both gather and process data faster than a hundred human beings and also carry out tasks based on the data.

Two of the world's best hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio and Jim Simons, helped their investors beat the markets year after year with the help of algorithms and machine learning. Vega AI aims to attain similar results in the cryptocurrency market by leveraging automated computing, data scraping, analytics & pre-designed algorithms to provide actionable insights about markets.

Challenges of Cryptocurrency Markets

Cryptocurrency markets, being unregulated and lacking oversight, are highly volatile, rife with sudden losses and gains, pump and dump schemes, flash crashes and market manipulations. This necessitates automated user-driven investing far more than conventional markets.

With ever-burgeoning litany of assets, one of he biggest problems investors face is being unable to keep track of every single minute of every item. This is a growing problem within the cryptocurrency market as investors find themselves going about everyday life as usual to find the next morning their investments have fallen victim to the media and possibility of capsizing for various reasons. There is more manipulation and volatility than ever before.

Vega AI wants to eradicate those various possibilities with machine learning, customer contributions, and reduce that risk through analytics and community inputs.

Next-Gen Prediction and Analysis

Vega employs a decentralized model where contributors can choose to pool their resources together to maximize their profits and reduce their losses. Users will be able to apply their own configurations to create different tolerance levels for risk vs. reward and gather useful real-time market data provided by the A.I. with suggestions.

Over time this training in the neural network to the machine learning will allow for predictions and probabilities not just real-time reactions. Users will have options to allow AI to make smart decisions and automatically place trades for them. The P2P ability of the app uses blockchain and latest technologies so that the user knows where each trade is being placed and trace the ongoing equity transactions. All transactions, decision-making, and non-sensitive data will be secured by the blockchain.

The system uses the community-driven platform containing many reliable sources of information with historical and current data that is captured by the machine learning Vega AI platform. Most of the data will be continuously captures from various platforms across the web.

The automated and configurable Vega AI provides enthusiasts with access to a system that was previously available only to the largest players in the market.

Vega AI

Vega AI, central to the Lyra network, is capable of sophisticated natural language processing and responsive human interaction, thereby allowing sentimental analysis strategies. Users can interact with the AI and configure investment options. The UI is intuitive and allows integration with social media channels.

Utilizing Q-learning models, custom algorithms and factors in weighted decision making allows recognition of high volatility to mitigate investment risks. With time, through learning, the AI is able to respond with clear and concise information which improves from positive reinforcement, thereby progressively reducing the likelihood of errors.

The data collection cluster continuously sends out web API service calls to glean data, processes requests from Vega AI and sends and stores public data in quick indexed tables on IPFS blockchain network.

Vega AI Token

Vega token allows holders to have influence and stake within the network for utilizing all upcoming features and contributing towards the development. The token will support other smart contract systems in the future.

The Team

  • Brian Carter – CEO and Founder
  • Ryan Schreck – Sr. Developer and Data Science expert
  • Amanda Taylor – Operations Management and Team Coordinator
  • Novus Network – Providing Consultation on Operations

Vega AI ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Crowdsale – November 24, 2017 to January 7, 2018
  • Hard cap – 30,000,000 VEGA
  • Price per token – 0.001 ETH

Vega AI Solutions Verdict

Cryptocurrency is fast morphing into the wild west. Everybody is aware that the market is in a bubble and in such a scenario, assets become hot potatoes. When markets are so irrational and round-the-clock bot trading taking place, informed human decision-making is of little avail.

Diversifying portfolio is an option many investors resort to and Vega is a platform that can help manage portfolios with little intervention. How effectively can it do so remains to be seen.

ICO Rating – 3/5

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