It is amazing how one discovery, innovation or invention can transform billions of lives and improve the general system of things. Blockchain and Crypto currency have crept in on us and promises to gradually take over our lives. It is great news because of the potential for transparency and ease. Velper is another innovation that is set to transform lives with its use of Crypto and Blockchain technology.

Velper Helps To Earn & Exchange Crypto Coins

Velper allows you to select assistants called Velpers to help you solve whatever problem it is you are having. The Velper application automatically links you to an assistant that speaks your selected language in the category of problem that you have presented to be solved.

The platform also allows Velpers after passing through required checks to earn by becoming an assistant and using your knowledge to help people on the platform. Your location or time of day are no barriers to earning. For example, I have installed a new hardware in my home but I am experiencing difficulties using it, Velper provides the platform for me to reach out to verified experts who have knowledge in this field who will give me answers and walk me through the process of using my hardware.

The platform enables a video calling system supported by capable technology like Amazon and tokbox so that users can communicate audio-visually. The system is built so that help gotten from the platform proves more reliable than that gotten from friends and search engines.

The process starts simply with a query about a problem, the application analyses the database of verified assistants with the query and finds a qualified assistant. The application initiates a video call between the parties that costs the user per minute. The end result is that the user’s problem is solved, the assistant earns money and everyone goes home happy.

The Velper platform incorporates a Crypto wallet that allows you exchange and send VLP (Velper’s own crypto tokens). Payment can also be made in several currencies including bitcoins and other crypto tokens and this is enabled by ShapeShift a very efficient crypto exchange platform.

Who's Behind Velper?

Igor Malyshev, CEO of Gstudio and his team of highly qualified experts in fields ranging from Blockchain, economics, entrepreneurship and digital development have come together to build a platform that allows communications, earning and exchange of cryptocurrency.

Velper VLP ICO Details

In anticipation of Velper’s ICO that will be offering VLP tokens for sale in a bid to crowdfund the project for more work, Velper has rolled out a Pre-ICO program that allows early investors earn seventy percent (70%) bonus on their investments, valid until 15th March 2018.

The beta version of Velper is already available for download and users are encouraged to take part in the monthly testing. Those who take part earn 65 VLP tokens for their efforts.

The Dawn of a new age that may be known in the future as the ‘Blockchain age’ is upon us and Velper gives everyone everywhere the chance to get help and help while also earning money.


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