President Nicolas Maduro has finally confirmed that the country’s cryptocurrency, Petro will be listed on 16 crypto exchanges. According to Maduro, the pre-sale was a big hit, as the country’s oil-based cryptocurrency is believed to have raised over $3 billion dollars.

Petro is believed to be Venezuela’s first move towards getting the country out of economic crisis. The crypto was first launched in February 2018, and its related news have been hitting several media platforms. Many have doubted the seriousness behind Petro, but Maduro has been very consistent in every move he has made since its launch.

Based on Correo del Orinoco’s local newspaper, the confirmed 16 exchanges are as follows:

  • “Criptoxchainge
  • Criptocapital
  • Asesoria Financiaera CA
  • Italcambio
  • Amberes Coin
  • Cave Blockchainge
  • Valoratta Casa de Bolsa
  • Critiaechainge
  • Criptolago
  • Criptoventraige CA
  • Criptoactivo Menets CA
  • Criptoactivo Bancar CA
  • Criptomundo Casa de Intercambio CA
  • Inversiones Financieras 1444 CA
  • Criptoactivo Criptoes

While Maduro’s confirmation has been making its way around, the wait still continues, as the supposed exchanges are yet to list Petro on their platform. The goal of getting Petro listed is to promote the trading of Petro against Bitcoin and the Indian Rupee; hopefully bringing up the coin’s value.

Big plans for the country’s cryptocurrency are said to be in place. First, a potential digital cryptocurrency bank is supposedly in the works. Similarly, CEO Mohit Kalra stated that Maduro offered crude oil at a 30 per cent discount if India purchases Petro.

President Maduro stated himself that he will continue to promote Petro and will continue his efforts in selling fuel to airlines on a global level. Another project that is believed to have received a green light by Maduro is the “Industrial and Economic Investment Fund in Petro.” Will Maduro’s efforts through crypto elevate the country’s current economic standing?

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