What Is Ventureon?

Ventureon is a blockchain based decentralized platform that allows corpuscular transactions and crowdfunding events to launch startups. For regulatory purposes within this ecosystems, notaries and arbitrators are included.

Ventureon Hypercube Ventures, Blockchain & Mining Features

  1. Expedience – the platform allows the direct peer-to-peer digital currency transactions between third-party blockchains. Consequently, exchanged will have limitless storage capacities.
  2. Remarkable speed – transaction confirmation times over this platform are unrivaled.
  3. Reliability – this platform employs top-notch security measures which are practically impenetrable. The network is reinforced with a decentralized anti-DDoS protection layer.
  4. High bandwidth – besides scalability, the existing bandwidth is impressive, having the capacity of handling 32,768 requests per second.
  5. Legality – Ventureon is compliant with the regulations governing the respective companies in which it operates.

Ventureon Cryptocurrency (VNN)

The VNN is a digital currency that operates on the principals of the Ventureon Blockchain. He crypto’s ideology is ‘only upwards.’ Therefore, its developers work tirelessly to ensure it remains relevant throughout its course.

The value of the VNN virtual currency is diversified by a variety of projects in the information technology and blockchain projects ran by the Hypercube Ventures Fund. Subsequently, the initial price of VNN is dependent on the prosperity of these projects.

Ventureon VNN Mining

Ventureon mining is entirely done using server software, a practice that saves the user significant amounts that would otherwise have been used in the procurement of expensive mining rigs as well as exorbitant electricity bills.

The cloud-based server will be portioned into pools, each of which will have a unique domain name. An archetypal cloud mining software installed on the dedicated server will oversee the entire process. The process in its entirety will be backed by real-life tangible assets.

Approximately, a miner will take home an average yield of 2.5 VNN/ €50 on a daily basis. Payback will be available from 20 to 220 days, depending on the user’s preference. To make the platform work seamlessly, a maximum of 2583 miner accounts will be made available. Moreover, the price of the mining accounts will be progressive, meaning that the price goes up every time an investor acquires an account.

Ventureon VNN ICO Details

A total of 100 million VNN are currently available, but only 1 million will be available for the crowdsale. Out of these 78% will go to the crowdsale, 10% will go to the team, and the remainders will be allocated to the advisors and partners. The cost of one VNN will be €20.

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