VenusEnergy believes that use of renewable energy in mining of blockchain is a step forward in the attainment of a cleaner world.

One of the major demerits of blockchain mining is that is requires high energy levels and computing capabilities. This mostly affects bitcoin miners, as the energy consumed is very high compared to the rewards they receive from mining. Bitcoin mining faces monopolization by computing farms because the miners, with their home computers, cannot compete with the powerful mining devices that are in mining farms.

VenusEnergy ICO Objective

VenusEnergy seeks to solve these problems by implementing the use of renewable energy sources to carry out computations during mining of Bitcoin. Examples of renewable energy sources include wind energy, solar energy, biofuel, and geothermal energy. VenusEnergy will use energy generated from the renewable energy sources to carry out computations on bitcoin blockchain network. It will result in a cleaner environment because of reduction in global warming and reduced greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. The use of renewable energy sources for mining will also reduce the electricity expenses that miners incur during their activity, which means that they will earn more profits.

Another effect of using renewable energy sources in computations is that it simplifies the bitcoin mining price to a computer capacity value, which will increase the number of equipment and people performing computations. Due to this increase, there will be increased transactions on the network, improved security level, and bitcoin will become more competitive than other technology in the market.

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Acquisition Of Funds

VenusEnergy aims at obtaining funding through its Initial Coin Offering in order to launch the project. The goal of the ICO is to collect funds for use in researching ways of increasing efficiency of plants that can generate renewable energy. The ICO also seeks to collect funds for use in the generation of renewable energy through installation of wind power plants and solar collectors.

The platform will share and spread this idea using the VenusEnergy token. It seeks to bring together a community that is composed of individuals that share the same interests as the VenusEnergy team. Transactions or storage of the Venus tokens will be through the MyEtherWallet, which is user-friendly and safe.

VenusEnergy ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: VENUS
  • Token Sale Starts: May 01, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: November 11, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.00004300 – 0.00007640 ETH

Why Invest In VenusEnergy?

Mining Power

Token holders can be able to purchase mining power on the platform at low cost compared to using other currencies to purchase the mining power. The token holders will receive discounts of 20% to 30%. Besides, the mining power will allow the token holder to mine cryptocurrency in a cheap and energy efficient way.

Sharing of Mining Power

Users of the platform can be able to share their mining power with other users who have the VenusEnergy token thus promoting mining of bitcoin.

Improvement of the Environment

As the platform is involved in promoting the use of renewable energy in blockchain mining, it will provide an opportunity to investors who are interested in being part of creation of cleaner world.


The token holders can sell, buy, or exchange the token at the Kuna Cryptocurrencies Exchange, which promotes the liquidity of the token.

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