VenVici, found online at, is a crowdsourcing company based in Singapore. Find out everything you need to know about the company today in our review.

What is VenVici?

VenVici is a crowdsourcing company specializing in affiliate marketing. The company is best known for using a proprietary system called Affiliate Incentivized Marketing to promote products.

VenVici also offers an e-commerce website called V-More, which is available for all VenVici business resellers.

VenVici uses a multilevel marketing-style system to reward affiliates for their referrals. The company is also the main marketing company used by Gtoken, a mobile gaming platform involving the use of a digital token.

How Does Affiliate Incentivized Marketing Work?

Affiliate Incentivized Marketing, or AIM, was designed to combine the efficiency of affiliate marketing with the effectiveness of incentive marketing.

With traditional affiliate marketing, companies pay advertising dollars to affiliates based on each sale or conversion. However, affiliates can promote products in ways that go beyond sales or conversions. Affiliates might encourage someone to play a game for free, for example. This doesn’t directly lead to a sale, but it does lead to greater traffic and advertising revenue for the game.

VenVici’s AIM system is designed to promote or encourage specific actions or behavior. Affiliates receive a reward when they drive trends and sales for products – including when affiliates encourage things like gameplay, app usage, and product sales.

The end result of the AIM system is the development of communities of affiliates that the company calls Resellers. As a VenVici Reseller, you’re incentivized to recommend people to join the community, consume products, or purchase items from the VenVici marketplace.

VenVici also has “core affiliates” that come from its Reseller pool. These core affiliates will go through training. They’ll also receive compensation through a loyalty program tied t performance. Core affiliates are encouraged to use their individual social networks to build their client base.

All of this information comes from the official VenVici website. However, if you read between the lines here, you’ll realize that you’re dealing with a lot of multilevel marketing-style talk. Yes, VenVici uses a multilevel marketing-style system to reward affiliates and to encourage more affiliates to join the system.

How Does GToken Work?

Many people first hear about VenVici through Gtoken, which is a lifestyle mobile gaming platform in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particularly strong presence in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

VenVici works with GToken to incentivize gameplay participation. You’ll receive commissions when you refer people to purchase GTokens and download games from the marketplace, for example.

Other VenVici Partners

VenVici was initially known for its partnership with GToken. However, the company has partnered with a number of other companies and providers, including all of the following:

WMI: WMI is a beauty, health, education, lifestyle, events, and entertainment company with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The company sells products and services through 20 online stores.

Informatics Academy: Informatics Academy is an online training school that offers courses in IT, business, accounting, hospitality and tourism, and other topics. The platform has partnered with universities worldwide to provide high-quality academic courses to students.

Stargek: VenVici is affiliated with Stargek, the exclusive agent for Tamiya.

EUTFashion: EUTFashion is an established company first incorporated in Singapore in 1989 with a focus on wholesaling and retailing.

Pinkapple: Pinkapple is a Singapore-based events management agency specializing in organizing sports events.

Royal Entertainment: Royal Entertainment was founded in 2005. It’s a talent management company based in Singapore. Some of its talent includes local music schools, media companies, broadcasters, production companies, and corporate clients.

NTU ODAC: Nanyang Technological University Outdoor Adventure Club is one of the largest clubs at NTU.

Mary Chia: Mary Chia is a beauty treatment retailer.

Urban Homme: Urban Homme is a lineup of beauty products for men.

NUS Science Camp: The NUS Science Camp is a 4 day / 3 night social camp catered to freshmen at NTU.

Kelture: Kelture is a hairstyle consultation company that offers personalized recommends based on a client’s unique appearance.

What does VenVici do for these companies? VenVici has partnered with these companies to direct clients towards their online marketplaces. As a VenVici customer, you can make referral income by referring people to all of these products and services above. Many of the companies listed above are featured on VenVici’s native marketplace, V-More.

Who’s Behind VenVici?

VenVici was founded in 2013 by Eldee Tang. The company is based in Singapore.

Aside from this basic information, we have limited information about the history of the company or the people running it. However, the management team for VenVici and GToken appears to be very similar.

VenVici Conclusion

VenVici is a multilevel marketing company that encourages affiliates to push conversions to various websites online – including everything from hairstyle consultation websites to online beauty product retailers. The VenVici is particularly well-known for being affiliated with GToken, a mobile gaming ecosystem catered to the Asia-Pacific marketplace.

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