Veracity Blockchain Video Joins Amazon Web Services Activate Program

Veracity Collaborates With Amazon Web Services To Power Disruptive Blockchain-Enhanced Video Platform

A groundbreaking audiovisual system also known as Veracity has announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Built on a blockchain-enhanced technology, the company has embraced the AWS activate platform at the Portforlio Plus level, which is a very high-class level of the program.

The main objective of designing the program is to offer auspicious young and upcoming firms with the wherewithal which they desperately need to quickly get started on AWS. This is beneficial since it enables them to concentrate on expanding their enterprise instead of having to worry about the infrastructure. AWS offers resources like promotional credits maintenance and training.

David Orman, Veracity’s CEO and co-founder asserted that the company is excited to have been identified by Amazon, and that its blockchain technology will be instrumental in weeding out fake views and eliminating bots. Veracity will also work towards limiting duplicitous activities on the virtual audiovisual podia.

By and large, these services offered by Veracity will go a long way in accelerating the company’s use of AWS cloud platform for the sake of enhancing and expanding its blockchain infrastructure and architecture. Furthermore, Veracity will offer a whole online video tool kit which will enable firms to augment and develop the current international virtual audiovisual contributions with blockchain technology.

The Right Timing For The Partnership

Mark Ramberg, who is part of the management team at Veracity, believes that the partnership has come at the opportune time since the company is currently at the point of considerably expanding its operations. This therefore necessitates an impeccable cloud platform that is able to satisfy the growing demands of Veracity’s user base.

Over and above, Veracity’s invitation into the AWS Activate program is a demonstration of the company’s capacity to bring content to creators, promoters, and viewers. The company is optimistic even as it becomes the pioneer blockchain company to be embraced by the Amazon Web Services Activate program.

Veracity’s blockchain technology is established on a decentralized application framework with modular components. As a result, a combination of such mechanisms will be effective in utilizing their synergies to power the Veracity-based service contributions. Additionally, it is worth noting that individual components of these services can as well as power and augment international third-party video platforms and OTT services.

About Veracity

Veracity is in essence a groundbreaking audiovisual distribution podium which has been made to pivot the online video ecosystem. The company does this by permitting an uninterrupted clear connection between watchers, content makers as well as advertisers. The system is powered by current state-of-the-art audiovisual player know-how.

Veracity is also known for providing topnotch watching experience. Its blockchain technology is instrumental in creating a clear economy facilitated by a budding crypto known as VERA. The company’s main objective is to set at liberty creators as well as online publishers while at the same time enhancing the watcher experience.

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