Verdure Coin Review: Legit Cryptocurrency Network Marketing MLM Scheme?

Verdure has spurred the release of numerous videos by individuals concerning its viability and legitimacy. Many are arguing that the platform is a scam and the question that arises is what is cause people to view Verdure as such?

What is Verdure Coin?

Verdure Coin describes itself as a “cryptocurrency arbitraging bot service.” The only webpage by the platform, which describes its qualities, is Twitter. Even though there is an official website link listed on the platform’s Twitter page, the link does not work. If anything, the Twitter page also shows that the platform is not very active – there are only 13 tweets since the account’s creation in July. Further, the platform has just 29 followers, which is not many compared to other platforms.

Questionable Qualities

Aside from the questionable lack of information concerning the platform and what it does, there are a number of other qualities that suggest that the platform is a scam.

  • Videos About Verdure Qualities

    First, there are numerous videos online concerning the platform that suggest it is a scam. With so many videos out there that question’s the platform’s legitimacy, it is only natural to wonder if the platform is actually one that users can feel comfortable investing in. There are also other qualities that cause individuals to wonder about the platform.

  • No Indication of the Coin’s Value

    Second, there is no indication of the coin’s value. The website has allegedly been down numerous times, which is another indication concerning the platform’s instability. Because there is no information that is readily accessible, users cannot view the quality of their investment and the performance of the platform. Any legitimate platform should provide users with the insight they need at any time.

  • An Exchange?

    Third, some videos have reported that the platform is opening up an exchange. However, there is no indication as to when the exchange will be available. Without the exchange, users can’t trade or invest, thereby reducing the value of the coin and raising questions of its viability as a legitimate platform.

  • No Sign of Work

    Finally, the project’s developers seem to not be doing much work concerning their platform, at least work that is readily viewable online. As a result, it makes it extremely difficult for individuals to invest in a platform that doesn’t seem to be growing, improving, and allowing for growth of investment.

Overall, Verdure Coin is positioned as a network marketing scheme and does have some questionable qualities. Before investing in any platform, including this one, it is best to understand the platform, to view its qualities, and to determine whether it is a legitimate place. In this case, it looks like there is a lot more for users to look into before making a decision about investing in this platform.

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