While there is potentially no accurate prediction with the crypto market, Ethereum is arguably the next competitor to Bitcoin technology. With a lot of the ventures using the blockchain as a foundation for their DApps and transactions, you could say that it is indeed the future.

However, the scalability issues facing Ethereum have brought to light the need for a replacement already. The look into the future is already bearing fruit with new rising blockchain solutions that are showing potential to compete and even replace Ethereum in the long run. Here's one such venture set out to achieve that and so much more.

What is Vereum?

Vereum is an open-source blockchain platform that will allow users to build, deploy and use decentralized blockchain applications on their network technology. Just like its counterparts, Bitcoin and Ethereum, Vereum also works on a similar concept of no ownership to a single entity. However, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Vereum will become much more flexible and adaptable. The platform will offer much more scalability with an extended ability to create the decentralized applications.

What to Expect

  • Vereum Jelly- Apparently this is Vereum's new language for smart contracts and will allow for the creation of a tradable digital coin that will represent assets, a virtual share, proof of ownership and as a currency. The Standard API will provide for the additional compatibility for any e-wallet, contracting other Vereum jelly members ad exchangeability of the token.
  • Vereum VMC22- VMC22 is the Blockchain’s cryptocurrency algorithm under the Vereum Jelly. All the VMC22 coins will facilitate transactions and the building of applications on the Vereum API.s

Benefits That Come With Using Vereum

  • Fast transactions- the Vereum network is going to be efficient and adaptable to transactional pressure. That is bound to ensure that the operations remain quick with speedy delivery.
  • Secure payment- Vereum plan to invest in a state-of-art data server that will ensure maximum protection to the partners, and users.
  • Total anonymity
  • With blockchain technology, there is no need for personal verification, and Vereum will use a similar concept for its network.

Vereum's (VMC) Token Sale and Details

The Vereum coin will carry out its sale through four main phases, namely

  • Pre-ICO- 20 million VRM
  • 1st phase- 25 million VRM coins ($0.22 per coin)
  • 2nd phase- 25 million VRM ($0.35 per coin)
  • 3rd phase- 25 million VRM ($0.44 per coin)


  • Pre-Sale Date: Apr 2, 2018
  • Pre-Sale Available Tokens: 20,000,000 VMC @ 20.4%
  • Pre-Sale Price: 1 VMC = 0.05 USD
  • Pre-Sale Bonus: Up to 13%

Public Crowdsale

  • Sale available Tokens: 75,000,000 VMC @ 76.5%
  • Price: 1 VMC = 0.44 USD
  • Sale Bonus: Up to 50% (Phase 1: $0.22)

Vereum token details

  • Ticker symbol- VMC
  • Platform- VMC blockchain
  • Accepts- BTC
  • Token supply- 98,000,000 VMC
  • Hard cap- 21,200,000 USD

Funding breakdown

  • Further Development 32%
  • Reserved funds 16%
  • Team 16%
  • Promotion 24%
  • Security 12%

The Verdict on Vereum's

The cryptocurrency market is full of new innovations, but not all truly live out to become what they aim for in their initial conception. Vereum portrays such characteristics. Although the project brags of replacing Ethereum, there is little to show concerning how they plan to achieve that expectation. Overall, Vereum lacks a solid concept to categorize it as a sustainable idea, and it is safe to say there nothing profitable enough with the venture.

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