Verge Cryptocurrency Gives Clues On Highly Awaited

Verge, a decentralized platform that emphasizes fast, efficient and a P2P way of conducting transactions, recently took to Twitter to give a clue in regard to its most-awaited debit cards. It was briefly mentioned, with most of the tweet revolving around the partnership between Litecoin [LTC] and TokenPay.

The official tweet went as follows:

“We would like to congratulate our partners @tokenpay for their historic partnership with @LTCFoundation. That being said, this brings us one step closer to #XVG debit cards”.

This tweet got many users confused, as the connection between XVG debit cards and a newly established partnership made no sense. This was also pointed out by Twitter user, Crypto Boss, who said:

“How does that exactly bring us closer to Verge debit cards? Those were coming anyway. It’s all getting more vague to me with all the partnerships”.

Verge could possibly have linked the two to show a trend of positive news or to hint out that like the partnership, the XVG debit cards have been finalized. Or, it could have been out of courtesy, as TokenPay is also Verge’s partner.

The post made on Twitter made its way to Reddit, where several Reddit users were also commenting on the story.

One particular, CubanMiner, set the conversation by sharing: “I told you guys the Verge debit cards are coming. Knock it all you want, Verge is a money maker!” The user also shared a screenshot of what looks like TokenPay’s reply, which read: “Verge is our partner for life More on this soon. We aren’t quite done yet.”

Could this mean that Verge might, in some ways or another, have something to do with the TokenPay and Litecoin partnership and vice versa? As we analyze more of the comments made, room for assumptions just seems to grow out of proportion.

Many are anticipating XVG token’s price value to skyrocket once the debit cards release. With the many red zones in markets at the moment, any growth will have crypto investors motivated again.

As for the specs of the debit cards and which banks will be supporting its uses, turns out that Verge bought WEG Bank, a German financial institution known for its engagement in tech solutions via finance as well as for its inexpensive interest rates.

As per AMBCrypto, the German bank shared the news of acquisition on its official website suggesting that TokenPay and Verge’s partnership resulted in gaining 9.9 percent of the bank.

At the time of writing, Verge sits at the 38th position of CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of USD$316,581,781 and a token value of USD$0.021. Its all-time high was about USD$0.24, which signifies a 92% drop in price (this value does not include fluctuations and other high peaks in between).

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