NetCents- The Project Promoting Mass Adoption of Crypto

If you are one of those that believe the world would be better if using crypto was as easy as using fiat, you should closely follow the NetCents project.

Most crypto adopters try to use crypto for purchases, but they often face huge challenges. In some cases, it is the transaction time, the processing time, and in some cases, the lack of infrastructure.

Bringing Change For A Better Future

Verge Currency wants to change all that. They have analyzed the various elements that can be controlled to promote crypto adoption by the masses. Verge Currency has a team around the world working to ensure that the next generation of crypto coins will be easy to use.

Many aspects of the payment processing are out of the control of anyone. That is why Verge Currency is looking at projects with strategic elements. They work with third parties to ensure their platforms integrate with the Verge blockchain.

To ensure that they achieve their goal of mass adoption Verge Currency is working with Net Cents Technology Inc.


NetCents is a payment-processing firm that uses the blockchain to ensure secure transactions during online payments. Both the merchants and shoppers need to be secured from the price volatility and low processing speeds to ensure smooth transactions. With crypto comes the overhead from converting to fiat during payments.

NetCents ensures that everything takes place in one place. With the e-wallet, an exchange for crypto, and portal for crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat transactions, the platform is a one-stop place for all payment needs.

Businesses, which choose this payment processor, are assured of lower fees, faster processing time, and easy liquidity, which protect them from volatility. NetCents is able to achieve this by ensuring that businesses get the price at which they sold the services. This ensures that they are protected from the volatility that is in the current crypto space.

Benefits For The Verge Global Community

This project is a joint venture that will bring numerous features to the verge community globally. The goal is to make payments using the Verge simple and stress-free. The project will entail integrating Verge into NetCents. This will provide the community with a head start in the goal of mass awareness in the privacy that Verge offers.

To start with, Merchants that use NetCents will now have the ability to accept Verge for goods while being protected by NetCents. With the merchant marketing campaign by NetCent, Verge and other crypto coins on the platform will gain exposure to more than one million merchants globally.

Whether you are a shopper, crypto trader, businessman, or Verge investor, you will only need NetCents to be part of the crypto revolution. Shoppers can buy Verge or trade using other fiat or cryptocurrencies with the NetCent Exchange. They can also use the digital wallet to make payments in a currency of their choice.

At the core of this project is simplicity. They are working towards creating a one-stop solution for all online payments.

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