Veritas Pharma Enters Into MOU With 3 Carbon and Rubikon Blockchain in Cannabis Industry

Veritas Announces MOU For 3 Carbon Extractions and Rubikon Blockchain

Veritas Pharma Inc. has recently announced that 3 Carbon Extractions Inc. and Rubikon Blockchain Corporation have entered a Memorandum of Understanding.

3 Carbon Extraction is an industry leader in cannabis compliance and hydrocarbon extraction solutions and Rubikon is a blockchain company that works with the infrastructure for tracking and manufacturing cannabis extraction products.

The Deal

The CEO of Rubikon, Joel Semczyszyn, has affirmed that the company has explored cannabis processing and that it is excellent to work with a company that basically shares the same values of integrity, transparency and proving value for the customers.

Rubikon offers cutting-edge technology for the cannabis industry and it uses RFID technology to advance Seed-to-Sale software using the blockchain. The company provides the industry with a comprehensive data tracking and management solutions. Rubikon is currently a global leader in the industry and it is looking to expand its commercial breadth as well as increasing 3 Carbon’s compliance and transparency.

Phillip Kwong, 3 Carbon Extractions’ CEO, believes that the MOU creates a great opportunity for the companies to establish a relationship that will help the company to track cannabis processors and manufacturers better now that Canada is planning to regulate and legalize the consumption of this product.

The CEO of Veritas, Lui Franciosi, has commented that Joel and Phill make a great team together and that they have been helping Veritas to maximize the potential of the blockchain technology for the cannabis industry, which can be very important to actually launch medical cannabis services around the world.

About Veritas Pharma Inc.

Veritas Pharma Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that is fully owned by Cannevert Therapeutics Ltd. The company is responsible for advancing the science of medical cannabis and it is investing in ways to use cannabis to cure pain, nausea, epilepsy and PTSD.

The company is focused on using a low-cost research and development model to produce results for the shareholders without spending a lot of money. It is lead by a team of veteran academic pharmacologists, anesthetists and chemists.

Veritas Pharma’s commercial mission is to protect its IP and sell products to clinics and insurance companies targeting ways that cannabis can cure diseases and problems.

The company is publicly traded on the Canada Stock Exchange, in the United States (OTC) and Germany (Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

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