What Is Vernam?

Vernam is the future of insurance and the first worldwide 0% insurance commission ever to be seen on the blockchain. You can join the platform at the company website The company website also has links to join the Private Pre-Sale and Whitepaper as well as Onepager, not only that – but the website also received a 4.6 out of 5 stars on ICO Bench, 5/5 on Track ICO, and 9.2/10 on ICO Marks.

How Does Vernam Blockchain Insurance Cryptocurrency Work?

The network is designed to help people with fulfilling the insurance process on the Blockchain. The platform is highly sophisticated and uses the blockchain technology to give users the best advantages by creating a very competitive marketplace on the internet for the use of conventional insurance products by the most successful insurance companies.

And it also provides users with a robust compensation plan, consisting of 30% of the policy premium in Vernam tokens (VRN) is given back to the clients. The platform is also considered to be 100% CryptoSafe and uses the powerful smart contracts to guarantee when a defined set of events happens, the client will then be compensated fairly with a specific premium sent in the company tokens known as Vernam (VRN). This is the newest and most innovative and modern insurance product that Vernam has built on the blockchain technology.

And as far as numbers go, the company has a massive $4.3 trillion for the total addressable market. With more than 90% of the total insurance revenues coming from North America, Europe and Asia, the company is extremely lucrative.

There are also extremely high up commissions, ranging at 30% – this is one of the highest broker commissions available.

With 60% of the millennials already adopting the online insurance, the company is going to continue to climb in revenues.

And upwards of 30% improvements have been seen in the sector of efficiency thanks to the power of the blockchain technology and powerful smart contracts.

There is a 0% commission insurance that is ideal for clients that are purchasing standard insurance through the platform. It will be able to give you back a cash reward that is equal to the usual broker commission.

The CryptoSafe Smart Contract is designed to be signed by each and every client and is free from commissions – thereby holding a safe guarantee when a specific set of events occurs, and the client will then be given fair compensation.

Finally, the VRN or Vernam Token is used by the system to help take full advantage of the platform and will also be used to introduce the VRN Token – a ERC20 Standard Token that cannot be mined, is a utility token and is being sold via crowdsale.

There is a constant demand for nearly every process on the platform, and it will operate with the VRN Tokens as fuel. The results will be a constant need and rising price of the VRN tokens.

The platform is also built on a shared ledger that will be used to prevent any possibility for the manipulation of data, thereby increasing the transparency and the minimizing costs of the transactions.

There is an intense industry know how with the combined team experience of more than 20 years in managing, developing and all fields related to insurance practices, then combined with the best blockchains and crypto experts.

Vernam VRN Token ICO Details

The Token Allocation is as Follows:

  • Start of token crowdsale: N/A 2018
  • Token symbol: VRN
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 VRN
  • New token will never be created
  • Soft Cap: 40,000,000 VRN
  • Hard Cap: 500,000,000 VRN
  • Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 1000 USD
  • 1VRN = 0.051 – 0.085 USD
  • 1VRN = N/A ETH*
  • 1VRN = N/A BTC*

*Any rates displayed from currency exchanges for ETH and BTC that are used during the event will be locked to the first day of the crowdsale.

Who Is Behind Vernam?

There is a massive team of 17 people on the team with specialists from every type of industry beneficial to insurance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. You can see full bios on the company website with links to social media profiles included. Along with the normal team, there are also 4 more advisors who are on the team and helping to ensure it is moving forward with as little hang-ups as possible.

Vernam Conclusion

As for the platform, Vernam is on point. The team is highly successful, and the platform is being well put together. This is an excellent system that makes a tremendous amount of sense because the nature of insurance and the blockchain. It will protect the customers while helping to make the agent highly-successful, also keeping him/her in check at all times. To learn more, go to the company website at and see for yourself why this is such a great platform.

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