What Is Veroneum?

Veroneum is a community-centered digital currency that enables investors to stake and store sizeable chunks of their assets in exchange for a respectable return. This goal is facilitated by the Veroneum ecosystem which is made of a crypt exchange platform, cloud mining and the VRN network. Fundamentally, this ecosystem allows investors to take part in the exchange of digital assets, as well as their management, while earning substantial profits.

Veroneum Affiliate Program

Members to the Veroneum ecosystem can further bolster their overall earnings by enrolling to the lucrative affiliate program. For every token a referred individual purchases during the Veroneum ICO, the affiliate earns a substantial portion as the commission. The program has multiple tiers, each with a varying commission rate. Presently, the three tiers give 2%, 5%, and 10% commission rates respectively.

Veroneum Invest Box

Veroneum is an all-encompassing project, hence the establishment of the Invest Box initiative for developers. Essentially, this toolkit provides an environment for the promotion of cryptocurrencies as a preferred method of making payments. In the future, this incentive will be availed to the general public.

VRN Staking

The VRN Staking platform is the basis of the VRN ecosystem. Through this service, investors can leverage the analytic capabilities of the powerful arbitrage bot to make profitable investment decisions. As of now, VRN staking guarantees lucrative returns, with a possibility of raking in a whopping 180% within 8 months.

To invest in the VR Staking platform, individuals have to buy the VRN coin and then select their desired investment package. Typically, each plan has a stipulated timeframe. Upon the elapsing of this period, the investors have the option to either withdraw their initial investment along with accrued profits or to reinvest the whole amount for more benefit.

VRN Cloud Mining

Nowadays, it is possible to in digital currencies without necessarily investing in the often expensive mining hardware. Among the numerous alternatives to purchasing mining rigs is the VRN Cloud Mining service by Veroneum. With a cutting-edge infrastructure that guarantees incredible hashing rates at competitive prices, the VRN cryptocurrency mining service stands out as one of the best in the market.

Veroneum VRN Token ICO Details

The VRN Coin is the native virtual currency of the Veroneum ecosystem. It is exchangeable for other digital assets as well as fiat currencies on the VRN exchange.

During the impending Veroneum token sale, a total of 8,500,000 will be made available.

Parameters Of The ICO

The Veroneum crowdsale will take place over 27 days per the following schedule:

  • Day 21- Day 27: $0.40/VRN
  • Day 28 – Day 1: $0.50/VRN
  • Day 2- Day 6: $0.75/VRN
  • Day 7- Day 11: $0.95/VRN
  • Day 12- Day 16: $1.20/VRN

Veroneum Roadmap

The Veroneum crowdsale was scheduled to occur in May 2018 as the first significant milestone in the Veroneum strategic plan. The next stage will be July 2018, involving the inauguration of the staking platform. In August, Veroneum intends to launch the Cloud Mining Service. Later on, in September, Veroneum will establish the VRN App and other complementary features.

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