More than ever before, blockchain has genuinely shown its potential through the countless ICOs that aim to change people’s lives in one way or another.

However, not every ICO out there is legit, and for sure there are plenty of scams looking to rip off countless investors through face initial coin offerings. Nevertheless, the same blockchain revolution is proving innovative by offering solutions to help eliminate the legit ICOs from the scams. This is the fundamental concept behind Vertex and the venture ICO is deciding to provide the first one of its kind solution with their vetted ICO token aftermarket. Here's how.

What Is Vertex?

Vertex is an ICO seeking to provide an aftermarket platform and ecosystem to help fill the gap presented by the ICO rush. Unlike the commotion notion, Vertex is by no means a cryptocurrency exchange but rather a market for ICO tokens form where users can invest in projects that have high chances of appreciating, success and have meet due diligence. The venture's objectives is to assist the investor to participate in successful ICOs and get profits in return.

The VTEX currency

Under the Vertex platform, all ICO token investment will be through the native currency (Vertex Token). ICOs that are successful through Vertex will also have to incorporate the VTEX tokens as part of their purchases means. Therefore, VTEX helps undermining the whole ICO ecosystem while also ensuring it connects ICOs and the investors directly.

vertex homepage

How The Vertex Platform Works

The core of the Vertex platform consists of the Vertex ecosystem since it's the foundation that allows users to investors in the highly coveted ICOs from vetted projects at a fixed price. On an operational side, the primary functions of the Vertex platform include

  1. ICOs listing
  2. ICOs rating and review by Vertex's team of analysts and private equity investors.
  3. Purchasing of the Vertex Tokens for investment in other ICOs
  4. Explaining and declaring the evaluation steps that each ICO takes to become certified
  5. Offer users the “Buy-In” functionality

Underlying Advantages

Vertex ICO ecosystem is designed to mutual benefit both the ICOs and the investors themselves. Here's the extent of profit it is set to offer

For The ICOs

  • Provides an available pool of legitimate investors
  • Investment from Vertex can help jump-start an ICO project.
  • A vote of confidence from leading private investors and business people

For The Investors

  • The Vertex Vetting process filters out scams
  • The process also eliminates potential failure ICO projects
  • Vertex offers access to individual sale projects
  • There is the guarantee of a fair chance of buying into any ICO token on the aftermarket platform.


Vertex Conclusion

Vertex is among the most comprehensive solutions towards our ICO markets and their goal of ensuring only legitimate business concept could fully develop into a fully-fledged successful venture. Still, much of its future lies on the fact are there is the need for higher standards when it comes to investing in active ICO projects.

Vertex Token Sale

Token Sale

Start – 27 August, 2018
End – 15 December, 2018

Token Information

  • Token ticker- VTEX
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Token supply- 300,000,000 VTEX
  • Price- 1 VTEX= $0.22
  • Hard cap- $44,700,000
  • Soft cap- $3,000,000
  • Minimum contribution- $50

Initial Token Allocation

  • Private and public sale- 60%
  • Team and investors- 15%
  • Limited Company- 12%
  • Strategic partners- 8%
  • Bounty programs- 5%

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