There have been hundreds of different virtual currency and blockchain meetups around the world. And they are one of the most iconic places where crypto enthusiasts meet and talk about their favourite developments or cryptocurrencies.

But what would be better than sponsoring a battle between crypto meetups? This is what Vertex wants to do, a competition between 25 different meetups.

Meetups Battle – Sponsored By Vertex

According to Vertex, the Battle of the Meetups is very simple. Vertex just needs to go through all the Bitcoin meetups that are registered on the page meetup-com and will select 25 different meetups to sponsor during a 5 month period.

Once the meetups are selected, Vertex will be providing to the participant meetups a list of criteria that will be used to select the 2 winners, which will receive an amazing price.

But what is the criteria to participate in this battle? The rules are very simple. There are 4 vectors along which meetups can score points every single time they meet. At the end, a final tally will be determining the two winners.

The point system is as follows:

  • The meetup with the most Facebook likes since the start of the Battle of Meetups will be awarded with three points. The second position will get 2 points, and the meetup in the third place will just obtain 1 point.
  • The same will happen in Twitter. Those that gather the most retweets after every meetup will yield three points, the second meetup with the highest number of retweet will receive two points, and the third position will just get 1 point.
  • The attendance will also be a key factor. Those who attract more than 600 participants will get 3 points each time. Those that gather between 400 and 600 participants will be rewarded with 2 points, and the ones that bring more than 200 participants will gather 1 point.

The prizes are also important. The winners will be able to join Vertex at the Vegas Blockchain Conference in October. The competition will start on June the 11th and will end in October.

Meetups that have more than 500 members, with more than 30 members that attended the last meetup, and make a meetup every two month, are able to participate.

Vertex is a platform that invests in different Initial Coin Offerings and that does it at an early stage. The platform is headed by a team of seasoned investors that have been managing multi-billion dollars companies and investments around the world.

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