In the past 10 years, many people have become aware of alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They are commonly referred to as cryptocurrencies, and have been gathering steam gradually within the online payment community. For example, in 2014 it was found that there were at least a million users who were using BTC as a means of legitimate payment.

However, what sets these assets apart is the fact that they not only allow for seamless transactions to occur, but also have the ability to help its users earn via a process called crypto mining.

About Verum BTC

As the name clearly suggests, Verum BTC is an all new ”investment platform” that has been designed in consultation with market experts. It aims to serve as a profitable investment solution that is not only secure, but is also a part of the global blockchain network. The development team behind this project carries much weight with them, and have been a part of the growing crypto community from the very start.

A Little Background of the Company

According to information that can be sourced online, Verum BTC Limited is essentially a ‘online cryptocurrency investment platform’ that is based out of the United Kingdom. Even though the company is fairly new, it has gathered much interest in the market due to its unique investment strategies and potential.

What’s Different Here?

Unique Investment Opportunities this system has been devised to assist in cryptocurrency trading and investing in “alternative coins”, as they have the potential to deliver huge profits within a short turnaround time.

Tapping in Early:

As everyone knows, the crypto industry is still in its infancy, and thus there are still much land to be tread when it comes to newer, more resourceful opportunities.

Experienced Team:

While the concept of cryptocurrencies and terms like BTC might be alien to some of us, the people over at Verum BTC have been delving in this field for nearly a decade now.

Risk Free Investments:

This platform is perfect from anyone looking to start trading via the use of Bitcoin. Verum BTC offers all of its customers with “three simple investment plans” that are designed to serve customers with varying degrees of interest. All one has to do is choose one of the plans and then subsequently start investing. What's more is that, if users are still unsure about their choice, they have the option to take back their “initial investment back anytime after 48 hours of making a deposit”.

Key Features

(i) Bank level security:

Unlike various other crypto services currently available in the market that make use of archaic protection protocols, Veum makes use of the “Comodo EV SSL Certificate” that has been shown to protect our details and secure all sensitive data extremely well.

(ii) Advanced DDOS Security:

Another aspect of this platform is uses high performance “dedicated servers” that have been loaded with breach measures that ensure a high level of protection.

(iii) Round the clock Support/ Assistance:

There is a highly qualified research team available at all times to alleviate any concerns, doubts or queries we might have about Verum and its functionality.

How Do I Sign Up?

To make use of the Verum Trading Platform, all users have to do is visit the official website and follow the prescribed steps:

  • Сreate a new account: by following a simple procedure we can easily create a new portfolio for ourselves.
  • Make a deposit: once the account is there, users need to then make a deposit by putting in some BTC.
  • Investments: during this phase users have the option to either let their funds lay, or make active investments.
  • Referral: users also have the potential to earn a bonus of 5% if they happen to refer a friend and make them sign up for Verum..

Lastly, the company has made it absolutely clear that that they are only accepting Bitcoins for payments at the moment.

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