Vesa VSA ICO Review

When it comes to cryptocurrency, everyone has to start somewhere. Breaking into a new aspect of financial investments is overwhelming for a lot of consumers, but it is not until someone makes the first move that they can get used to the way it works. There are plenty of brands for consumers to invest in, but it is important to find the right one for the consumer’s needs. Vesa advertises themselves as one of the most user-friendly platforms available.

What is Vesa VSA?

While taking part in the Vesa program, contributors will use a blockchain service to help both investors and traders to get the most out of the program. Whenever the tokens profit in the traders account, investors get the benefits of that profit as well. As a reward for allowing this profit to go into the investors account, the trader gets a small commission this time.

The goal of this company to develop the ability to transform copy trading, using API to make this project more of a universal contribution to cryptocurrency.

About the VSA Token and ICO

Vesa VSA is the token that consumers trade and invest with the Vesa platform, since it will be the only way for consumers to invest and receive payment. The investors need to fund their investment account with fiat funds, which will be transferred to the trader for their commission.

Consumers that want to get in early will get the biggest benefits. The ICO gives consumers the chance to get in at the earliest point, though the promotion lasting from December 18th, 2017 to January 18th, 2018 has already passed.

Once the promotion has passed, contributors will again have the chance to purchase tokens in the public sale, which will go from January 28th, 2018 to February 28th, 2018. Consumers that take advantage of these sales will have discounts of up to 60% of what the final cost will be, which gives them the best chances of getting the greatest value in their investment.

Investing With Vesa VSA ICO

Once someone takes the time to get involved with the ICO or one of the sales, they will have access to a transparent service that does not attach to their actual fiat accounts. Instead, everything is performed on the Vesa platform. With independent copying, there is basically no direct competitors.

The only downside with Vesa, and basically all cryptocurrency companies, is that the number of tokens available are limited, and will not be able to create more tokens in the future. Basically, if there is a time to get in on this program, it is now.

How It Works

Traders and investors basically work together to get the most benefit from Vesa. The process involves getting the equivalent percentage of commission between the trader and investor.

  1. The trader connects with the user’s account on Vesa.
  2. Vesa checks the various statistics about the trader.
  3. Vesa analyzes the token value of the percentage that each part will receive.
  4. The investor connects their key to the exchange amount.
  5. The investor chooses who to partner with, based on the trader options.
  6. Vesa watches the trader’s transactions, partnering with the applicable investors.
  7. Vesa withdraws the commission on both sides, depositing to the investor and trader.

There are a few restrictions. First, the trader will not have any direct access to what the investor profits or contributes, because Vesa handles all the transactions. However, Vesa does not just take the funds from the investors; the investors are obligated to pay a fee for the profits that the traders make.

Contacting Vesa VSA

Despite the information available online, some contributors may need to learn more information about the investments before they are comfortable with making them. There is no phone number available, but contributors can send a message to [email protected]

Vesa VSA ICO Summary

Vesa easily appeals to consumers that are new to the cryptocurrency online community, because investors basically ride the coattails of traders. Experienced traders go through the investments to help make the greatest amount of profit, and each investment makes a difference. However, consumers that have used cryptocurrency for a while, or want more control of the profit they make, may want to choose a different option.

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