If you follow the crypto scene, then the mention of blockchain and virtual reality is no news to you. The popularity of cryptocurrency and the emergence of virtual reality into the mainstream is bringing these revolutionary technologies into working more closely together. And with the continuous development, the blockchain scene is not short of ventures using these innovations. Gradually more and more are no longer focusing on only gaming and are instead going for the creation of virtual worlds. If you would love to get into the upcoming scene, then the next VR blockchain platform should interest you crypto investing actions

What Is Viarium?

Viarium is a decentralized blockchain network that will facilitate the building of virtual reality worlds by the users. The platform further acknowledges that they aim to combine the augmented and virtual reality to allow for the sale of goods and services.

How Viartium Blockchain Virtual Reality Business Works

Through allowing users to create virtual worlds, Viarium will have them get a great deal of freedom to build even virtual shopping malls. All one has to do is to buy and sell products in the virtual reality exhibitions within Viarium world. Additionally, the blockchain features will have several purposes within Viarium. While it provides a seamless environment for the Virtual world, it also

  • Copyright protection of the user virtual world content
  • Builds a decentralized platform from where users can transcode, store and deliver virtual reality signals.
  • An automatic reward system that is fully transparent with a history of transactions

On the other hand, the Viarium virtual world will comprise of

  • Genesis world- the main VR game on the Viarium servers. Will facilitate the tokenization of the land through buying of units.
  • A software shell from where new words enter the game
  • An economic structure to allow for interaction between the participants within Viarium.

Strengths Of The Viarium Platform

  1. Detailed roadmap- the team behind Viarium do list all of their plans, and fortunately, they have indeed fulfilled a couple of them. The hope is that they can live to meet the future expectations.
  2. Token limitation- while the supply is 1 billion Viarium tokens (VM) only 700 million are set to be in amount. The gain with such a feature is the control of the token volatility and to ensure no abnormal price surges.
  3. Discounts- each purchase of a token comes with a 20% discount for early investors.
  4. Transparency- the platform's structure and transactions are all open for scrutiny by the users.

The Downside Of Viarium

While they are potential benefits that come with Viarium, there are also risks that do face the venture. Here is what to expect

  • Competition- the world of VR is heating up, and experiments are coming out by the numbers. While it is a highly competitive market on who can have the best VR world, Viarium is yet showcased any capabilities as it is relatively new.
  • Lack of a financial plan- the team is yet to finalize the venture's financial outlay for the ICO, and this is surprisingly a lousy move when launching your ICO to investors.
  • Establish more partnerships- in the tech world to survive you have to build friendships and foster relationships to stay ahead. If VIARIUM wants to establish a foothold in VR and blockchain, it should consider going for more corporations.

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