VibeHub VIBE Review

As the crypto domain continues to grow and expand, it comes as no surprise that the blockchain is now being implemented for various novel technologies such as VR. VIBEHub is a one such project that aims to create a “technology platform” that possesses an innate capacity to create Virtual marketplaces that will allow for an all new buying/ selling experience.

For example, though the use of VibeHub, users will be able to attend concerts, as well as experience a wide range of other opportunities (take online lessons etc).

More About the VibeHub VIBE Platform

As mentioned earlier, VibeHub has been described as the world's “First Crypto Based Virtual/ Augmented Reality Marketplace & Hub”. It is based entirely on the blockchain, and is thus able to provide users with a wide array of benefits pertaining to security, transparency etc.

Some of the key aspects of VibeHub include:

(i) Trusted Blockchain:

This platform will make use of a native cryptocurrency that is based on the Ethereum blockchain (i.e it will be ERC20 Compliant). These tokens will be used to conduct all of the monetary transactions that take place within the VibeHub platform.

(ii) Alternate Reality:

VibeHub will serve as a digital platform through which participating artists and educators will be able to reach millions of viewers (via the use of Virtual Live Streams).

(iii) VR Monetization:

As mentioned earlier, the blockchain has already seen some VR based ventures in the past, but with VibeHub, content providers will be able to monetize their services via the use of “volumetric video assets”. This will be applicable for both VR and AR related data.

(iv) Unique Exposure Opportunity:

Vibehub is one of the most unique ventures we have come across recently. This is because it allows customers to access Virtual marketplaces and Hubs that deliver services that are tailored exactly to one’s needs and requirements.

Other Aspects to Consider

(i) One Stop Shop:

The creators of this platform aim to make this into an “all in one” platform that offers users with services like:

  • Music
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Dating

(ii) Easy Payments:

Another important facet of this platform is its ability to help publishers receive their due payments in a fair, timely manner. All of the proceeds that are generated from the publishers content is sent directly to the individual without any market cuts or fees.

(iii) Safety:

According to the company’s whitepaper, the service employs softwares that are bolstered via the use of secure encryption modules. Not only that, the interface is routinely audited and checked for any functional discrepancies (so as to eliminate bugs or security compromises).

(iv) No Middlemen:

Since the platform is based within the crypto network, it is able to eliminate the need for any middlemen or other third party sources. This not only allows for secure micro transactions, but also enables instant payments to anyone across the globe.

(v) Immersive Social Experience:

In today's world, a product needs to be eye-grabbing for it to be noticed by customers. Thus, Vibehub comes with a unique UI that allows customers to express their creativity within a “virtual world and share their experiences with other users around the globe”.

VibeHub VIBE Token Details

According to the website, the Pre-sale for Vibe is scheduled to run from August 7th to August 21st. To participate in this sale, customers will have to invest a minimum of 25 ETH. Following this period, the official token sale will commence. It is scheduled to start on the 22nd of August and go on till the 21st of September.

During the crowdsale, there will be a maximum hard cap of 115,000 ETH. Also, once the sale period has concluded (or the hard cap has been reached), the tokens will be delivered to the user on the wallet address that has been provided by them.

  • In all, there will be a total supply of 267,000,000 VIBE coins that will be created.
  • Out of this number, 160,200,000 cons will be made available during the two token sale periods.
  • Additionally, early buyers will be able to make use of various bonuses and incentives.

VibeHub VIBE Token Distribution

  • 60% of the entire currency will be made available during the ICO.
  • 15% of Vibe coins have been reserved for the founders of the company.
  • 10% of all tokens have been set aside for future platform development and maintenance.
  • The remaining 15% has been reserved for promotional campaigns as well as for the creation of a bounty.

VibeHub VIBE Fund Distribution

  • 50% of all collected revenue has been set aside for further platform development.
  • 30% of the funds will be used for marketing and advertising.
  • The remaining 20% will be used for collaborations and endorsements.

For any further queries, users can write to company representatives on the email address provided on the homepage.

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