Blockchain technology is undoubtedly the fastest growing innovation that is set to impact all of our sectors. Blockchain application is finding their ways into different industries thank their ability to offer efficiency and transparency which lacks our existing traditional systems. As one of the fastest growing sector, Social media is also set to experience the consequences of blockchain technology.

With a majority of the users on the social messaging sites, there is need to develop a messaging platform which will ensure safety, security and the authenticity of the profiles in use. If you anticipate such a blockchain venture, then you should read on and find out how the blockchain is acting as a gateway to a whole new social media scene.

What Is Vibeo?

VIBEO is an Ethereum-powered blockchain social app that wants to mitigate the inherent challenges facing our mobile messaging applications by building a more decentralized and secure architecture for their platform. VIBEO’s instant messaging app will encompass a community of users including merchants and members where financial exchanges and interactions can take place safely and securely around the blockchain.

The In-app currency (VBEO) gets support from the Ethereum blockchain and will help restructure how users consume the social content within the application. VIBEO’s long-term vision is to feature a fully decentralized economy where merchants can choose other VBEO users in their locality and interact or exchange currency through their application.

What Vibeo Blockchain Messsaging & Social App Does

As one of the full instant messaging blockchain app, VIBEO will rely on the Ethereum blockchain to have its ERC20 token. The user can send, receive or exchange these tokens from a MEW or ERC-20 wallets and send them to VIBEO’s e-wallet. Once in the hold of the coins, you can carry out exchanges and make payments to the community using ETH. The application will also facilitate the exchange the Ether with goods or services with verified merchants from around the globe.

Furthermore, you can easily interact with the traders through the messaging features and get to make orders or bookings straight from the chat app. For the regular communication with loved one, the VIBEO app will allow more functionalities to will enable the connection with loved ones, sending them ETH and building a robust digital community with your decentralized economy.

Pros Of Using Vibeo


The incorporation of both messaging and financial features ensures the users get to enjoy the full experience of sending payment with chats


All messages come with default encryption plus peer-to-peer protocols which works on decentralized servers to prevent potential hacking or manipulation. Additionally, the Safe Trip feature helps protect the user’s profile both within the app and in real life.


The decentralized economy motivates users and merchants to partake in the digital community within the application since there is no central authority.

Vibeo VBEO ICO Details

Vibeo has their own token called VBEO. You can invest in the VBEO coin during the initial coin offering set to start on April 13th and ending on May 20th. You can make your purchase using Ethereum.

Is There Potential In Vibeo?

Message applications have for long been in use for blockchain function. However, using a blockchain messaging platform as a portal for economic transactions is a unique trend. For VIBEO’s case, the age of digital communication can facilitate its adoption especially for the crypto enthusiasts who want less effort when it comes to the efficiency of the application. In conclusion, VIBEO does have the potential to revolutionize not such the age of interaction but how we could transact in the future.


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