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The adult film industry has an estimated net worth of around $100 billion, which is a total of more money than the NFL, NBA and MLB leagues combined. Today, users interested in viewing adult entertainment films have an array of websites to choose from including the popular free websites. However, the only tradeoff is to check out a few ads first before accessing the content. Vice Industry Token plans to completely revolutionize this sector as will be explained further here below.

Vice Token: Disrupting The Adult Video Industry

The current free viewing approach that is supported by ads has two huge problems:

Underpaid Content Creators

Most of the revenue generated in the adult entertainment industry is generated from traffic. Advertisers who are part of the free and ad-supported viewing experiences end up earning a very small percentage of the total adult revenue. Likewise, content creators earn significantly less while the viewers do not earn anything. This current business setup is frustrating content creators and it ha reduced their incentives of creating high quality content since they are not earning any significant net revenues.

Limited Viewer Customization And Engagement

The fact that a viewer is not paying for the free content available on adult Tube sites means that advertise can control the type of content that gets sponsored. Even if you can watch the content for free, the process of curation will not capture your unique preferences. Furthermore, with the availability of ad blocking apps, there is little to no ad engagement nowadays, thus forcing advertisers to reevaluate this monetization model.

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The Solution: Vice Token

Vice Token is a modernized approached to the enhanced monetization of freely available adult content based on a viewer’s specific preferences. This crypto-based distribution platform is able to reward all stakeholders within the adult film industry through measuring real viewer engagement. The system is able to capture genuine user engagement by generating Steem tokens and recording those interactions every time users consume adult content.

Viewers Get Paid

Did you ever think you could get paid to relax and watch porn? Well, Vice Token awards VIT tokens to all stakeholders within the adult fil distribution chain, thus providing rewards for everyone involved. Through the records and authentication of viewer interactions on an immutable blockchain ledger that generates VIT tokens, adult content producers will have deeper insights into viewer preferences. The end result is that content quality will improve overall as the viewer preferences are put into future projects.

To jumpstart the Vice Industry Token network, this crypto firm has strategically partnered with leading adult content companies to have their content accessing on the streamlined VIT blockchain network. The company also plans to offer a targeted B2B implementation support program to independent content produces as a way of encouraging them to use VIT in their monetization plan.

Final Thoughts: Why Use the Vice Industry Token?

VIT has a notable edge over other general-use or multipurpose cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin since it acts as a way of capturing user engagement data and an exchange medium simultaneously. VIT also has a range of tools designed to optimize engagement, thus allowing content creators to tailor their content in order to satisfy the requirements of individual fans. In conclusion, Vice Industry Tokens is a simple, straightforward system that will reward everyone who uses its platform and allow people to access a huge percentage of the billions generated in the adult film sector.

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