What Is Vice Industry?

This is a new cryptocurrency looking to revolutionize the world. It’s one of the first adult-based cryptocurrencies and as of now has raised 24,045.21 ETH. The Hard Cap they are looking to reach is exactly 2,000,000,000 VIT.

How Does Vice Industry On-Demand Adult Videos Work?

The token is developed to have a serious impact on the adult entertainment industry. The primary functions are basically to give a safe place for people to watch adult videos and as a specialized cryptocurrency where anyone can participate. The users can either view, add content or curate it and then they can get paid out with the VIT token, the basic currency for the platform.

The traditional operations in the adult industry was that people had to pay for content they used. Sometimes it was PPV and other times it was subscription based. Tube sites were then released and changed the way things operated. Everything started to shift towards free content, something completely desirable for people who consumed adult content. The way they see it at the Vice Industry, people should get paid for content and not the other way around.

The token for the platform is considered to be completely breakthrough as far as the adult industry goes. Anyone who wants to access the platform can easily be rewarded. And that includes viewers, producers, distributors and anyone else involved.

The company is also backed by some of the biggest names in the world of adult entertainment. The Vice industry will release the token’s, so they can be used to pay people who are involved with the system and operation. You can use the tokens to get the content you want as well while also getting paid for watching it at the same time.

The industry is built upon billions and billions of dollars a year in profits. Vice Industry is new way to get in on the opportunity. And all you really have to do to make money is watch pornography. It’s a simple system and is attempting to change the adult industry.

Vice Industry VIT ICO Details

The Crowdsale ends in just six days, you can pick up tokens at ViceToken.com.

Who Is The Team Behind Vice Industry?

The team of six is headed by Stuart Duncan, after that there is Kelly Holland and Bill Heilmann as well as Andrey Kostin, Mike Khoroshun and Eric Helsel. They only have names and pictures, unfortunately there are is no information as to who each of these people are. Hopefully, more information on the team will be released in future months. Until then, it’s a bit hard to fully trust the people on the team.

Vice Industry Conclusion

If you’re into porn or looking for a way to make money in the adult entertainment sector – then Vice Industry may be the right company for you to get involved with. Before they can be trusted in full however, more information on who the team members are must be seen. Honesty and transparency is everything in the world of cryptocurrency.

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