vice promises to pay you cryptocurrency in exchange for watching porn – seriously. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is describes itself as a “revolutionary adult cryptocurrency.” Just like other blockchain platforms pay you for watching advertisements, will pay you for watching pornography.

The platform is built on the Steem blockchain. Overall, sees itself as a profound change in the adult entertainment industry. It has two core functions in the adult entertainment industry, including:

  • An adult entertainment platform where viewers can watch videos
  • A cryptocurrency where anybody who participates in viewing, adding, or curating content will get paid with Vice’s cryptocurrency

The adult entertainment industry has seen several major shifts over the years. The original adult entertainment was a PPV or subscription model. People paid for the content they consumed. As the internet exploded, tube-based, ad-supported websites became more popular. Vice sees it as a third shift, where users not only get content for free, but can actually get paid for watching it.

How Does Vice Work?

Vice revolves around the use of Vice tokens, which are Steem Media Token (SMT) compliant. The Vice platform is built on the Steem blockchain. All Vice tokens are completely convertible to fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies.

Basically, Vice works by cutting out the middlemen for video content producers. Today, video content producers need to work with middlemen – in this case, porn websites – to host their content. Vice wants to replace these middlemen with the blockchain, allowing anyone to get paid for watching porn. Video producers can connect directly with viewers while avoiding the middlemen.

With vice, video content creators get rewarded simply for getting views on their content. There’s no connection to advertising revenue or an arbitrary set of rules. Vice uses a “proof of brain” algorithm built on the Steem blockchain to foster viewer engagement. The goal is to get and keep the attention of users. The better your content is, the more it will earn.

Why would anyone get paid for watching porn? Well, just like with other blockchain-based video sharing platforms, Vice wants to reward users for “curating” porn – which means reviewing it, rating it, and recommending it to people who may be interested. Here’s how the website explains the rewards system:

“If you’ve spent years and years developing your skills, gone to great lengths to build up an audience, and took hours or days to film and edit a video, you’ve done quite a bit of work when it comes to producing a video for others to watch. Why should you be letting a third party that only sells advertising take a cut of money that they couldn’t be earning without content like yours?”

Ultimately, human attention is a scarce commodity and a valuable resource. The VICE token will pay viewers to watch video and TV media. It will also be used to pay any participating individual, curator, programmer, producer, or content host.

The website already lists a number of partners that have signed onto the project, including adult entertainment giants like Penthouse, SkinemaxHD, Exxxtasy, Playmen, and RedHot TV. The company has also already partnered with cam websites like Penthouse Petcams, Exxxtasy Cams, and Playmen Cams.

Who’s Behind Vice?

Vice is being led by a team of professionals from the adult entertainment community. That team includes Stuart Duncan (founder of Adult TV network Exxxtasy) and Kelly Holland (owner of Penthouse Global Media).

The company announced itself to the internet in October 2017.

The Token Sale announced its token with a blog post in October 2017, stating that a token sale would take place in Q4 2017. However, no further updates have been posted online, and we have no further information about the token sale as of December 4.

The website has an online form where you can enter your email address to get further updates on the VICE token ICO. Conclusion aims to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry by – no joke – paying people to watch porn. It sounds crazy, but the concept is similar to other blockchain-based video streaming platforms where viewers can receive a cut of the revenue the typically goes to the middleman.

There are few details about the project available online right now. The website has had a handful of blog posts since October 2017, and a token sale is planned for Q4 2017. However, there’s no whitepaper and no fixed date for the token sale as of December 4, 2017.

To learn more about the project, visit online today at

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  1. VICE can really be a game changer. People are going to watch porn regardless. Now they no longer have to pay member monthly fees, plus the “tube” sites typically have horrible quality videos with the high quality videos can only be seen via an “upsell” to a monthly fee based program. Based on the producer partners listed on the site, companies like Penthouse, Elegant Angel, Third World Media, Rodney Moore, etc. shows this will be all high end high quality HD content available for FREE and better yet viewers get PAID to watch!! So from a traffic perspective, porn viewers will now get premium subscription based content for free…. and make some money while viewing. For the Steem people, the value of the currency gets driven up based on the volume of traffic produced by Vice along with the Steem tokens Vice stores to back its own coin. FYI, porn videos produce well over 1,000,000 uniques per minute. Win win for everyone.

    • Either you’re a competitor, or you’re ignorant. But you are clearly dishonest. “Not able to trade on exchanges” is not factual, it’s a lie. You are one of the people who went in on the Telegram chat, which now has over 5300 people in it, and were demanding to know price speculation and what exchanges Vice could be traded on. ANYONE with a basic knowledge and understanding of how ICO’s work would know that a COMPANY in pre-ico status can NOT SPECULATE about potential future pricing and potential exchanges. That is a clear violation of SEC rules. What to beware of is ignorance and stupidity, like your comments..

  2. Tristan, Not to speculate about exchanges or prices etc. Just answer this question. How does the eco system require people to buy the token? People are receiving tokens for viewing or producing. They can then exchange them for fiat or other crypto currencies as per your white paper. Ok – but why would someone want to acquire a vice token if you are giving them away:?


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