The coin in essence is a new dimension and system that can be used in mainstream cryptocurrency. It’s primarily based around the area of the digital economy being developed by the cryptocurrency industry.

What Is VICoin?

VICoin has the goal to build an ecosystem that is enabled for anyone who has the simplest idea about the economy, management or entrepreneurship that can become what they refer to it as a digger. These diggers be used to apply and take advantage of their own expertise as well as skills in order to earn crypto tokens on a multi-user, worldwide business simulator, that is designed to recreate the macro and micro processes for an economic factor in conjunction with other economic agents.

VICoin is also looking to leave any block mining to the professionals and industrial miners, as well as through the use of the cryptographic blocks produced by Ethereum to be the bottom level foundation for the technology used that will create the VICoin cryptocurrency. A majority of the users will earn their tokens through the actions that are considered to be meaningful with purposeful actions that are viewed as more familiar than those of the mining aspect. This is where they call VICoin digging.

VICoins main objective to make an environment that takes off as its own ecosystem of a digital currency environment, where investors will be able to get ROIs based on the digital assets, that then generate fuel for the new cryptocurrency without the mass consumption of electricity, or buying a bunch of expensive equipment like video cards, as well as renting space for mining farms.

They also are looking to give users the ability for immediate capitalization on the intellectual capabilities, or skill related to labor and management as well as any time spent developing the digital economy. With these new environments, revolving around digital economies, people can essentially create and operate their own company. At the same time, they can invest all gained capital into the growth of the company, and then gain even more capital in the form of other cryptocurrencies from their investments.

From this point, the system will work as a massive amount of cryptocurrency to hire on more people no matter where they live, to help scale and manage their new company, then pay them out in cryptocurrency.

There is also a Virtonomics, global multi-user simulator for understanding business, that creates its own cryptocurrency and digital environment for earning more tokens through an online game. The point is to emulate the process needed to start a virtual economy and businesses within it. More cryptocurrency is also gained through the simulation of business that builds to expand virtual companies, or to trade with each other and compete in time. Eventually, developing yet another virtually run business/economic environment. There are also a wealth of resources and tools that a user can generate fuel with as well as perform the digging aspect to get more VIC tokens. These could be in the form of virtual mines, the extraction of natural resources and virtual mining farms, or power plants.

The Virtonmics system is basically a gigantic economic multiplayer game online. It is becoming one of the most popular and respected, innovative, MMO business simulators in the world. The tokens used for the purpose of the Virtonomics application is based on Ethereum’s Smart Contracts and blockchain technology. They can be earned outside of the game as well, it’s also in free circulation outside of the Virtonomics system. There are essentially three different types of currencies within the game, the Intra game, special game bonuses and cryptocurrency tokens.

How VICoin Virtonomics Virtual Economic Strategy Game Works

The system is said to have some very beneficial factors oriented within it. For one, their client base already exceeds more than two million registered users worldwide. They game hits some of the highest rankings on Google’s global search by many different relevant queries like online business simulation and online business game with massive amounts of organic traffic.

Not only that, but the system is in English, Russian and Spanish. The engine used on the platform is also widely used by a lot of universities for their classes teaching micro and macro economics a well as management. Many large corporations also use it to teach as well for their corporate training purposes. The entire project has a lengthy ten years of development behind it as well. And it’s as of now that Virtonomics is introducing the possibility for mining from any user in the game. Users can also hone their business skills, or take on the role of a miner who can earn real money.

There are still some disadvantages. For example, French, Portuguese and German language systems are still being developed. There are no developments related to the infrastructure of the different blockchain technologies on the system until later in 2018. And the entire system is said to only really work if the participants are active for at least 30 minutes a day.

There is a social media presence as well:

  • Facebook = 14,085 followers.
  • Twitter = 570 followers.
  • LinkedIn = 26 followers.
  • Youtube = 63 subscribers.
  • Instagram = N/A
  • Telegram = 238 members.
  • Reddit = 30 readers.
  • BitcoinTalk = 3,122 times read.

VICoin VIC ICO Details

ICO pre-sale:

  • Started = November 21st 2017.
  • Close = December 25th 2017.
  • Token price = $0,20 (paid in ETH).
  • Min. offering = 480.000 VIC.
  • Max. offering = 1.920.000 VIC.


  • Available = January 2017.
  • Close = January 30th 2017.
  • Token price = $0,30 (paid in ETH).
  • Offering = 2.400.000 VIC.


  • Starts = February 2017.
  • Close = March 2017.
  • Token price = $0,80 (paid in ETH).
  • Min. offering = 4.000.000 VIC.
  • Max. offering = 5.600.000 VIC.

Who Is Behind VICoin?

There are five major players behind the project. The first is the founder, Sergey Menshchikov. The second is the technical director Sergey Morgalev. The third is the game designer, Mikhail Rakhaev PhD. And the fourth is Denis Zhuravkov, game designer and community manager. Lastly is Anton Fedotov, the designer/UX leader. Together they make up a team with varied abilities in programming, business, communications, gaming, cryptography and cryptocurrency. These are only some of the skills among the leaders of the team at VICoin.

VICoin Conclusion

One of the most important factors with the company is the team behind the team themselves. They’ve been working together for years which is a great strength. It’s a great aspect that differentiates the company from other ICO projects. The main concept is not like other ICOs on the market. And in fact, if they see their ideas realized, it’s going to take a large amount of time, energy and financial resources. They have a strong chance of becoming a powerful entity in the business/gaming/cryptocurrency industry. And likely in time, they’ll gain attention from larger entities as well. After all, in order to enable the platform to work, there would literally need to be hundreds of thousands of users engaging on the platform every day.

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