VICTOR TOKEN is a blockchain-driven platform that blends predictions games contents with sport content information trading in a secure, fair and transparent ecosystem. Notably, this content is derived from the company’s Big Data analytics. Therefore, VICTOR TOKEN has the competitive edge over most of its contemporaries, making it an appropriate option for investors.


Since the inception of Ethereum, a majority of the subsequently released cryptocurrencies have been targeting specific problems. In this regard, VICTOR TOKEN is optimized for the predictions and sport content information markets. Traditionally, people like to bet while watching sports on TV.

Due to the advancement of the internet, betting online is a mainstream activity these days. Nonetheless, a number of gambling platforms are misleading bettors by providing wrongful information. Also, some firms are making too much losses that the businesses are becoming unsustainable.

Problems Facing The Sports Prediction Market


Surprisingly, some of the gambling sites resort to underhand methods to increase their profits. This often includes fabrication and in severe instances, alteration of bets,in turn, gamblers are losing trust in such platforms.


Another shortcoming of the predictions market is the high prevalence of scams. Some enterprises lure customers only to shut down operations without notice and fleeing with the collected funds.


Unfortunately, not all service providers in this industry guarantee payouts after wins. Furthermore, there are no dedicated avenues through which users can claim their pay if it is denied.


Existing platforms are not entirely dependable. Security is perhaps the biggest concern to this end, as most systems are highly vulnerable to hacking and other cybercriminal attacks.


As noted earlier, VICTOR TOKEN will deploy blockchain technology to challenge the issues facing predictions content market. Among the problems that this technology will eliminate are security and trust issues. Besides, the platform is working in partnership with renowned sports information companies to provide impeccable quality sports Big Data. The VICTOR TOKEN platform is accessible on both mobile and desktop systems.


Fair Games At Affordable Costs

Since the game is based on the proof-of-work consensus algorithm and smart contracts, it is unalterable, making it fair and transparent.

Content Diversity

The service will cover multiple disciplines, including football, rugby, basketball, racing, and so on.


Primarily, the VICTOR TOKEN is the native cryptocurrency of its blockchain platform. The coin is optimized for prediction game content and sports content information trading platforms. The total supply is permanently capped at 10,000,000,000, and it has a transaction speed of 4M per block. VICTOR TOKEN operates of the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Total Supply: 10,090,000,000 VIC
  • Base Price: 25,000VIC = 1ETH
  • Start Date: July 18th, 2018
  • End Date: November 30th, 2018

Token Distribution

  • 30% – company reserves
  • 42% – ICO crowdsale
  • 10% – team
  • 10%- founders
  • 4% – advisors
  • 4% – bounty

Distribution Of Funds

  • 30% – project development
  • 30% – marketing and advertisement
  • 10% – team
  • 20% – operations and maintenance
  • 6% – platform
  • 3% -legal
  • 1% -advisors

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